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Class Action Suits Against Law Schools

There are currently fifteen law schools facing class action suits brought about because of alleged deceptive employment data – including post-graduate employment statistics. The suits have been brought about by recent graduates from the law schools.

Albany Law School
Brooklyn Law School
California Western School of Law
Chicago-Kent College of Law
Cooley Law
DePaul University College of Law
Florida Coastal School of Law
Golden Gate University School of Law
Hofstra Law School
John Marshall School of Law (Chicago)
New York Law School
Pace University School of Law
Southwestern Law School
St. John’s University School of Law
University of Baltimore School of Law
University of San Francisco School of Law
Widener University School of Law

The suits state that the schools enlarge graduate employment numbers – using tactics such as counting their own graduates employed in temporary work at the law schools, as well as graduates employed in non legal work. This includes temporary and part time employment.

The lawsuits also state that average salary figures are based on a small amount of graduates earning large salaries.

Many students signed up for the colleges based on the false data and are now faced with high debt and small chance of employment in the legal field.

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AT&T – Class Action Lawsuit – Excessive iPhone Data Charges

A class action lawsuit has been filed against AT&T by a customer claiming that AT&T has been overcharging its customers subscribing to their iPhone and iPad data plan by up to 300 percent. An independent consultant was hired to test data transmitted and received by an iPhone device. This consultant determined that AT&T customers are charged for data even when the iPhones and iPads were unable to transmit or receive data.

During 2010 AT&T had another class action lawsuit settled when they taxed their smartphone customers improperly for Internet usage. They changed their unlimited data plan service during 2010 offering new customers the option of 200 MB or 2 GB monthly data plans.
AT&T Class Action Lawsuit


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