AT&T – Class Action Lawsuit – Excessive iPhone Data Charges

A class action lawsuit has been filed against AT&T by a customer claiming that AT&T has been overcharging its customers subscribing to their iPhone and iPad data plan by up to 300 percent. An independent consultant was hired to test data transmitted and received by an iPhone device. This consultant determined that AT&T customers are charged for data even when the iPhones and iPads were unable to transmit or receive data.

During 2010 AT&T had another class action lawsuit settled when they taxed their smartphone customers improperly for Internet usage. They changed their unlimited data plan service during 2010 offering new customers the option of 200 MB or 2 GB monthly data plans.
AT&T Class Action Lawsuit

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  1. steve nelson Says:

    Hello I believe att is over charging my acount as well recently my sons phone stopped working now they want to charge me 240.00 for early uprade fee plus another 200 plus for the cost of phone,now i,m being told the insurnace doesn,t cover the phone yet they still charge me 6.99 a month for the insurance on all my phone,s I have when are they gonna be stopped it is highway robbery as far as i,m concerned

  2. John S> Dashtgoli Says:

    My monthly telephone service charged 450% in four years and half I cmplaint through Texas Utility Commission now is under investingation . If need more information Call me at 512-670-0079


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