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Zicam is an ‘over the counter’ homeopathic cold remedy nasal spray manufactured by Matrixx Initiatives, Inc. It comes in the form of a spray or swab and claims to reduce the time and symptoms of the common cold. Since its introduction it achieved high levels of success.

The active ingredient of Zicam is Zinc Gluconate. It has been claimed that Zicam has caused loss or distortion of the sense of smell and taste of patients using it. The loss of these senses greatly inhibits the lifestyle of individuals afflicted by these symptoms. The loss of sense of smell is known as anosmia. During February of 2004 reports started appearing indication that users of Zicam were suffering from anosmia.

It has been claimed that the public should have been made aware of the potentially dangerous side effects associated with the use of nasal products containing zinc, as well as the application of warning labels on the product. Medical researchers have for many decades associated the use of zinc based products with nerve damage. Zicam products, containing soluble zinc, were not tested by the FDA. An inquiry into this was sub sequentially made by the FDA .Matrixx claimed to be unaware of the FDA inquiry into the safety of Zicam and its possible side effects. Since then class action lawsuits have been filed by users of Zicam against both Matrixx Initiatives and Zicam LLC.


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