How to File a Class Action Lawsuit

In times as interesting as ours, where there are always new developments and ideas about how things work, a great deal of attention is placed on simple efficiency. It’s not always necessary to make things work so that our lives are easier, but also so that our lives can serve some kind of benefit for the greater good. In this light, then, it’s sensible to understand that procedures and protocols can be extremely useful in turning a better eye toward the world at large. This is not simply to move efficiency along so that it can function for itself, but so that the cumulative effect of the minor and major things that we do can resolve in some kind of organizing principle. This will become an essential part of how we construct the world today.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why we live in such a litigious society. There have been multiple theories to suggest various answers to this question. Perhaps there is a vindictiveness that comes at the expense of our own ability to make solid and worthy decisions. Perhaps it’s something even deeper, reflecting a certain value placed upon the thought of who we are at any particular moment, in relation to the time and place where we are living. This can result in the construction of many diverse and transitory notions of self and other. In a very real sense, then, our ability to make the world as it is depends upon our ability to enter it as full human beings.

It’s necessary of course to have a sense of community, especially when living in a world inhabited by other people and other networks. This can lead quite easily into the central idea of a class action lawsuit. Where there is a need for outside assistance in addressing a certain wrong, only those who are qualified can address the situation using the proper language. It is almost like deciphering a code, and in this case, once the code is broken, it immediately forms itself again. The more elusive aspects, then, would need solid and trustworthy legal counsel.

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16 Responses to “How to File a Class Action Lawsuit”

  1. Peggi Comiskey Says:

    How can I be a part of the Enbrel class action lawsuit?

  2. Sierra Sass Says:

    My Doctor put me on enbrel for 6 months and now my lungs are filled with 2-4 cm masses and the Dr’s still do not know what it is. 2 wks of testing, one biopsy surgery, and I cannot go to work. They say possible cancer or severe infection. 2 Doctors immediately took me off enbrel.

  3. Mary Says:

    I have a mortgage loan with Bank of America for many years. In 2008 I was out of town and not in foreclosure. Bank of America put a lock on my house and had people entering the premises and many of my personal items and many more item were stolen. When I contacting them and sent papers to them, they seem not to acknowledge me. Have not heard from them since. Thank you for your time. Mary.this happened in Ft. Lauderdale Fl

  4. Janice Grenawalt Says:

    I was a victim of this Wells Fargo modified mortgage in 2010 and was given a foreclosure letter. I just don’t know where to begin on all that they have done to me and my family and all the money I had over paid on a loan that was in a modified mortgage process, I need the help and are hoping that I will be compensated for my lose.

  5. molly chambliss Says:

    Scum of America bought our mortgage and has ruined our credit and put it in foreclosure. We have been fighting for 2 years. How do we find class action lawsuit to join?

  6. Annette Hollins Says:

    I Bank at KeyBank and my daughter attempted to make a withdrawal at the University Circle Branch in University Heights Ohio the Girl denied her the transaction so she went to the atm and made the withdrawal. The girl went through the account without consent and restricted it for unknown people other than account holder is making deposits. This was not a deposit issue it was a withdrawal issue and she did this purposely to start a fraud issue and hold the account up. the account has been restricted since May 22, 2014 and the bank never sent no notices out and never told me what the problem was for not being able to access my account. Issue was sent to corporate on my behalf and their working on issue but still no answers and money is still available but restricted. I have two other people that are African American that had these type of issues with this particular bank and they accounts were closed due to other reasons than the issue at hand. if you had a problem with them please email me asap…

  7. Janet Shue Says:

    My Father died in 1993 as a result from smoking , camels , pall mall , lucky strikes and 3 years ago I had a lobectomy , left lung from smoking since I was 12 yrs old , I will be 68, still struggling to quit but haven’t had one in 2 weeks , but am on oxygen most of the time now. Tobacco companies knew for years the damage they were doing and all they cared about was the God almighty dollar and I would imagine they are going to get off scot free as usual

  8. brent a covey Says:

    I need the address to file a class action lawsuit settlement for the toxic water at camp lejune

  9. kim peck Says:

    Enbrel has caused e severe tremors that make my daily life very hard. I am strongly medicated for it.

  10. Jackie Brady Cannon Says:

    My husband died in 1995 from lung cancer caused by smoking, where can I file a a lawsuit. He started smoking when he was about 13yrs old. He smoked pall mall, lucky strikes, L&M and tried smoking Triumph menthol to try and quit. He suffered because of this.

  11. Patti Boyce Says:

    want to fire a class action lawsuit against lariam.

  12. Patricia A. Garza Says:

    My Brother died January 12,2015 from cardiac arrest age 58. And tobbaco contributed to his death. He also had COPD. Saw him suffer horiribly. All info on death certificate. We both started smoking at a very young age. We smoked all cigarettes available…Lucky Strikes, Winstons, Camels, Pall Malls, Salems, Marlboros, Kools, etc…and Buglar. We would buy them at 13 and 14 yrs old, at any store coming home from school… there were no age limit at the time. Cigarettes have been very addicting to us both….and he paid the consequences with his life. I really miss him…my beloved Brother so much… I wish we had known when we were young and naive about the deadly warnings in later life. Please, on his behalf…. Let me know the procedings to tobacco litigations. Thank You.

  13. phyllis doran Says:

    how do I become part of the lawsuit they are trying to foreclose on my house and when I call they tell me that I am no longer with them yet they sent me a loan modifier package got a letter back saying they did not receive everything and transfer my mortgage to another company I have yet to hear from them and now I have a foreclosure notice with three children 2 with disability’s and a elderly man who is disabled the youngest is 2 and has problems. we were supposed to have a 4.5 apr for the interest and it is at 8.0

  14. sabrina cole Says:

    My grandfather died of lung cancer my mother died of lung cancer, and now my sister has the lung disease, all from smoking tobacco. My family has suffered tremendously from tobacco and now my sister is so addicted that when she went into the hospital recently, they had to put her on nicotine patches or else she would suffer from tremendous withdrawals. She has been diagnosed with Emphysema(Lung disease) which is the last stage before oxygen and finally death.This is how I watched my mother and grandfather die. I read of others successfully suing the tobacco company’s so I would like to see if we can try to get some type compensation for my family’s suffering and loss as well. Can someone help?

  15. Sally Conklin Says:

    I would like to join a lawsuit against Enbel,how do I join?

  16. Janet Shue Says:

    I am 70 yrs old , I had a lobectomy on my left lung approx. 4 yrs ago , I have copd all from smoking , my Father died from smoking , my Mother died from lung cancer in 2012 but never smoked , is there a class action suit against the tobacco companies ?


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