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Merck Coppertone Class Action Settlement

There has been a settlement in the Coppertone class action lawsuit issued on September 25, 2012. Merck & Co is going to pay in the region of $3 million to $10 million in settlement for false claims they made about their sunscreen products. This lawsuit has been ongoing for around ten years.

The original lawsuits was against Schering, but Merck bought Coppertone in 2009. Consumers had complained that the Coppertone products had exaggerated advertising related to them. The settlement comes about as a result of Merck wanting to put the case to rest. They also agree not to use terms such as sweatproof and all-day protection when promoting their sunscreens. Those involved in the lawsuit will be able to claim up to $1.50 per sunscreen purchased.

Merck stated that they are dedicated to follow U.S. Food and Drug Administration standards relating to their products and will carry information related to this to be included with each sunscreen product.

Nikon Class Action Lawsuit

Nikon USA has decided to stop supplying camera spare parts to independent repair centers that are not in their authorized service network. This decision was made to give the best possible service to their customers and avoid problems such as voiding the warranty via the use of unauthorized repair shops. The company states that modern cameras are complex and require specialized testing equipment, repair tools and technician training. Nikon states that by using only authorized dealers the camera owners will receive better service and face reduced waiting times for repairs.

Nikon Class Action Lawsuit

Authorized Nikon service centers will be equipped with full factory training as well as having access to recommended tools and parts.

Nikon have observed unauthorized dealers attempting to make repairs and having to send to authorized dealers to complete the process. This has increased the repair cost for consumers as well as lengthen the repair time. These types of repairs could also void the Nikon warranty.

There are currently around twenty authorized Nikon repair service centers. Independent shops can apply to become authorized but this requires capital of over $150,000 for investment in equipment.

Independent repair shops often undertake repairs after the warranty has expired and so this may not be a problem. If repairs are under warranty they should of course be covered by Nikon. Often independent shops hire repair technicians trained by the major manufacturers such as Nikon.

There are rumblings of a class action lawsuit against Nikon on behalf of the independent repair centers.


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