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How to File a Class Action Suit on Vytorin

Class action lawsuits are a common aspect of dealing with faulty products and damages and/or losses suffered due to a company’s negligence. Meanwhile, understanding how they work and how one goes about filing them is another matter and is sometimes confusing to those who wish to file them. This is one of the reasons that it is recommended that you find an attorney who specializes in these types of claims before attempting to file it yourself. As with any other legal suit the aid of a lawyer can make all the difference between a successful outcome or the failure of the suit.

The basic steps of initiating a class action law suit are similar regardless of the company that is being sued. The first thing you want to do is find a lawyer, and then you will file the suit and notify all other plaintiffs by publication in a newspaper or by direct communication. Following this is supplying a notice to the court and parties on both sides that it has been filed. These are the general steps in initiating a class action suit and this is relevant to a suit that has not already been started. Joining in as a plaintiff on an already existing suit is another matter and does not require you to go through these early stages.

So, in a case such as the class action lawsuit against Vytorin, which is a pharmaceutical drug, where a suit has already been filed, how does one join in on the complaint? This suit was actually filed against the manufacturing pharmaceutical company Merck/Schering-Plough who recently agreed to pay out 41.5 million dollars. The suit claimed that the drug was misrepresented as being more affective at cholesterol reduction than the generic. Generally, the entire list of those who have been affected by the negligence are already included in the suit, but what happens if you’re not? There are a few different ways to find out the status of the suit and the easiest one is to contact the law firm that is handling the case and request to be included in it.


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