CitiMortgage Modification Lawsuit

CitiMortgage have a lawsuits brought about against them by homeowners stating that they did not reduce loan payments per promises made.  Many homeowners were left in a very bad financial situation as a result.

The class action came about because of the treasury’s Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) which was introduced to help owners facing financial problems.  Home owners were given a trial period of three months to make reduced payments.  If they managed to do this for the trial period then it would become official.

So many homeowners with CitiMortgage loans completed the trail following all instructions of the HAMP program.  But – they were not allowed access to the permanent program.  The result was that many of the homeowners were left in a financially bad way – and many were in a worse way than when they started.

The lawsuit against CitiMortgage states that they did not fulfill the HAMP agreements with their mortgage-holders and that it misrepresented the information of the program.  Its open to all homeowners who fulfilled the trial period of three months per agreement subsequent to April 13, 2009 and who were not allowed permanent entry into the program.

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14 Responses to “CitiMortgage Modification Lawsuit”

  1. Danilo Liriano Says:

    i was on the 3 month trial i make my 3 month payment and the they told me i was not the approved for the permanent modification. thank you

  2. chandra thornton Says:

    I was also granted the modification, placed on trial and it was taken away, they even approved me then took that away. They also had me go down to the courthouse pay to have a quick deed claim form signed by my ex husband and then after I did all of that they denied me.

  3. Sheryl Says:

    I want to join the class action suit against Citimortgage. if you know of any deadlines or documents needed please contact me by email

    Thank You

  4. Georgette Beeler Says:

    We applied for the modification in 2011 and meet all requirements of the trial period. It took 6 more months before we were approved and when all was said and done we owed an additional 10,000.00 on our loan we had been paying on for 5 years with no problems. Initally bought house for 129,900.00 and now we owe over 139,000.00 for the same house. I also inquired before we got to the point of the modification when rates dropped if I could refinance and was told no due to my house being on an FHA loan. My husband and I started off with a 1036.00 payment after modification was at 936.00 and now this year at 991.00 on a fixed loan. Not sure how that works.

  5. Jen Says:

    I would like to know if there is a class action law suit again “The Mortgage Law Group” in Chicago; my son has been paying them $700 a month and just stopped paying because he has not gotten his mortgage loan modification yet and he has been paying for better than 7 months. I would like to know of the law firm handling such lawsuit

  6. Margaret Blizzard Says:

    I want to join the class action suit against Citimortgage. if you know of any deadlines or documents needed please contact me by email

  7. ricky holladay Says:

    let us know what to do so we can join the lawsuit against citimortgage! They have lied for 7 months to us about our modifacation and still no answer from the underwriters so they claim. They also said they sent our file to the wrong underwriter and that is what is taking them so long and now we are fixing to loose our home due to hardship for eight weeks with no pay and they are taking advantage of us for sure! How can they get away with pretending to really care when in fact they could care a less about us loosing our home. It is so time for all of those crooks to be brought to justice an prove to them they cannot get away with just lies and throwing good people to the streets like a piece of garbage! Its time for us all to take our stand an prove all of us good people that really try so hard do matter in our society an we all deserve justice and some real compassion on all of our efforts on trying so hard to hold on to our family homes that each of us have worked hard to obtain and noone should ever be allowed to just take it all away so easily especially when we put our pride aside an go to them for their help they lie and say they will help us BUT they add ” your home can still be forclosed on during the decision making at the underwriters “inwhich they seem to take from us all. So why just flat out lie to us? Why can’t they just use honesty an tell us the true hard facts of what they are doing to so many people and that is just not right! They will all have to go before GOD an answer to him! I do pray gods mercy on each an everyone of them! God’s blessings to them all!!! someone please let me know where to turn for JUSTICE! Thank you

  8. ricky holladay Says:

    28weeks only lies for modifacation! Need help since we are now loosing our home! God have mercy on them!

  9. Eugenia Baker Says:

    I made three trail payments and then was dropped by citi

  10. Rosa Burris Says:

    I was persuaded by the representatives assisting with the Loan Modification center to allow my mortgage to become 3 months in arrears and then paid over a thousand dollars (which was more than my mortgage) and still did not get the Loan modification. Here is a portion of the hardship letter I was requested to write: “The recent economic catastrophe has affected my job by a reduction in my hours of work. I have been a customer with your company for many years and have never been late with my payment (except the time I was hospitalized in 2004). This letter is to inform you that reduction of hours on my job has caused a severe hardship in our finances. There is only one income in my family now since my husband is unemployed due to the loss of our restaurant during the time I experienced a level 4 brain aneurysm several years ago.”

    After going through all this and moving out of my home which I had to pay over a year of mortgage payments while in the process of trying to get the modification, we lost over 10,000 dollars in mortgage payments and had to settle with a “short sale” to keep from having a foreclosure on our credit report. We lost over $60,000 in equity. My prayer is that every person who lost monies and their homes to be reimbursed for what they lost. PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP US GET OUR LIFE SAVINGS BACK. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  11. Rhoda Martin Says:

    I would like to join the Lawsuit against CitiMortgage, Please let me know if there is a deadline.

  12. Julie C Says:

    Have a mortgage with Citifinancial about to lose my home due to modification and flood insurance !!!!!! Help would love to join

  13. Angela Locati Says:

    I would like to join the class action lawsuit. CitiMortgage also failed to provide me with a loan modification after I made the three trail payments as required. The law firm originally involved is Milberg, LLP out of New York and Manhattan. I am going to contact these lawyers. Please Help!

  14. Angela Locati Says:

    Click here to join the class action!


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