Mortgage Modification Lawsuit Against CitiMortgage

CitiMortgage are faced with a class action lawsuit filed by homeowners that alleges that the company did not fulfill their promise to provide mortgage borrowers reduced loan payments.  If fact the suit states that it also financially devastated the borrowers.

The lawsuit states that homeowners with a mortgage loan from CitiMortgage could us a trial mortgage modification program to help them reduce payments.  This program was built around the U.S. Treasury Department’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).  The program would become official if the homeowners lasted the three month trial period making the reduced payment amounts

Many homeowners completed the trial and followed all stipulations of the program – however they were denied access to the permanent program.  This made things very difficult for the homeowners and many were in a worse situation after they completed the trial.

The lawsuit claims that CitiMortgage did not honor its agreements with homeowners and that it misrepresented the information of the program.

The lawsuit is open to all persons in the US who are serviced by CitiMortgage and who complied with the conditions of the trial program and who did not receive permanent mortgage modification per the loan modification agreement.

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9 Responses to “Mortgage Modification Lawsuit Against CitiMortgage”

  1. Teresa Lorraine Says:

    Same exact story – only we were put on (and successfully met) several “trial periods” over the course of three years. Our house was sold at a sheriff’s sale, and I was notified that it had been sold when I called (a day earlier than I had been told to call) to find out if our modification had been approved. We have been financially devastated and have until October 13th to vacate. Would appreciate any direction.

  2. Laurie Matthews Says:

    the same thing has been done to me i filed for a modification on 8/1/11 and was only 1 month behind at that point my payment was 856.00 i did the 90 day trail at 834.00 and at the end of the 90 days they put my payments up to 925.00 and put 12,000 on to my loan so this is what they did i need my payment lower for lose of over time so they toke my payments from 856.00 to 925.00 and i owed 98,000 and after they was done i owe 112,00 so the made things worst for me and better for now ifiled a chapter 7 and did not reaffirm my houes because they have not done anything for me if anything can be down about this please contract me

  3. Timothy and Cynthia Donaldson Says:

    We were put through the same thing with citimortgage for almost 3 years. we were told we qualified for the remodification and we were put on a 3 month trial plan. We made the payments as directed and filled out all the paperwork etc,they kept telling us the didn’t receive paperwork and we kept having to fax them papers.
    We would continue to talk to people at Citimortgage and would never get the same story from anyone. WE eventually received paperwork that stated we didnt qualify for the remodification and that we were extremely behind and needed to send them like $12,000 and our house payment doubled from what we were paying. It went from 898.00 to almost 1600.00. There was no way we could afford that. It has been hell on us for 3 years and now we are losing our home.
    What can we do? ANy ideas? thanks.

  4. Cliff & Elaine Anderson Says:

    We started the loan modification in Nov 2009. We have attorney Karl Bredberg from Aledo, Illinois. To date, we have received no written notification of where we stand right now. Citimortgage served papers on us a year ago to proceed with foreclosure plans. They listed our home for 6 months on a short sale at $79,900. Not one single looker or inquiry. Citimortgage appraised our home at $248,000 in 2005. Since then, we lost all our retirement in th crash, my husband’s job of 26 years was eliminated, he was diagnosed with terminal carcinoid tumour cancer, had a stroke and health still declining. I was put on total disability and can no longer work due to medications required and health condition. We told citimortgage we would make the payments if they lowered the interest rate of 12 percent to a lower rate. They raised rate from 8 percent to 9 percent while we paid the trial period, and then to 12 per cent when they served papers last year. All we can find out is that our loan is tied up in litigation somewhere with no information available. We have submitted all required paperwork four times now, and have had an agonising 27 different caseworkers in three different states. We have lived here 37 years and built onto this house ourselves. It even has an $85,000 paid in cash wrap around 3 season porch that wasn’t there when they appraised it. With going on 4 years, no contact from citimortgage, and possession is 9/10th of the law, citimortgage needs to deed this house back to me at their short sale price of $79,000; less $79,000 for all the pain, suffering, stress, heartache, and mental health suffering and also bodily health problems they have caused us old people. What did they do with the $2,000 a month we paid on the trial period? Oh right. They had to use that to pay back the government for their bail out! All these smart loan companies should have to go to jail along with every employee who knew what they were doing. And I will give you my citimortgage loan number if you wish to contact me by my mailing address. By the way, the pop. Of our town now is around 250, with half the houses foreclosed or sitting empty. What a great America we live in huh? Respectfully, Elaine.

  5. ricky holladay Says:

    need info to join the lawsuit against citimortgage! they are taking our home after a long 28 weeks of being on the phone for many hours of lies from them! Also my kids suffered especially my 11 year old with autism! They took his quality time and he does not understand it at all! Meltdown for my lil angel! my other children also suffered from all the lies an time consumed with a different person every time that had no idea at all! Gods mercy to them all! Kids that always made a’s dropped to d’s an F’s during this major crises!

  6. raynold randle Says:

    our problem started with our property taxes. we received a letter stating we owe back taxes, which was Citicorp error a long process, we had to refinance next thing we know our Mortage was sold to another lender we were never refinance. Now are paying higher interest rate because of our credit.

  7. raynold randle Says:

    our problem started with property taxes, we received a letter regarding our property taxes stating we not being charged enough for our proprty taxes. so we were being charged for back taxes. we needed a modification done. we were told by citicorp to refiance to pay our back taxes,we did we wre charged higher interest rate we were told with in three months we will be able to do a modification when time came they had sold our mortqage to another lender.WE ARE NOW PAYING FOR HIGER INTEREST RATE.

  8. Dawn Keller Says:

    I went through applying for a loan modification in 2010-2011. Nine months it took and was then turned down and didn’t know that this would hurt my credit. No one explained that and my credit score went down 90 pts. I have always had good credit and now I don’t because of CitiMortgage!!!!

  9. Veronica Sharamitaro Says:

    My Husband and I hired a lawyer to take care of this Modification with Citimortgage our lawyer claimed that the only way to save our house was to file a chapter 13,a year later there was a note in our front door that our house would be sold in a trustee sale , we were so stressed out called our lawyer he would not respond it took us four days to find this stupid lawyer my husband had to go to his office in km san diego , in the mean while i was calling other lawyers asking for advise they kept telling me to let this lawyer fix what he started , since we had hardly any money and we had already paid him we had no choice, this stupid lawyers idea was to file another chapter 13 and his staff kept e mailing us that the modification was moving along etc, etc , come to find out that we were never approved but they kept lying to us , after that my husband and I just got a new lawyer , and we had no choice but to file chapter 7 by now you can all imagine what the bankruptcy courts are thinking of us exactly they thought we were filing out of bad faith, completely wrong we just wanted to keep the house that we worked so hard to pay our kids grew up there , i lost my job due to health issues , sleepless nights , i got high blood pressue, anxiety attacks . Now i want to get at least some part of my money that we paid that Modification company in advance this company knew already that there was no way they could save our home at that point but still put up a good play . I get sick just thinking about what these people did to my family . Its not right . I even called Turko he never answered back .


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