Chase Mortage Modification Lawsuits

Chase Home Finance LLC and JPMorgan Chase, N.A. face a class action lawsuit because of suggested irregularities in their mortgage modification programs.  This was brought about by the U.S. District Court, in Southern District of California.

Mortgage holders who were having trouble making their monthly mortgage payments were able to have a trial run on Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) for three months and on successfully completing the trial make this permanent.

The lawsuit claims that mortgage holders were not offered permanent status after successfully completing the trial.  The borrowers were deprived by Chase of the opportunity to modify their mortgages.  Chase breached the contracts with their clients for their own monitory gain and was against the intentions of HAMP.

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  3. Helen R Smith Says:

    Would we be eligible to be a part of this class action if CHASE offered us a HAMP modification, in which we were successful in the trial period, and then offered a permanent modification that was extremely unaffordable – as it was $300.00 more than our original monthly note?

  4. Amy Says:

    We are behind approx 6000.00 the modified us for more than we were paying a month and now they sent us a letter saying we are in forcloser. We need help.

  5. edward carden Says:

    i’d like to join this class action lawsuit

  6. edward carden Says:

    I’ve been denied a mortgage modification from chase several time & offered 1 modification for less then $10..

  7. Penny Manahan Says:

    I no longer know where to turn! I have for over a year and a half worked on getting a modification or some sort of help with our home loan. 2 three ringer binders later… full of paper work, phone logs, faxes & names of people I have corresponded with. Nothing!! Except for, loss of a 12yr family business, a husband that had been hospitalized twice due to stress, loss of my husbands job, loss of my job. And in 2013 loss of my husband to suicide. Although I am fortunate to have landed a job flying with the Airlines, I had to file for bankruptcy. I was unable to keep up on the outstanding bills on my income alone. And now foreclosure around the corner on our home of 20+ yrs. that we were never late on a payment until the economic hardship in 2009 hit. Where was that supposed assistance that the banks got money for to help homeowners in need!? Hundreds of thousands of homes were foreclosed on, and although homeowners applied and reached out for help, it seems to me, less were helped than were? I think we …. those homeowners need some answers and representation. I am so supportive of a class action lawsuit and would like to be involved.

  8. Sandy Dzaack Says:

    Can anyone help me? I tried several times over the last 5 years for a modification with Chase. Sent them everything they asked for, they told me not to send any payments while they were working on it. All of a sudden I get a foreclosure/sheriff sale letter. Now I am in Bankruptcy and having to try and pay $1800 extra per month to keep my home. I don’t think I qualify for this suit since I was never offered a trial. I was not offered ANYTHING! Please help me keep my family home!


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