Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank of America Over Mortgage Modification Handling

Washington homeowners have sued Bank of America because the bank is refusing to part with government funds that were to be used to help homeowners who were facing foreclosure. The Bank of America class action lawsuit attorneys want to communicate with eligible home owners who believe were prevented from or wrongfully not allowed a permanent mortgage adjustment as stated in the Home Assistance Modification Program (HAMP).  The bank has over a million morgages that potentially can be helped but only offered help to 12,761 mortgage holders.

Bank of America Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit which has been filed in U.S. District Court, makes the claim that Bank of America attempts to slow or prevent Washington homeowners from accessing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funds.  It is stated that they deliberately ignore the homeowner’s wish to make adjustments to their mortgage or in fact any other different solutions that would stop their homes from foreclosure.

Bank of America received over twenty five billion dollars in government bailout money.  This is money that had been financed by U.S. taxpayers and was specifically put aside to help homeowners who were facing difficulties so that they could try and avoid foreclosure.  The bank, by accepting the money, was obliged to try and help homeowners find ways around foreclosure by reducing monthly mortgage payments.  The lawsuits states that this did not happen.

The bank should be offering a revised 3 month payment plan and if this is successful then they must offer this as a permanent modification to the mortgage plan.  The lawsuit claims this is not happening and that the bank interfered with requests from homeowners and denied them funds to help prevent them from entering foreclosure.  The result was that Bank of America benefited from the funds and additionally acquired additional fees and interest rates from the homeowners.

Homeowners who did not receive an adequate response from the bank after April 13, 2009 can join the suit.

During July, 2011 Bank of America lost its bid to get the lawsuit dismissed.  The judge stated that homeowners who qualified for HAMP and did not receive any modification could continue with claims against the bank.

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233 Responses to “Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank of America Over Mortgage Modification Handling”


    Our modification was first approved on 08/20/2010, paperwork arrived on 09/03 with a return date of 09/04, and still had the approved date of 08/20/2010. We called to get more time to have questions answered regarding a loan mod, but the indiviual handleing our case was not available and we were instructed to have paperwork signed and notorized by deadline or face possibly losing our modification all together. Payment amounts was not calculated correctly and our loan quickly increased a month after received our modification. We were told it was under the HAMP and found out it was not. We requested a fixed rate instead of a adjustable simuliar to the loan recieved from Countrywide Home Loans in Dec. 2006. For us it’s not making home affordable. We have been told our loan possibly might be “fraud for profit or “fraud for property” but BOFA declined to provide us with the paperwork that we requested.

  2. Cecilia Williams Says:

    I am a 69 year old homeowner who has gone into 3 years of frustration with BOA for a loan modification. They continually used delaying tactics which resulted with an additional $56,000 being added to my mortgage. I would be thrilled to become a part of this lawsuit because these banks have to be stopped from controlling the real estate market by forcing people into foreclosure.

  3. cynthia sanders Says:

    In 2006, I was given a mortgage loan that they knew I couldn’t afford, so they let me use my boyfriend income as an undocumented income to qualify me for the mortgage. I had just returned to work from a 8 months maternity leave and had only been working approx. four month before getting the homeowners loan.

  4. Helen Krapiva Says:

    They just foreclosed on my property after telling me that I will have time to do a short sale. There were multiple violations which I believe that they are guilty of.

  5. Shontina Johnson Says:

    I would like to also speak with someone. I am in Georgia but have applied for a modification several times. I would go through the trial period to only end with a denial due BOA indicating they did not receive documents,they send documents to wrong address, or not being able to get in contact with the representative working on the modification for weeks until application is denied. I am working fulltime now but late fees and past due amounts continue to put me in jeopardy.

  6. deana Says:

    the address provided is not my current residence as my home was foreclosed on 4/13/11. i have a letter from BOA dated 4/12/11 that provides the short sale buyer had until 4/28/11 to close on the property and then they foreclosed the following day. during the short sale process, i phoned BOA for some information and was shocked to find out from a representative that my loan mod was approved 3 months prior but i was never notified. please advise if you think i can join the class action suit. thank you!

  7. Will Pope Says:

    I am a Montana resident, and recently was sent a loan modification. B of A added $40K to the loan – but also added 16 years to it, at a lower rate, but in the end they were made whole on the modification – the $40k is for ‘rent’ while they took two years trying to figure out the modification. They have also received $45 billion from the government bailout. They are paying themselves three times for the same debt. Can I join a class action from another state? Please let me know, it would be a great help.

  8. Josephine Loope Says:

    I would love to be apart of this class action lawsuit. I was about to refinance my horrible loan with Chase Manhattan back before the market really went down, when Countrywide (Countrywide, right before they went out of business offered me this modification) Then the market crashed and Bank of America continued the modification process. They originally declined me because I “didn’t make enough money” Then I reapplied and I was declined for making more money (I made the same amount both times) The third time right after making it all the way to underwriting I was declined because they claim I didn’t send them all the documents in time. I had not only sent these documents directly to them as requested but I spoke with the woman in underwriting who was receiving them. This has been 3-4 years of fighting for a modification and recently after attaching an extra $40,000 they claim I never paid and ruining my credit they tell me I make too much money and no longer qualify to even apply for a mortgage modification and I can not keep my house unless I pay them the extra $40000. This is ridiculous. I was never even originally late on my mortgage I was simply one of those horrible countrywide loans.

  9. Tammy Says:

    I also would like to be included in this lawsuit. They have done the same thing to us that is listed in all the other comments. Made us jump through their hoops for two years now, show us over 20 months past due and added 31,000 to our loan! Please contact and help!

  10. Deborah Korch Says:

    I have applied and reapplied for this modification 17 times. I am working with a woman from Neighborworks (Fed. Program) and she tells me she has never seen anyone treated so horribly as I have been. I completely fall in the eligible category but BOA loses my paperwork or it becomes invalid because they hold itt too long. These funds were to help us, the homeowners, NOT BOA.

  11. Paul T. Says:

    I was wondering if anyone else with BOA, went to Seattle Wa. for the BOA program meeting. My wife and I went, 5 1/2 hour drive for us from where we live in Oregon. We had sent the information at the beginning of the bank fiasco, and each time they “lost” all the paper work. So we went to Seattle, and after giving them all the paper work, again, and were told we didnt qualify for the HAMP program, we were told it will be a “in house” modification. So today, 7/29/11 we were told we dont qualify for the “in house” modification. UNLESS we come up with $5000, and then some. BOA does NOT want to do anything for the homeowner, as I see it, they got the 75 billion from the government, then they tell people they dont qualify at all, so they get to foreclose on the houses, sell them and still make money. When all in all they had to do was put what was owed at the end of the contract, lower the interest rate, and lower the payments for 2 years so the homeowners could get caught up. Simple, but in the eyes of BOA, it is sorry we got your taxpayer bail out, now we have your house. We were with countrywide loans. BUT before we today, we were told that our house is up for foreclosure sale in Oct. We were told that, they have to put it up for sale BEFORE anything gets approved. Any help or ideas to get BOA to do the right thing? Thanks to BOA, my wife is having anxiety attacks, since we were told that everything is on the right track. Any ideas? I also would like to know how many homeowners WERE helped compared to those who were not helped by BOA. Thanks!

  12. A Olson Says:

    BOA has had me running circles for over a year. I was unemployed for 2 years, finally fell behind on my payments, but still made partial payments, which they accepted. One day they returned my check saying they no longer will accepts partials. During that year of trying to get a modification, I sent and re-sent paperwork they were asking for. They said I was not elegible for modification but they suggested another program. Having a “BOA EVENT” in Chicago in Feb of 2011, I had a 10:15am appt before finally being called in at 2:20pm. They had a conference room set up with tables and young reps sitting behind their laptops clicking away. Bringing all the necessary paperwork (which was all the same paperwork I had been sending and re-sending, plus a letter with a job offer, the young man tells me I had been on a program since December, of which I had no knowledge. But he assured me I would be given a new program after I sent in 2 paystubs, which I sent. Only to be told in writing that I don’t make enough money. I have now been served with foreclosure papers. I would like to join this lawsuit.

  13. Taylor Says:

    Wow. I am horrified by the amount of people who are being given the runaround in regards to bank of america providing these modifications! My fiance is in foreclosure RIGHT NOT because they have requested documents three different times and each time they either said they lost the paperwork or that he was denied because he didnt make “enough”. They gave him information over and over again stating not to worry about the letters that he was receiving because they were “reviewing” his documents only for him to call a month later and find them to say they dont have the paperwork. This is just a ploy for the time to stretch out longer and longer so the homeowner becomes even more behind and they can foreclose on the property! How can I get a hold of the attorney handling this class action lawsuit?

  14. Bernie Says:

    I’m 15 months behind on my mortgage, I noticed BOA right away and was told the same to fill out paperwork and fax it back to them, I have faxed the information 3 or 4 times. Called them again on Friday July 29th and was told I was not eligible for any service because lack of paperwork. I have been left with no other choice but to file chapter 13. The most upsetting part is that I wanted to just file last year and a rep from BOA advised me to start the modification and built my hopes that BOA would be able to help me. I guess it’s just another way for them to double there money with late fee that I have accumulated on my loan.

  15. Sandra Anderson Says:

    I live in NE and have been screwed around by BOA for 31 months now. Lost the paperwork, faxed to the wrong number, something is missing, send again another five times, waste my time, waste my time, on and on and on. Finally told I was accepted for the HAMP. My underwriter called to go over all the details with me, then a week later another person called to “go over the details” of the modification with me again. When after a month I recieved no paperwork I called in and was told “I couldn’t afford the payment.” I grossed 2300 per month. If they had done what they were supposed to and lowered the interest rate (they didn’t), reduced the principle (they didn’t) and extend the loan (they didn’t) I should easily be able to make the payments as I have no other liabilities whatsoever. They then tell me they will try to get me an “in house” loan. I figure they will send me one with an exhorbitant payment after telling me I couldn’t afford one which was 31% of my income. What a bunch of crooks!! My Senator’s office sends all correspondence to OCC but I bet in the end they will do nothing to help. (but it looks good and they figure I will vote for him in the next election now). Why is this giant bank allowed to run amok and quash all these people who are doing everything they can to keep their homes? I have already made complaints on them through the years for their predatory lending practices and other irregularities I caught them at. Can someone let me know if I can join the lawsuit?

  16. Charlene Smith Says:

    I have a mortgage loan with BOA. I have attempted several times to refinance my loan in order to make it more affordable. No one has called me back! In addition, I’ve inquired about the loan modification and have recieved the run around.

  17. Jamie Vos Says:

    After fighting for 2 yrs with BOA for loan mod, being told many times we needed to be at least 3 months behind, our paperwork was constantly ‘lost'(even when sent by fed ex)Faxes ‘lost’, talking with them on the phone then being told we never spoke, being told we were denied because unemployment was not considered income, etc, our home was forclosed on 6/2010 and then rescinded by lawyers on 8/2010. BOA is now asking us to sign a ‘stipulation’ to get the deed ressurected in our name so that they can start home modification papers yet again. We want to see if it would be possible to bring a lawsuit against BOA for malpractice on our loan and wrongful foreclosure. We have lawyers working for us out of state but say that they cannot litigate or work WA laws, but that also state that our home should never have been foreclosed on and paperwork from BOA was handled wrongly. If this is something you can deal with please contact

  18. Kathy Cosner Says:

    After a 1yr 1/2 of lawyers, mitigations,denials, lies,and run arounds, who wouldn’t want to join this class action suit against BOA and include Countrywide? I have lived in my home 20 yrs and and I was laid out of work due to hip replacement, then my pay was reduced and we couldn’t make full payments. As the story went we had to miss payments to be considered for modifications. Now they want to foreclose instead of making a remodification. Now I can see why they are losing investments, because rather than being smart about modifying they bulldoze homes and sell the properties. Send me the information to join this lawsuit. I want my voice heard, and make the number of voices stronger!

  19. Donna L Says:

    After paying Bank of America to appraise our home a year ago, they said that they could not refinance our home due to an overdraft charge and a move of funds from a Bank of America checking account to a Bank of America Certificate of Deposit account. After losing a position and securing a new position earning less income we went to Bank of America again to refinance using the Government Home Mortgage Reduction Program. Bank of America gave us the run around again and again and of course the time ran out and we are now stuck. We had an account with United Jersey Bank which became Summit Bank, then Fleet Bank and now Bank of America. The way I see it, Bank of America went from the Summit then in Fleeting moment they became Bank of America that steals from the American people. My family has also lost thousands of dollars in overdraft fees. I wonder if we will ever get the funds back or refinance before we lose our home. We work but now our bank account history over the past two years is so ruined that it has affected our ability to refinance.A family of 7 Lost in New Jersey.

  20. Pablo H. Says:

    Ever since I defaulted on my mortgage 44 months ago, I have been trying to deal with BOA to do modification (which was denied), then deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (which was approved but BOA never completed it), then short sale procedure (which I’m currently applying for). After sending all of the required documents in every one of the cases, BOA has not complied with the help they offered despite my numerous talks with their agents. So far my home has gone through 3 foreclosures auctions which were cancelled because, in the first, I was forced to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy which stopped the foreclosure; in the second, I had to file for an injection because BOA did not allow me to modify when I was eligible; the third, was held because I filed for short sale of the property. I believe BOA has not utilized the assistance from the government to help homeowners in mortgage default that was given to them.

  21. judy Says:

    I bought my home in 2006.i have stopped paying my mortgage because I no long have my 2nd income was an ex boyfriend. I lost my tenant, and cannot afford mortgage anymore. In 2006 mortage was 1,036 along with a second mortgage. Now my mortgage is 1,786. along with $649.00 on second mortgage. BOA is no help what so ever. I have been trying to modify my loan for 3 years and got declined, declined, declined. I want to join class action suit but how?

  22. Ina Piner-Givens Says:

    I have been going round and round with Bank of America. Today I learned that they canceled my application for modification after I send all the necessary documentation. According to the representative when I called, there was a deadline on the receipt of the documents, which I was never told. I sent the documents the day after they were requested; however, unknown to me, it takes 48 hours before paperwork show up in their system. I had to reapply all over again. In addition, I have been told for the past few months that the home was not in foreclosure, now I am being told it is foreclosure. They have me all confused. Every time I call, it is a different story. What in the world can we do?

  23. Barbara C. Says:

    Our home of over twenty years is to be auctioned off on our home town steps this Thursday August 18, the only way we were informed about this was through a neighbor whom had read it in the paper!!! We have been trying to work with BAC for three years and five months on the making home affordable program and can’t believe they would stoop so low. Yes we will be apart of thus action!

  24. Audrey Amaral Says:

    i would love to be apart of this action, boa has been given me the run around for two years now, i received a letter saying i was approved for the making home afforeable plan with three trial payments, made the first one and then boa put a stop to them. i thought i was the only one, they charge me fifteen dollars just to go by my house, just to see if i am still living there. what can i do.

  25. jessica fischer Says:

    I am in the same boat. Two years of fighting boa for a loan modification….same thing, paperwork is lost, not recieved, being given only 24 hrs to sign/fax/return stuff, making trial pmts and being denied, refusal to tell me who owns the loan, refusal to give me documentation of what i owe, refusal to talk to me (they hang up on me when i call), refusal to tell me why the loan pmt (fixed mortg) has increased by $500…..i can go on and on!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO BE PART OF THIS ACTION!!!!!!

  26. Elizabeth Mendoza Says:

    I have been trying for the past 5/6 years to get my loan modified, my husband and I were told that we qualified, but to this day we are being denied because our original lender does not offer loan modifications. My husband and I can no longer afford to pay this outragious monthly payment we have and I was told yesterday to either redo the repayment for the past payments or sell our house. Why can’t we get the help we need?

  27. E. Scott Says:

    My story mirrors many of the others posted above. I submitted my packet for modification nine (9) months ago. Since that time I have submitted six (6) more complete packets. Each time we send in a packet we get another request for a packet. Calls to the On August 1, 2011 I received a letter that our modification had been DENIED due to our failure to provide requested documentation by July 28, 2011. I called to protest, and finally got through to a supervisor named Christiana#NDKDKGL, 888-325-5399 who took the time to go through all the faxed and FEDEX copies on file. Christiana confirmed that all my paperwork was there as early as May 23, 2011 and she sent my request back to appeals. That was August 17, 2011. I called today only to learn that while there were notes in the file as to Christiana’s efforts no one could tell me the status of the modification. Clearly there seems to be an effort at “Fraudclosure” wherein the bank picks up properties at 60% of value, sits out the housing downside and resells later at a profit. It sounds like a far fetched conspiracy, but why else would a bank advise me to short sell at $356,000 but refuse to modify at $548,000?

  28. Mary O. Says:

    I was just informed tonight that my loan modification was denied because my husband and I do not make enough money. I thought that was the whole point of the Making Home Affordable program? My husband was laid off from his full time job 2 years ago and we have been struggling to make ends meet since. I applied for the program BEFORE we defaulted. I have probably called BOA 20 times and every time I hear something different. Tonight they told me that they tried to call me last week and the number was out of service so they cancelled my request for modification. The number they called was outdate. What is frusteratings is they HAVE called me on the correct number plenty of times. How convenient for them to call the wrong number and cancel my request. So I had to submit my information all over again and now they are saying we dont qualify for any of their assistance. And now BOA is stating that they will start the foreclosure process as soon as next month and I am only 3 payments behind. Does anyone know how long it will take them to take my house? I have finally just given up.

  29. Sherri Y. Brown Says:

    My journey with dealing with BOA is just too long to even post on here. I lost my job in June 2009 and have been trying to hold on to my house since then. We went through every program out there and got no results. You never speak to the same person and they just transfer your call from person to person who is only programmed to tell you they are a debt collector and you are behind in payments. DUH! I have even gotten a job since then and still couldn’t get a decent modification. We were approved for the HAFA program and of course there were loop holes in that process also causing the program to be terminated. We are now intent to foreclosure which I’m sure is what they wanted all along. If they didn’t want my home, they sure didn’t act like it. This experience has definitely put a nasty taste in my mouth about purchasing a home.

  30. admin Says:

    # Patricia Granata Says:
    September 26th, 2011 at 11:37 am

    My dealings with BAC Home Loans has been a nightmare since I started trying to modify my mortgage in July of 2008. First it took them 5 days just to get the paperwork I faxed and e-mailed to the specific person I had spoken with. Then it was phone call after phone call to find out what was going on with the modification, at that point, my payments were all on time, but my husband’s hours cut down or he wasn’t working at all so we were using our credit cards to get by. I was told the only way to have the bank even look at the modification was to stop making payments, which we had to do anyway because our credit cards were up to about $30,000. Finally after, literally hundreds of phone calls, I received a modification packet in the mail, which showed our payments to be about $600 less per month. Unfortunately, they added years to my mortgage and increased the amount I owed. At that point I felt we had nothing else to do but to agree with their modification. Our first three months were a trial period, which we handled as they requested then the final modification came in and it was $500 more than what they originally told us the modification would be. That makes it $100 less per month with 5 additional years and about $20,000 more owed on the loan. I really just want to give them my house… and I still may.
    # Lisa Hoffman Says:
    October 2nd, 2011 at 9:22 am

    My mortage has been a mess since day one. I was with Countrywide and went through all the paperwork and I had a modification and was paying that modifciation for at leaset 6 months when BOA bought out Countrywide. I was not notified of this change, I only found out when I tried to pay my mortage and I was told they would not except any payments unless I paid the back amount due for the last 6 months and that they were not honoring my modification with Countrywide. They sent me papaerwork to reapply for a modification and this has been going on since 2009. I received a check for $200 from the FTC stating that my mortage was handled improperly through Countrywide and contacted them. They got me in touch with the hope program which got BOA to respond with a dinied modification and want me to reapply again. I told them again that I had a modification and that should be honored and now they are stating that the post closing was not finished and hey were going to get it taken care of well its been another 2 months since that and they are telling me they are working on it but yet I received a notice that they have set a foreclose date but no one knows that date and the next day after a received that notice I received a new packet to reapply for a modification. And now I have recieved another new packet to reapply.
    # Shelia clark Says:
    October 7th, 2011 at 2:16 pm

    I would like more information on this class action suit, I too was denied HAMP, thanks.
    # terry sprague Says:
    October 14th, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I would like to be part of this class action suit. I recently was relocated for my job, and tried to get my home in Idaho on the short sale list. I was told that I would get a letter to sign in June. I had an offer on the table from the relocation company, but I couldn’t get them the offer. There were a series of misteps by the HAFA people, and now six months later I am back to the very beginning. Meanwhile, my home has sat empty for months. I have been calling the Bank of America HAFA people every week since June looking for the letter, only be told my house had gone to deed in lieu, which I had not asked for, and that I had to start the entire process over. I have many notes and papers to back up my story.
    # Jeremy Jones Says:
    October 14th, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I am 31 year old home owner that has had the run around with bank of america.I was approved in october of 2009 for a home loan modification they approved me because of hardship.That took my existing mortgage payment from 1206.00 to 797.10 which made the mortgage more managable given the curent situation. They told me to make 3 payments for the initial process and on third payment i would recieve documents to change the mortgage. The third payment was scheduled for january 2010. I did not recieve documents so I called right away. They told me to just keep paying and that someone would be contacting me. A couple months went by and In march 2010 I called again with great concern.The person on the other line told me to just keep paying. I called again to make sure. In the middle of august 2010 I recieved a random phone call about my mortgage from BOA they left a message on my phone. I called back and they told me that I had been cancled from the Home Loan Modification for not responding that day. that was over a year ago. In November of 2010 I recieved a letter stating I was current as of 2009. In december the house was placed in forclosure. I had no clue until august of 2011 when i recieved a package for home transition from BOA. Now my house has an auction date of December 16 at 9am. I would like to be apart of this class action law suit. Please contact me Thank you for your time.
    # Kent Haugaard Says:
    October 17th, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    I would love to join in a suit against Bank of America. I have been in the “Loan Modification” program for almost two years. The bank sends me foreclosure notices almost every month. They block me from paying online, which results in increased “service fees”. I call them every week to find out about my status to be told that it is still under review. They call my house every month and offer us a “short sale” out. We have had to fill out the paperwork three times. At one point they sent us a letter stating that we have opted out of their Loan Modification Program. When we called them to find out what was going on., they said that they had no idea why we were supposivly opted out nor did they have any documentation stating who opted us out. They said that we would have to apply for an appeal. I am tired of this bank and their deceptive practices. Can’t anyone help? We live in Hawaii.
    # Sylvia Micozzi Says:
    October 19th, 2011 at 1:27 pm

    I began remodification about 2 yrs ago through American Home Lender as moderator w/Bank of America. The Bank of America rep was Rich Little who continually delayed action, requested documentation and then ignored it. American Home Lender can no longer afford to represent us. We have been given another representative from Bank of America, Cheryl Murrett, who can only say our case is in review. The day after I spoke to her I received Fedex from Bank of America saying we have been denied because they did not receive documentation requested. I have proof and reciept that they received this documentation but cannot get ahold of anyone at Bank of America. I just want this settled. I am tired of wondering if my home will be forclosed on and wher will my family go. Hope someone can resolve this.
    # Billy Pleuss Says:
    October 19th, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    I have been having problems with Bank of America loosing my paper work in final reveiw. We have had the papers in, but they make us start over or appeal. We have been mislead by telling us to miss payments and we will qualify or make trial payments and we will receive a permanent modification. I have been going through this for three years and have done everything I can to try and make this right. Can somebody please help. It is criminal.
    # Tawna Prock Says:
    October 20th, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    I would like to join this class action suit against
    Bank of America. We have been in modification since Nov, 2009. We spent the first 8 month submitting and resubmitting paper work, constantly calling every two weeks. We tried to continue making payments on our mortgage, but as soon as our mortgage hit the modification stage they told us we didn’t have a mortgage payment until they could process us back into the system AND WE HAD NO CURRENT lOAN NUMBER IN THE SYSTEM TO APPLY A PAYMENT TOO. We continued the Loan documentation, calling sending in our paper work and received a modification in September of 2009 assigning us back to our original loan number with a $400.00 reduction in our payment. Our first payment was to be on November 10th 2010, we called in on the 2nd of November to make the payment and they couldn’t find the modification paper work and said it probably hadn’t been entered in the system yet, and they advised us to call back on the 10th. So we called back on the 10th, still no record of the modification, they accused us of not filling it out and submitting it back to them in a timely fashion. We gave them the FEDEX tracking number and shipping number, we had references of who we talked with at B of A and the times and dates. We refaxed a copy of the signed and dated modification. They informed us to call back because they were experiencing a high volume of customers and they would try and get to the bottom of it. We continued calling all the way through November, thinking the whole time we would be late on our first mortgage payment. Finally on December 2, 2009 we got a hold of one of the managers who said they had found our modification, but it still wasn’t entered into the system, and to call back in a few weeks. On the 12th of December we called back and got a hold of the same person, they informed us that our modification needed to be re-modified due to an error on the original modification. The original modification was to fix us from a two year arm to a 30 year fixed. The modification had slipped in an addenda B showing our mortgage to reach maturity in five years and for the full price to be due at that time, That was not in our modification packet. The person said they were going to fix it and that we would be put back into the modification process and to continue to call. We continued to call through December and no modification was being done,, and we were informed we couldn’t make a payment due to the fact that we were still not in the system. On January 20th 2010 after talking with multiple people from the hope team told us we needed to resubmit all of our information so that we could start the process all over again. For the next 10 months we submitted and resubmitted all of our paper work, in a limbo stage of nothing Happening, to we got a phone call in November again saying they were going to start us on trial payment periods. We said that would be great, when do they start? They informed us we should see them in the next 2-4 weeks and too look for them. Nothing came in two weeks, we called B of A and they said to keep Waiting they were running behind. Week 4 came and we called back only to get the same answer. This continues through February 2011. in March of 2011 we were asked to again resubmit all of our paper work, bare in mind we have not had a denial letter to date, we continued submitting, and were told again a trial payment would come, we never saw one. continued to call through may. Beginning of June 2011 we got a denial letter. they said we didn’t make enough money to have a modification at this time and that there is a list of options we could do to avoid foreclosure and by the way, you owe back payments of $37,481.79., and foreclosure proceeding will continue. In 30 days you can resubmit for a new modification. So we did reapply and we are back to a game of phone tag, excuses and resubmitting. This has been a total nightmare for my family and I. We need Help in resolving this matter.
    # Lucas Wingert Says:
    October 24th, 2011 at 1:33 am

    Our family has had a similar experience with BOA with the loan mod.They lost our fax’s, and came up with numerous stories why our process was not happening. Then our auction date letter arrived and within that envelope was an application for loan mod. !!! We had several months of the loan mod. charade. Now, they are sending a “specialist” who has not called for a month. WE want to be part of a class action lawsuit . Will this delay a foreclosure and does it matter if we live in Idaho?
    # Pete Says:
    October 24th, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    I spent a year jumping through the hoops of faxing in these documents, and refaxing updated documents…just to be told to fax them in again. Finally I was approved for a loan modification and my monthly mortgage payment went from $2,300.00 to $3,600!! No help at all on the past due amount. Sign me up for the Class action suit. Thanks.
    # Shirley Harper Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 6:41 pm

    I need more then help on joining this lawsuite, I have had BOA reps. (ha HA) come to my home while I was making burial arrangement for my husband and tried to come into my home to see if was being lived in ,also I am not behind in my payments yet they will not straighten up my credit report which they defiled
    but not to end this nightmare they are still at it with threats. I NEED HELP I AM A WIDOWED AND 73 Years
    old PLEASE sombody hear me it would take all night to type what they have done to me. S. Harper
    # DebO’Malley Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    I could retype everything that has been posted above. So I just say ditto. I had received a mod from Wilshire the week before BoA took over wilshire. I had completed trial period. BoA said they had no record of it and that even if another lender had approved it they didn’t have to honor it. Countless ph calls. A different story from everyone. Received a letter saying mod was denied. Two weeks later receive d letter saying disregard previous letter. Mod was approved. Reduced interest rate. Received letter saying balance was 142,000. Then received letter saying disregard that letter, balance was 80,000. But didn’t tell me what the payment was. Numerous calls, I was accused of being a liar, stating they had n record of my phone calls and could not find any docs or notes in file that I had ever called. Had no record of balance. Then talked to a guy who told me to stop making payments, he acknowledged the account was a mess, and they were working on it. I was told my file was always in process and to just wait, papers would follow. Never received them. One rep even “yelled” at me, he wanted to know where the money came from for the payments I had made. Wanted to know why I had made them? One guy told me the letter about the mortgage balance of 80,000 was in fact the amount I owed them in missed payments. I was sure he was just the guy emptying the trash and he happened to answer the phone. I have been assigned to many different individuals who are suppose be the ones to fix the mess, only to be passed to someone else. I have been told that docs I have sent them have never been received, even after I had verified with a rep that they had been received. I was sent a letter stating they were denying my request for a short sale, which I had never asked for. I was recently told that my file sat in the underwriters office for nine months had not been worked on. After two months it becomes invalid and you have to start over. My last letter I received from them requesting more docs, was addressed to me, but had someone elses loan number and personal info. It did give two names, not mine. I googled them and found that one was an attorney in Calif. I called her and she said the other was her client who had a problem with BofA. She said “so now we can add they they are disclosing confidential customer information”. Now ever written communication I have with them via mail, I send to the CEO, the president of the home loan department, and to customer service, signed receipt requested. Can’t say they didn’t receive them. I have told them that it appears they are setting me up to lose my home. They have had their home inspectors out weekly, and continually report that I have abandoned the property. BofA said they had verified that i have utilities on and paid, yet they wrote my insurance company and told them I had abandoned the home. Yesterday they did it again. I called and was told they had notes in the file that the police had been sent to my home. For what I don’t know. I told them that I have gone from a person with low blood pressure to one with high. I have left copies of this mess, with extensive notes regarding all communication, ph and written, with my sister. If I die from a stroke- I think a wrongful death lawsuit would have teeth to it. When you send communication to the CEO and Pres, you do get a response- but no closure. I demanded a complete copy of my mortgage, including payments showing where they were applied, along with all documents regarding any additional fees, charges, or modifications. They told me that they don’t have any doc on my mortgage. I asked how they knew how much I owed or payment amount, they said they just went on what Wilshire told them. I think that is a total lie. Do they think I should just roll over and accept what they say as to how much I owe. NOT!!! Although my interest has lowered, and my principal may have been lowered, nothing in their computers reflect any of that. In one month my mortgage balance according to them went from 148,000 to 156,000. But no one seems to know why. I may not be in the mortgage business, but I’m not stupid! I wonder how they convince their employees to do these horrible things to people? Do they (out loud) tell them to lie to customers, prevent them from getting help, and set them up to fail? It would be interesting to talk with some of their employees to find out about how they justify what they are asking them to do. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I work for such a unethical, vile corp as BoA. And I’m saddened that Buffett sold out to them. It puts his credibility and integrity into question. BoA has dug such a deep hole that it appears they think the only way out is to continue to dig. I was once told that the center of the earths core was hell. They are knocking on the door. I absolutely want to be part of this suit. Not only do they take our homes, but how can we ever recover from the damage to our credit- no matter how much we try.. But I notice that the top management got some hefty bonuses the past few years. I thought bonuses were for good performance. Guess I got that one wrong. My plan is to paper the country with this info, newspapers, media, congress, senate, white house, and every other organization that may have power or interest. If this is not brought to light and BofA held accountable how many will lose their homes. I read yesterday that BofA has one million homes in need of modification. To date they have only modified 12,000. Guess we know where that money went they got- those bonuses. How do they sleep at night? Their bailout was billions, ours was 200 per family…. Only through numbers can we tackle this. We need to have a class action suit.
    # Chad Zeigler Says:
    October 27th, 2011 at 10:23 pm

    11Wow, all you people are to nice. It’s time for all of us to let BofA have it. They need to be put in there place specially Mr. Moynihan the ceo. Boy what I would give to run into him in a dark alley. At this point I would like to run into anyone that works for those criminals at BofA. It is really unfortunate that a guy like myself a FF/EMT would be pushed to the point that if I respond to a car accident or burning building and some has a BofA anything on, Im walking the other way. People, if you have the resources and the drive to keep your home, seek out your senators and congressmen. I had a phone meeting with our mayor, our news channel and had an attorney. Saved my house but of course the my mogage pay is higher and my credit is shot due to those bofa scumbags trying to steal my home. Ready to sue the pants off them. Need an attorney with some drive and has a mean streak. To BofA may everyone of you rot in hell for what you have put my family and all the other innocent people you have screwed. Karma is coming
    # Dawn Suggs Says:
    November 1st, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    We were also victims of the BOA Loan Modification fiasco/scam and would like to speak to someone about a class action lawsuit.
    # Cindy Bassett Says:
    November 2nd, 2011 at 1:51 am

    All of the posts before this are exactly what I’ve been going through with BofA for the past 2+ years. Being lied to, being called stupid and a liar by a “negotiator” who was supposedly working on my modification request, being forced into filing for bankruptcy and now the bank has filed forforeclosure and has a sale date on my house in January 2012. I’m including a copy of an email that I sent out in January 2011 to Pres. Obama, Mr Moynihan, the Calif. State Atty General and two state senators. I got answers from most of them, and was in the process of working with a housing counselor from the HAMP solutions office, when I had to file for bankruptcy. This put a halt to all investigations by the HAMP people for 6 months. After the discharge for the bankruptcy, I tried to get back in touch with the same counselor but with no luck. I got so frustrated and depressed over the whole situation that I just let it go for a while. Now the bank has filed for foreclosure and I’m paying another law firm to do audits on my loan to try to stop the bank. Would this keep me from joining this class action? I would like to be a part of this. All of us being forced out of our homes needs to stop now, before this country is completely ruined simply because of the mortgage industries greed.

    January 2011

    To: Anyone that this may concern:

    I am writing this to add my name to the growing list of disappointed, fearful and angry consumers that are negotiating with Bank of America for a loan modification. I work as a self- employed field agent for many different financial companies and talk to people every day that are going through the same things that I am. Let me just briefly try to give you a time line on this process I’ve been trying to complete.
    I was divorced in the year 2000. My ex-husband was to pay the mortgage on the house we had owned for 10 years while my youngest daughter and son lived there with me until our youngest finished high school. This was done as agreed to and in 2007 I applied for a loan to buy out the equity my ex-husband had in the property. I used a loan broker who was very eager to sell me on an “option-arm” loan with Countrywide. He told me that in my situation it would work out well. My daughter had moved out and my son moved back in with me after getting married. The plan was that he would buy the house from me within the next five years. He has a well paying job and this didn’t seem to be a problem. Well, as plans go, he got divorced within a year and this hurt his credit to the point where he couldn’t qualify for a mortgage. About the same time, the real estate market dropped considerably and the $100,000+ that I still had in equity in my home disappeared and left me “upside down” with my mortgage. I couldn’t refinance at this point so I kept making the mortgage payment every month for several years until that 5 year point in my “option arm” loan was getting closer and closer. I had been talking to Countrywide about helping me with a refinance or any other options they might have. They weren’t much help and then everything changed over to Bank of America. I started trying to get some help from anyone at Bank of America, with no results. I decided at this point to hire a lawyer to help with the modification process. They assured me they were experts in working with lenders and getting them to comply with the HAMP process. To shorten this story, this process started in September 2009. I have sent in boxes of paperwork to the bank, they have copies of two years of my income taxes, soon to be a third year I’m sure. They have many P&L statements and many bank statements. I really wonder just how much information do they really need to make a decision? That is if they really want to make that decision.
    I complied with the request to make the modified payment every month for a year, even though the bank was only crediting this as half a payment on my loan. Because of this, the bank reported me to the credit bureaus as being delinquent and my credit cards all raised my rates and payment amounts to the point where I couldn’t pay them anymore. I had always paid my credit cards on time up to this point. My credit score went from 750 to 530 last year. Again, to try to keep this short, I am now in the process of filing bankruptcy so that I don’t lose my business and can keep working.
    I have complied with everything that Bank of America has asked me to do in the modification process. I have made a year’s worth of modified trial payments and have turned in all the paperwork they asked for. When I started this process I was not behind on my mortgage and had not missed a payment on this loan. I am now over 6 months and $16,000 in arrears on my payments. On August 31, 2010 Bank of America told me they denied me for a modification because of paperwork not turned in and because I wasn’t returning their phone calls. I wasn’t speaking to the bank on the advice of counsel. My lawyer assured me they had been talking to their contact person at the bank weekly. I refuse to give up on this yet. I have owned this house for over 20 years and really don’t want to lose it. I insisted that the bank reopen my case and review me for modification again. This is now being done and I’m waiting on a new package of paperwork that the bank has requested I fill out again. At the same time I expect to get a foreclosure notice any day now. This whole process has caused many sleepless nights for myself and many others like me.
    I would appreciate any help I could get with this. I have gotten to the point where I trust no one and don’t quite know where to turn to. If anyone has any ideas or can help me with this I can be reached at . I’d be grateful for any advice on all of this.


    Cindy Bassett
    # Verlyn Says:
    November 3rd, 2011 at 12:45 am

    We have been going through all of the above and would love to join a class action lawsuit. We have been through hell and back but finally today we prevailed in getting an restraining order against Bank of America, PRO SE, to stop our sale that was suppose to be today, November 2, 2011 at 11:00 am. This allowed us to at least take a breath so that we can regroup. We would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on what others have done for any resolution
    # Kelly Comcowich Says:
    November 4th, 2011 at 12:44 am

    I also would like to join this lawsuit. I have been given the run around for more than six months regarding my “incomplete” “lost” or “incorrectly filled out” materials for a modification. I was told I would qualify for the HAMP program, then (after resending many documents and calling weekly for several months) was told I did not qualify, but that the material would be reviewed for in-house modification. Then I was told that I might still qualify for HAMP but I would need to send a new application.

    I have sent the same documents many times and was told by one “permanent” account manager that everything was received only to be told by the next “permanent” account manager that there were missing pieces. I recorded times dates and details of each conversation with BOA employees, and lists times and receipts for materials sent. At this point it is becoming quite frustrating.
    # Shannon Wagner Says:
    November 4th, 2011 at 6:50 pm

    I have an identical story! I actually was forced to claim CH 13 BR to avoid foreclosure after six months of duplicating and faxing records, never speaking to a human that knew the status of my application to re-modify and ultimately receive, after calling every two days, notification of foreclosure in the mail! That was two years ago and recently, BofA is attempting to raise my monthly payment, claiming a negative Escrow balance that is equal to a 13 year deficit!! I have everything documented, every phone call, names, dates, etc. My BR is now back in court due to the 13 years of additional Escrow (btw… I have been in my house for only 9 years and current on mortgage payments for 7 of the 9!) I am a single, hard working, mother of two very happy children and the stress caused by BofA is incredibly difficult to hide. I cannot simply walk away, we would have nowhere to go and this is the home my children know. I am very interested in joining this class-action lawsuit, I am tired of doing everything within my limited scope to make provisions for a rancid corporation focused on nothing more than running our honest class into oblivion.
    # Rocco Says:
    November 7th, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    i had the run around for a loan modification since june 2009. They keep asking for the same paper work over and over. They said not to worry if it goes to the sheriff sale, they can postpone it…no after I filed chapter 13 to keep my house…I’m being charged more then my mortgage was?
    Plus the trustee?
    I file a complaint with the banking commission..and 1 year later I’m stilling waiting for a response.
    # Terry Sprague Says:
    November 8th, 2011 at 5:52 pm

    I would like in on this lawsuit. I have been dealing with BofA short sale program through AMS. I started the process in April. I was told everything was fine, and I would get a short sale letter around the first of June. I had an offer on the house in May, but in June I still didn’t have a short sale agreement so they couldn’t or wouldn’t take the offer. I have called every week from June. In September i finally got the letter. Meanwhile, I had been relocated for my work, and got a letter about foreclosure. I called and talked to the guy there, and surprise he was helpful, but his hands were tied. I am now being told I must wait 120 days for this to go through before it will go to deed in lieu. My house sit vacant, and I must now pay to winterize it. I don’t want to, but if I don’t, who know what BofA will do. I would like to be part of any lawsuit. I have documentation with names of the people I have talked to, the date and time I talked to them. If documentation is needed, I have kept everything they sent, and notes on all phone calls.
    # Sharon Says:
    November 13th, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    I would love to be part of the class action law suit against bank of the rest of you my home was basically stolen away by this company They don’t care and I had 2 of their workers laugh at me. This is just devastating.
    # GK Says:
    November 14th, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    In 2009 I was approved for a rate modification. I was told that this was a stepping stone program into their EPF(earned principal forgiveness program) which would be available some time in 2010. Currently trying to get approved for this EPF program which would reduce principal on the mortgage. So far it seems I was mislead regarding the process for entering into this program. After fulfilling my end of the rate mod agreement, I now get the run around when trying to get into the EPF.
    # Shawn Harper Says:
    November 14th, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    I want in… These bastards took my house in 2008. My story is the same as all of yours. Sad to have to leave after 7 years there. My original monthly payment of $1100 turned into $1800 in 2008 and it killed me. I hung on for as long as i could. Original cost: $129k. 7 years later, $170k, and I’m gone… WTH?
    # Valerie Selkirk Says:
    November 16th, 2011 at 11:10 am

    I have an identical story! I actually was forced to claim CH 13 BR to avoid foreclosure after six months of duplicating and faxing records, Calling every week to find out my status of the application to re-modify and ultimately receive, notification of foreclosure by the county! The last time I talk to BoA they told me that I failed to fax back paperwork they faxed me to sign and there for I was no longer eligible for the program. Mind you this was told me me about 3 months after they supposedly faxed something over and I was calling every week? I do not have a fax machine nor have I ever given them a fax number nor did I fax them ever. so that made me realize I was getting the run around and they were not going to help me. I also want to state that at the time BOA was getting in trouble for not processing loans then the moth they told me I was denied they come out with this ridicules number of processed paperwork. That was 1 and a half years ago. I have everything documented, every phone call, names, dates, etc. I am very interested in joining this class-action lawsuit.
    # Dustin Janek Says:
    November 16th, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    After reading your post I am sorry to say that it gives me comfort knowing that I am not the only one out there that is having this issues with Bank of America. I have been trying to save my house for a family of now 4 since 2008, only to be given the run around. I also have been given modifaction agreement that after I agreed to it was only increase to more then my house payment was for my mortage that I had with them to being with. I filed CH 13 BR to protect it, I also joined the US Army to try and have a more steady income from my diesle mechanic career. I am continully was told to fill out paperword and fax or mail back, I speak with many different people only to be told that Bank of America hasn’t recieved them, in one week I was sent 3 letters telling me that my account manager had been changed only to call and be told that there is not a case manager on my account. I have also been told that letters were sent to me that I never recieved and when asked what the letter said I was told they didnt have that information. At one point I was told that I should take in a renter to increase my income to pay my house payment or do a short sale. I have already looked into doing a short sale when I recieved my orders with the Army to be posted in Korea, it took Bank of America 3 months to contact my realtor that I could not do a short sale. I would like to be contacted to join this lawsuit als.
    # Sandra Says:
    November 17th, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    To whom It May Concern,
    I too am interested in joining a class action lawsuit against BoA. I have been put through the ringer with them sending in the same information over and over again. I explained my circumstances sent in hardship letters. I was on a trail period for 3 mons. I called and called and called, never could get a straight answer. I finally told I did not qualify for the HAMP. I became unemployed my brother who was in the milatary, became homeless and had a stroke came to live with me. My dad who is 77 years old was diagnosis with Parkerinson disease, diabeties, and dementia. BoA received 25 billion dollars to assist struggling homeowners. 3 millions of the money went to pay employees with bonuses. It got so bad that I hired a company to assist me with my home modification they were trying to get what they could get out of me. I was told that I did not qualify for HAMP and they did not have a program for me. In October 2010 I sent in 2000.00 dollars and they told me call back in January of 2011 to see if they had any new programs. Which I did and again they stated they had nothing for me. My home is in foreclosure and to stop the process I sent in a recission letter waiting for receipt return. I would love for comsumer to join forces and let’s foreclose on the BoA. Thank you for all you valuable information.
    # susanna harutunian Says:
    November 19th, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    I don’t know if it’s to late but I would like to join the class action law suit against Bank of America. My story is just like all this stories.When I got the letter in the mail to join I didn’t I regret it big time.I tought they will do the modification but I was wrong.They played their game and now they’re going for foreclosure.I need this like I need air.
    # Paul Donges Says:
    November 19th, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    I have a lawyer for almost 2 years to file a lawsuit against BofA but so far we are lucky to speak to his offic every few months, We need help or some advise. If we had the money we would find a new attorney or file a suit against the Gordon Law Group for not doing their job.We were told after our loan audit that we had a good case against B of A, so far nothing & the bank has gave us the final denial as far as any help from them.
    # Emily Eubank Says:
    November 20th, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Is it too late to get in on this lawsuit. BOA has given my husband and I nothing but grief. My husband hasn’t worked in over two years. I haven’t worked in over 4. My husband’s unemployment ran out months ago. BOA would not help us at all We have talked to numerous debt management companies and finely filed for bankruptcy, chpt. 7, and they are still trying to foreclose on us. We have talked with them until we are blue in the face and nothing. May they rot in well you know.
    # TJ Says:
    November 22nd, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    I received documents via an overnight carrier that were supposed to be filed months ago. But due to the documents not being “recorded” by BOA. I had to resign and notarize the documents and have them back to BOA within the specified time frame. I was told that the “mistake” was discovered due to a recent audit that BOA is currently undergoing. When I asked if there were any other programs that were available I was told there was not. So in short there is no such thing as “Making Home Affordable”! Where is the government assistance for those of us who have either lost their jobs, endured some unexpected circumstance which financially impacted them as well. My mortgage has gone up $100 dollars for the next 12 months. Unfortunately, I’ve had to take jobs like so many others that is less than what I was making, prior to the economy taking a dump. I would also like to take part in any class action law suit or be referred to a lawyer who can assist me in my current situation. I also have documentation to validate my story. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    # stephanie Says:
    November 22nd, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    11/22/11 My husband and I have been asking BOA for the note too our home for over a year in which they have failed too produce too this day. Our home was too be sold two days before xmas last year but got BBB involved after numerous attempts of trying too receive loan modification through BOA. We have been giving a modification and then it was taking away and then re giving too us but of couse with 10,0000 added too our loan.They not only added that in late fees but also extend the terms on the loan as well. I believe what they r doing is illegal and would like too become part of this lawsuit. I have documentation as well if someone could assist me that would be great! I understand this is a little late but if someone could contact me that would be great. TYVM
    # Steven Says:
    December 1st, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I applied for a Modified mortgage Loan and qualified under Federal criteria that I have a substantially lower paying job now. BOA stated that they do not adhere to that criteria and that their investoprs require that I am either divirced or disbled to qualify. I am neither. I do not understand how they can receive Government Bailout monies with criteria and not have to follow the criteria and still get the money. I sent a complaint to the Federal Office that oversees the financial industry. BOA called and stated the exact same thing and were willing to do NOTHING! I would like to be part of this class action as well!
    # harold Says:
    December 1st, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    12/01/11 hi i just got off the phone with bank of america corp office and was told that i will have to re submit updated documents after being told that my loan mod had been in revue since october. the mod packet stated that after i submit the mod packet, i would know in 10 days if approved or denied that was in august wow please include me in that wonderful law suit against bank of america
    # Sharon Shelton Says:
    December 2nd, 2011 at 4:58 pm

    Please include me in the class action lawsuit against Bank of America. I did everything that was requested of me. All financial obligations required were submitted for both first and second loans mortgages in December 2009. Months later called for up date status was told don’t see any documents or notes in the system for you. Please resubmit documents again. More time pastes. It’s being reviewed. Another four weeks past I’m told don’t see anything here for you. Please resubmit the same documents again. The same thing over and over again. Finally received three month trail period for first loan only. Called about second loan was told must apply again. September 2011 receives notice from BOA your first loan has been sold to Seterus, Inc located in Pasadena CA along with a delinquent pre warning of foreclosed letter for non payment on second loan. Here we are now December 2011. They sure help you get in these homes but don’t want to help you stay in them.
    # Nita Says:
    December 3rd, 2011 at 12:21 am

    WOW, so happy I found this site I googled complaints agains BOA/making home affordable.
    I.m getting the same run around and even asked the rep if this was some kind of scam, just had a feeling it was.
    Is there really a Making Home Affordable program.
    This is horrid, I just faxed more info to them today AGAIN.
    we are having a problem due to illness no late payments, was just trying to save our home from problems of not having the income we had in the past.
    Should I just call and withdraw our application>>

    is there such a program Making Home affordable or just this BOA scam?
    # Connie Powell Says:
    December 3rd, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Please include me as well. Just received final judgement for foreclosure and still have an open account with bank of america have contacted their attorney too many times to count still nothing. I feel harrassed and striped of any dignanty i had left after this whole ordeal and am still scared they will take my house.. I still live here!!!
    # brigit marceaux Says:
    December 3rd, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    I am been lied cheated out my money paid to them for a mortgage payment that was never applied to my account and have a copy from post office with tracking number and stamped received by their payment office over two months ago and will not let me make payments for the last two months without paying total now including the cashier check amount that they have. Called numberous time talk to supervisor told will contact me back but doesn’t recently told check was sent back to my bank over two weeks ago> Bank has not received. Witness every time on speaker phone next to me while lied to.
    # Martha Burrell Says:
    December 4th, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    I have had nothing but one headache after another.I have had BOA foreclosing several times on me.I work with them and get it stopped.Then I tried Making Home affordable and that did not work.I have sent them every scrape of paper they requested.I have kept in contavt with them.I am shuffled from person to person each with a different answer.I did the 3 trial period payments for a Fannie Mae mod and was told that it would take 30 to 60 days before they knew if I would get it.But in the mean time I was to submit another payment.They did not even send an address for the fourth payment.I called and finally recieved an address.I was told since I could not do a check over the phone my daughter could.She called to make the payment and was told my acct. would not except a payment over the phone.I was then told to western union the payment.I could not because they had closed.I then mailed the payment overnight and they did not recieve .I was 1 day late.Now they are not so sure that I will get the mod.I am wanting to be included in the lawsuit.I also tried atty. over the internet to help and got ripped off for $1250.00Help.
    # Jeannetta Bangs Says:
    December 12th, 2011 at 12:40 am

    Typed a comment but the internet ate it. Briefly what I said was I have experienced most if not all of the problems with Bank of America that these people have. My account manager was faxed to 2 separate numbers all the documents she requested to complete my application to their liking on November 23rd, 2011 she was s’pose to review that friday. I gave her until that monday then called. I’ve been waiting for a response on whether I will be getting a trial period of the new proposed mortgage. The week of the 5th of November I called this account manager about 24 times and her supervisor once, on all occasions I got voice mail. When I finally got to talk to her she informed me the request for postponement of the auction could not be sent in until 5 days before the sale date that she sent it in the night of the 7th of November. She hadn’t processed my application for the National Bank of America Home Retention Program yet, she’d been very sick for 3 days. Excluding weekends and holidays she’d had 5 other days to process the application. Was she sick those days too? What happened to using the telephone to ask her supervisor to call me?
    # Dorothy Charleston Says:
    December 14th, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    I have been trying for about 3yrs to to get a modify loan for BOA they keep turn me down I went on a medical leave.only was receive one check a month, I explain to BOA that I was not able to pay my mortgage and pay my bills, until I was able to go back to work, unfortunately I am still unable to go back to work. Still unable to any kind of help from BOA. THANK YOU!
    # Walter Settles Says:
    December 14th, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    Bank of America had brought my loan from First Franklin loan Service with is La Sallie bank in November 2010. I have bought this loan in November 2006 with fix rate. I went to settlement they turn one loan into two mortgage with arms rate with First Franklin. The first mortgage had 7% and second no %, when Bank Of America took over they charge me $50,000 more thank what I bought on the first loan and $18,000 more on the second loan. It like they was starting my loan over again let I Have not every paid on my loan with ether company. I ask BOA for an audit of payment on this mortgage loan. They have not to this day answer to me instead I sent them all the mortgage payment to them for a total since November 2006 over $70,000 dollars that the both of the company had received. They sent me a modification form and i fill it out in February 2011 and went to see them in Baltimore Maryland to give them all the documents. From this day they have not respond or gave me answer to approval. I will have to force them to comply to modification by filing for Chapter 13, reorganization of debt. It a shame that this Bank took federal and tax payer dollars to help home owner and fail to complete. Consumer need to request for their license to pull from each state so that they can’t do business in there state if they are going to misrepresent claims of helping people to straight out there mortgage.
    # Tracy Scott Says:
    December 16th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Hello. After reading several of the posts I would like to speak with an attorney about joining this class action lawsuit against BOA. I have over a year of documentation that shows the exhausting game they played with me as I tried to have my ARM modified AFTER my loan was sold to them from Wilshired the same month that my loan was approved to be modified. BOA absolutely refused to honor the modification process and successful steps that I accomplished with Wilshire to modify my loan. Again, I have plenty of documentation to support what I went through with BOA. I even went as far as cashing in my teacher retirement account to make payments to BOA as they lied to me that if I continued to make my modficiation payments my loan would probably be modified.
    # Yolanda Says:
    December 16th, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    This does not surprise me with the modifications. I applied for modifications due to medical bills and ending up behind on my mortgage. I applied for a loan modification and was denied through Bank of America due to the fact that I had too much debt? Most of my other accounts were being paid on time until this fiasco happened with medical bills and BoA not willing to help at all with my modification. That was over a year ago. Each and every time I have contacted them, they continue to say that they would like to update my financials once a month. I told them each time that any negotiations will be done in writing. I was deployed for 4 months this year and they continued to threaten me with foreclosure. I am 3 months behind and trying to catch up with my savings that are wiped out. Then BoA now says that I am still behind after I stayed on the phone with them for hours asking for an explanation. I sent them a letter asking for information in writing why I am still behind when I sent the amount requested to bring my account current. I have yet to receive a reply in writing from them. I would like to join this class action lawsuit if possible, but what is being done to get these greedy banks to help those who need it? What is the purpose of a class action lawsuit if there is nothing being done to make these banks pay for their ill fated promises to the people?
    # nita Says:
    December 20th, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    the same here this is my 6th time sending in paperwork. it lost, can’t find, in review or out date and need to send addtional paperwork. I have even went to the acutal events sponsored by boa and given the paperwork in personal. They say you qualify then they never give you any modification and the cycle repeats inself. helped my friend with hers and she got her modification in two weeks house worth more than mind and she pays way less….
    # Roberta Raelson Says:
    December 22nd, 2011 at 10:13 am

    I am currently working on a modification with BOA. I am going through Housing Opportunities. B O A came up with an amount 100 dollars more than I was paying only to make my modification apply to principle too. I have complied with the three month trial period, and am now on 5 months with no paperwork yet. Please help!
    # Lisa Cordova Says:
    December 22nd, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Bank of America ruined my life! My payment was a fixed mortgage! My payment was supposed to be low $700.00. I have ALL of my paperwork. They raised and raised the payment many times with-in 4 years. Yes all the way to $1,385.00. I kept getting my utilities shut off trying to juggle payments. Oh I sent in my paperwork and they lost it several times. My home is very old and needed to be all rebuilt. Me and my son lived in the kitchen and living room the whole time we lived there. NO drywall, old wood, dirt floor in the basement (it was covered with wood and I was told it was cement) this house flooded EVERYTIME it rained we could not pay the mortgage and fix the house. This caused my divorce!!! I called and called Bank of America all they said was I do not know why your payment is so high. I bought this house for $50,000.00. What an awful experience. I now had to move in with my 70 year old mother in her 2 bedroom apartment. 5 people and 3 cats live there. Bank of America ruined my LIFE!!! I can go on and on! Oh yeah did I mention a small heater in the middle of the room no heating ducts! I could not put in heating ducts Bank of America stold every penny I had. What a miserable 4 years of my life. I am sooooo mad! I do not deserve this!!!! I work so hard for my money. This is not fair. Now they can just take my home back…
    # Antonio Says:
    December 26th, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    I was laid off in Feb. 2010. Up until then I was current with my mortgage (1608.00) and was an active participant in payment accelerator (directly debited every two weeks) so I was a few payments ahead of the game. We contacted B of A right away to find out what our options were. They told us about the Loan Remod program. Now, My wife is on disability and I had unemployment. They sent the package, we filled it out, took copies and returned them to B of A. They came back and said that they didnt get everything but we had copies and confirmations that they had it. The time had expired (yea,right) and they asked us to resubmit all paper work again. We did. This time (on or about Dec 2010) they denied our loan remod stating that unemployment wasnt a sustainable income. I was in the process of going for social security disability so we were in limbo for awhile. I was approved for my disability in 9/2011 and we called B of A to find out how to get the remod started again to which we were told “there are programs opening every month, call back” Well, here it is almost January of 2012 and we havent made a payment, are far behind…I filed bankruptcy and reaffirmed the house because we are not in foreclosure or collections. Now I am ok with not paying a mortgage but I dont want them to come along and put us out. We now have sustainable income and just want to keep our home…Im almost certain we qualify for this class action law suit….please someone help!!
    # Darrell Hughes Says:
    December 30th, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    I would like to join this class action suit against BofA.
    We purchased our house in Feb.2007 from Wilmington Finance for 84,200 and was financed at 11.25%. They told me that after 6 mos of on time payment we could refi at a lower rate. After 2 mos Countrywide purchased our loan. 4 mos later I tried to refinance and they told me I have to wait 3 yrs before I could pay off my loan and refinance or risk penalties so we couldn’t. A few more months passed and my wife was in a car accident with prevented her from doing private duty In-home Care (she was a CNA). Our mortage payment fell behide 2 mos so I called Countrywide and asked what options I can take to catch up. They told me they can moditfy it so we can pay a little extra each month and I agree. They said they have to send the paper work and I have to sign and send it back and not to pay until I accept the terms, sign and send the paperwork. Well about 5 to 6 mos passed and I finally received the package. It stated that my mortage was to go up to $1020 because i was 6 months behind starting the following month. My mortage note was already $825 a month and I was struggling with it because of my wife unemployment and paying out of pocket for medical bills, but i tried and tried to make payment to ensure we didn’t lose our home. After a few months I call them and explained to them that the notes are to high and it is leaving me without any money left for living expenses. I asked them about a Loan modification to lower my interest rate and that way I could make payment because 11.25% is outragously high. They weren’t much help and then everything changed over to Bank of America. I read about the Making Home Affordable plan and contacted BofA. I must have went through the loan modification about 4 time of the last 2 yrs to find out this year I was denied. I am currently trying to sell my house through HAFA on a short sale but every month I get a letter stating my house will for sold to the highest bidder at a public auctions. I have lost so much money in this purchase with is my first. My wife left me and we got a divorce and left me with the headaches of the house. Please help me get out from this situation.
    # Anthony Colbert Says:
    December 31st, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    I am interested in if I qualify to part of the action suit against BofA. I We purchased our home in In Arizona in 2006. We put $100K down on the house (total on the house was $280K)and long story short I still have 12+% Balance on the home is below $190K. I inquired about a refinance to get a lower interest rate. They told me that even though My work history was good and my credit was good, I had not been living in the house long enough to qualify for a lower interest rate. I have applied on multiple different times to get my home loan modified to a lower interest rate, each time I was denied made too much, money, need 1 year of on time payments, etc…)

    We love our home and put too much $$$ into to have it taken way. Every attempt to ask for help from Bofa has comeup empty. Paystubbs, W2s, letters of hardship, have been sent several times but still no help.
    Please help. Thank you
    # Jeannetta Bangs Says:
    January 2nd, 2012 at 5:07 am

    I am looking for a class action law suit against Bank of America for their mishandling of my trying to qualify for the HAMP/Making Homes Affordable Program. It’s been 2 years and nearly 4 months since I started the process. I was having a hard time breathing and heart palpitations. I had a procedure done to examine my heart due to what was diagnosed as anxiety or panic attacks. I’ve been prescribed antianxiety medication to help me deal with these attacks. I have a hard time dealing with any of the process I am continuing to experience since I was first declined for the HAMP Program due to lack of documentations, told I could not reapply yet am now again in the process of being qualified for the Making Homes Affordable Program. (How many times does one have to send the same documents?) Just before being turned down for Obama’s Making Homes Affordable Program B of A themselves told me they expected that I would tire of the process. I was told that due to B of A’s not being able to process applications in a timely manner set by the government I would be turned down for the program. I want to sue. Do you know of any class action suits in California?
    # metin2tr Says:
    January 3rd, 2012 at 11:10 pm


    […]Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank of America Over Mortgage Handling | Class Action Lawsuits[…]…
    # Denise Corlew Says:
    January 5th, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    I too am interested in joining a class action lawsuit against BoA. I have been put through the ringer with them sending in the same information over and over again. I explained my circumstances sent in hardship letters. I was on a trail period for 1year 6 months. I called and called and called, never could get a straight answer. I was turned down then they said i was approved, we have even signed a new contract with them and still they send us letters telling us we are 10,000 behind. Our CREDIT is in the crapper because of all the BULL Bank of America. I just want this to end, BOA needs to get the people who take care of paper work a lot of training because we have faxed and mailed the same documents over and over and over again PLEASE HELP
    # DSmith Says:
    January 5th, 2012 at 7:54 pm

    My nightmare with Bank of America is similar to many of the testimonials that I have read here. I also would love to be a part of the class action lawsuit against Bank of America regarding their actions in harassing their customers during modification requests. I lost my job in March 2010, and managed to continue to make payments through July 2010. I had no unemployment and no source of income. I called BofA the first month that I was unable to pay my mortgage. A friend of mine suggested that I work through NACA for a modification, which I did starting in November 2010. I was working with NACA to get them all of the paperwork that they needed, but they were moving really slowly. Well, in March 2011 I found a job and immediately called BofA to say that I was eager to start paying for my mortgage again, and that I would like to work directly with them to speed up the modification process. The following week I was informed by BofA that I was in foreclosure, and paying monthly at that point was not an option. Then they sent me THEIR modification packet and the real nightmare began. I’ll skip the ensuing paperwork fiasco, during which BofA would ask me for something, I’d send it in, then they’d ask again for the same packets 10 times over — you guys already know that story. That strategy culminated back in the summer of this year when I made it quite clear that I would never give in — NEVER!! The next week my modification was approved. But here’s the latest… I’ve been paying on my loan since October (they tacked on the outstanding payments as well as their lawyers’ fees onto the back end), but I got a call from BofA on yesterday saying that my January payment was late (I got this call on Jan. 4), so, I immediately ran to the nearest BofA and made my Jan. payment in person. My loan is completely current. But I got a little nervous earlier today wondering why the bank would call me on Jan. 4th for a Jan. payment. I mean, Jan. 1st and 2nd were bank holidays! Well, I got another call from BofA today. And believe it or not, this is what happened — the bank rep told me to confirm who I was, then told me that the call would be recorded for quality control purposes. I told her fine, but that I was also recording the call. She told me that I could not record the call, and that she could not speak with me if I was recording the call. I told her that I could not speak with her without recording the call. She immediately ended the call. My hand to God, that’s exactly what happened. But of course I’m a little rattled, so I called the BofA customer service number to ask them why I was being “harassed” now. The CS woman told me that she had no idea why the bank was calling me, considering my loan was indeed current. She also told me that their policy is not to allow their customers to record their conversations, even though they have every right to do so. I was willing to overlook all of these legal fees that they added to my loan, and even this long laborious process that they dragged me through, because I was successful in my bid to stay in my home. But now I am furious. They are the worst bank in the world. They are callous, greedy, cruel and obviously, desperate. Yes, I got my modification, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried something else with me on the back end. I would love to join a class action lawsuit regarding BofA’s method of harassment. If nothing else but to have those legal fees waived (I had to pay for their attempt to foreclose on me — imagine), and to assist in the exposure of just how horrible of an institution that this bank really is.
    # vickie duff Says:
    January 6th, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    this is not my first run around threw bofa i had a car loan threw them first and was a nightmare . i lost my husband in 07 and we had a truck loan threw them i couldnt make the 560 payment after he died they offered to help but never gave me credit for the money already payed into the loan which was about 2 yrs . and by the time it was all said and done i owed 75000 for a pickup that was worth 25000 . now, when they bought my loan from another lender i cried knowing i would have problems and did so imediatley . they said i was late to the first payment to them which i wasnt and i payed the other lendeder because i wasnt informed that they had my loan till the second week of the due date . and took my 6 months to get that straightened out . and the fees waved . they reluctantly did so after about a dozen faxes from my bank and cancelled checks to prove i payed it . then a yr later this . my payment went from 820 to 1385 in a month they released funds from my escrow early and left no money to cover the remaining fees . wouldnt take a partial payment wouldnt call me back i have doctumented 25 contacts the i have made in hopes to get some help to no avail . i just got a lawyer to help with the modification . i knew i would get no support or help from bofa . haveing already delt with them in the past . i had never been late one time in the 3 yrs in my home i feel sorry for everyone like me in this very stressfull situation we are in . doing the right thing a citizens is expected . what about them i feel they are growing rich from robbing our familys from our security of our homes. after all isnt that the american dream . i believe that was there slogan . why dont they stand by it . add me to the class action suite please my family and i have been threw enough . like many others .
    # Manuel Gray Says:
    January 6th, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! Everyone of these posts are MY story. We were approved of the Making Homes Affordable 2011. After 30 days, we called BofA to inform them that we did not receive the MHA paperwork yet they said, “Oh well, we denied you the next day.” WHAT!!!!!!!!! You denied us the next day???? WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND HOW!!!!! And so the roller coaster began. Lo and behold they we went through the process again and we were approved again. Couple weeks later, we get a letter stating we were denied!!!! I’M CRYING OUT FOR JUSTICE FROM MY HEAVENLY FATHER!! WHAT BAIL OUT?? YOU MEAN…FOR BOFA EXECUTIVE…A PAY RAISE!!! We are in California and want to join any Class Action Suit against BofA. I PRAY THAT ALL OF US, HARD-WORKING AMERICANS…THAT GOD WILL FIGHT FOR US, DEAL WITH THIS CROOK OF A COMPANY AND TURN IT AROUND FOR US ALL. THEY WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH INJUSTICE!!
    # Kerry Says:
    January 8th, 2012 at 11:21 am

    Bank of America is making our life miserable. We have had the same problems with them just like all of these comments. We applied for a modification several times just to be denied. We finally put our house up for sale. We had an offer that we accepted and applied for a short sale in July of 2011.. The buyer waited 120 days for the short sale to be approved. Finally they could not wait any longer and backed out. My attorney has been on the phone with BOA almost daily just to find out that we were still in the modification process (which we were denied for several times), after being told several times that we were in active short sale. We provided every piece of paper and documentation that was re

  31. Gale Lett Says:

    I have a mortgage loan with bank of America and I applied for a modification in June 2009 I was approved accepted in september of 2009. My mortgage payments went up $130.00 more per month and my loan was re financed at the original base amount. I purchased my home August of 2002 with a balance of 84,000 after the remodification September of 2009, my mortgage loan went back up to $104,00.00 with payments of $877.00 a month. It’s February 2012 I still owe 99,900.00 on my home so I lost over $90,000.00 from 2002 up to 2012 and still over more than my original based loan amount. It goes deeper I would have to speak with a representative willing to speak publicly on this matter. I am trying to keep my home.

  32. Philip Davis Says:

    I am a veteran, have kept up my payments with BOA, have been thrown into foreclosure even though they claim I’m only two months delinquent. Can’t someone stop this criminal activity?

  33. David Weithman Says:

    After 2 and 1/2 years of trying to get loaan modifications, due a short sale, and try duing a deed in lieu that were all ideas that bank of america suggested to me that all of them were denied and a sheriff sale occurred on 1/20/12 and my property was secured by Fannie Mae. Please help as I would like to be part of the class action suit against Bank of America. This needs to stop

  34. Alison Says:

    We have been in the process of trying to modify our loan since 2009. I am seeing the same scenario the more I read. Yes, lost documentation, false claims that we didn’t make our trial payments on time though we have legal proof we did. As soon as we escalated our case with Bank of America they transferred/sold our loan to SLS Loan Servicing. Not sure what steps to take next but I am considering requesting documentation from our originating loan with Country Wide otherwise known as requesting a Mortgage audit according to articles I’ve read. I am not sure this is the best route either. Would be interested in joining the class action lawsuit as well. We live in NY state.

  35. Jamilah McDonald Says:

    I need to find out more information about the Class Action suit. I could very well be a candidate. I have some concerns as well regarding my modification and not being fairly treated. Who do I contact? Thanks

  36. chinly khaopraseuth Says:

    Bank of America keeps transferring my loan over. MY file has been trasferred over 20 times in the last two years. Now, I’m filing bankruptcy they are reassigning my account to someone else. What happen to the person working on my account previously. On top of it all, I receive a letter from them stating they have re posted my payment per they had posted it incorrectly.

  37. M.Bradley Says:

    Bank of America recently sold my 1st mortgage in September 2011 just after the Keep your Home California program came out. In which they took part in. This is not the first time that they have taken these actions against homeowners that would have most likely qualified for the programs. They have sold many loans like ours to Servicing companies that really don’t perform modifications or offer them. These are not banks, all they are is a servicing compay or a collection company that is just waiting for you to fall behind so they can swoop in and take your home. We have tried twice to take part in other programs and have been deined due to us not having a death of our spouse, divorce, complete loss of our job, or some medical reason. These are unfair criteria knowing that very few will fall under these categories. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel soon.

  38. Brian Says:

    I two was put in a modification with 3 days to return my paperwork for the modification to be put into place. I was advised by one of BOA’s people to pay my trial mortgage one final time before the modification went into effect. I than received a notice from BOA saying my mortgage payment was short $600.00. I than payed that extra amount the next month and over the entire year of 2010 I was advised by several different BOA employee’s to pay different amount above or below my mortgage payment to become current. I than missed two payments several months apart than in July was told they were foreclosing. When I called they said I was 6 months behind they documented the two miss payments they took a third put it in escrow and my May June and July payments which they had cashed were being sent back to me for foreclosure. I too think I have been wrongfully forced into foreclosure and would like more information on this law suit.

  39. Tina Anstey Says:

    I have a house I paid $324K in 2007, a 40 year loan with the first 10 years interest only, the home’s value today is $91K, and they said I don’t qualify for HAMP? I owe more than I started when I bought the home 4 years ago. Now if I do not short sale they will foreclose on me.

  40. Charles H.Hutaff Says:

    I live in Colorado, have owned this home for 19 years,was a Countrywide refie in ’06 and now over 3 years trying to get BoA to modifie loan. Spent over $7,000. on 2 lawyers last year…Got nowhere with BoA.
    My sale date is now March 1st. Same stories as above for BoA runarounds… I want to join the suit.

  41. Kelly Says:

    Wow, same story told by everyone ! I, too have had the same awful experience. I was told needed to be 3 pmts past due to start the modification process. Returned all papers, kept stalling, call in a week, call in 2 weeks and so on..long story short fofrom myforeclosure papers sent..I kept trying to get the amt I needed to catch up to prevent the foreclosure..finally after no word from BOA I just contacted them and asked a rep abt the amt needed, he sd he cldnt tell me I gv him an amt and he sd that wld cover it..I had to wire transfer the money to BOA but it took them 3 weeks to post it..I called 5 times a day faxed copies from my bank etc…now 1yr later and not 1 pmt late, they screw up my escrow, won’t research it..taxes r 2 yrs behind which is escrowed..I research it and BOA had been paying on the wrong property..I contact BOA they settle it and pay the Jan 1 they raise my pmt because escrow has a neg. balance.I send in my reg Jan pmt and do not recv a feb stmnt..I call BOA to stop escrow they sd no due to neg balance so adv that I had pd not only the escow with my pmt but also had to pay my taxes too. Sd to fax recpt and they wld research it. Of course no word, I recve my Feb stmnt and it says I am due for 2 pmts Jan & Feb. Now this is 4 wks after BOA cashed my Jan Pmt..The rep sd since it wasnt the new escrow amt then they sent it back. I asked why hold it for 4 wks ? Why didnt the escrow rep tell me that when I talked to her ? Rep sd A letter of intent to foreclose was sent out, I adv that I hadnt recvd any money, calls, letters etc..Plus it went against our credit as a 30 day late which it wasnt. I asked for a credit correction and was told no. I told BOA that I wld contact an Atty. The govt. needs to investigate this co. pronto !

  42. chris Says:

    im in the current situation as several of these postings… pleas tell me a # to contact to join & help boa pay for the missery they have put me & many others through for the past several yrs…

  43. chris Says:

    im in the same situation as almost all of these people? what # do i need to contact to pursue with helping in this class action lawsuite?

  44. admin Says:

    (206) 623-7292

  45. Jenny Del Valle-Stone Says:

    Bank of American is foreclosing on my home this AM. I have 17 voilations on my mortgage. Is there something I can do after the home is been foreclosed?

  46. kaym Says:

    I live in NC, and I have been getting the runaround for over a year and a half there. I want to be added to this lawsuit.

    BOA is so ridiculous, they should have to pay us all for the pain and suffering we have been thru. I simply cannot believe they have the staff that they have and are still in business. Horrible, and all the good, caring folks out there needing jobs in this economy.

  47. Teresa Holland Says:

    We FINALLY got a modification with BOA but it’s under their terms & not permanent like it’s supposed to be plus we didn’t get the help with the principle like we supposed to. They bought out our loan from CountryWide then changed the terms of our loan & kept upping the payments till we were almost forced to walk away. Please contact us….we will definitely join suit against them. We’re not trying to get something for nothing….just waht’s right for honest hardworking people! Teresa & Sandy Holland

  48. Melissa and Kevin Says:

    We have been strung along with B of A as well, and just found out today that we are denied a modification. When we started the process, we were told that if we were denied, we would then go for a short sale. She told me today that they don’t know if we qualify for a short sale. If we had known it was one or the other, we would have had the house on the market. This does not even tough on all the other fraudulent things that have occurred since we originally bought the house. Every time I talk with them it is a different story. Please count us in on this lawsuit.

  49. Katina McGill Says:

    I would like to be apart of any lawsuit that will make BOA responible for the way they treat the customers. I have been trying for 3 years to get help with my mortgage. I don’t know how many documents that I have sent in to them and have never ever gotten a response to whether I was denied or approved. This past Aug 2011 they had someone come to my house to get documents for the Making Home Affordable Modification Program, and every month after that I have been sending in documents and here it is Feb 2012 and I still have not received any answer, I call my account specialist she if she anaswers the phone she would say that the systems are down or she will not answer or return the call I don’t know what else to do. It seems that there isn’t help out there I called my state Forclosure prevention program and they were no help either, It seem that these banks can don whatever they want and pick and choose who they want help and there is nothing that we can do about.. I hate Bank of America I hope they go Bankrupt and close down…

  50. Dennis Williams Says:

    My name is Dennis Williams, and I saw your website regarding class action suits against Bank of America. In the complaints against them, I noticed that many of these cases were very familiar to my situation of being offered reduced payments for a short period, strung out on modification offers, and eventually told that I owed thousands of dollars or my mortgage would be foreclosed. My situation is described below, and throughout it I’ve suffered in several ways. The effects of this situation have had a great impact on my credit, overall finances, and even relationships. Please let me know if you can help or if there’s anything I can do to remedy my current situation.

    Originally, I had a mortgage with Washington Mutual, who sold the mortgage to Countrywide, and shortly after, the mortgage was being serviced by Bank of America. My monthly payment was $672.00/month. My home is appraised at $88,000. In 2009, I faced financial problems and foreclosure. I asked for a forbearance plan, so Bank of America along with Fannie Mae offered me the HomeSaver Forbearance program. The program offered me reduced mortgage payments for up to six months, while they ‘worked with me to find a solution.’ I payed the reduced payment of $335.51 per month from 7/17/09-1/1/2010 as agreed. In February 2010, I resumed regular payments, but I kept getting notices. I paid $1,375 at the end of March 2010 to make sure that I was on schedule or at least ahead on payments. At the end of April, I was in need of transportation, but my credit report indicated that I was behind on my mortgage by more than $8,000. I immediately called Bank of America to ask about why my payments had not been applied since June 2009. At first, I did not get a straight answer, but as I insisted on speaking to a manager, I was told that the payments were being held in a special account. The associate then applied the money from the account, and he stated that I still was behind in payments by $5,000. For the remainder of 2010, I continued to receive foreclosure notices, delinquency notices, and numerous phone calls asking for payments or telling me that I qualify for programs such as Making Home Affordable. By November 2010, I met with a consumer credit counselor at GECAC here in Erie, PA. He advised me to apply for a HEMAP loan to pay off the amount owed and stop foreclosure procedures and harassing calls and mail. I followed through with the process, received a HEMAP loan for over $6,600, at a percentage rate of 5.5%, and a finance charge of $1,235. I’m still in my home. Since March 2011, I’ve been paying my mortgage ($653 per month), plus the HEMAP loan ($100 per month). At this time, I still owe HEMAP $6000, and I had to hand over my income tax refund of $3000+. I have to continue to send all refunds until the HEMAP loan is paid in full.

    I’d like to learn how to join any lawsuit against Bank of America that pertains to my situation. I’ve had this mortgage for 6 years and withing two years, I’m back to where I started paying back the original amount borrowed.

    Thank you.

  51. Theresa Aque Says:

    I am from Staten Island, New York and back in 2008 both me and my husband were out of work. I tried to contact the bank to see if there was anything we could do to lower our payments because of our hardship, the bank told us that we would have to stop paying our monthly payments for 3 months before they would be able to modify the loan to a lower interest rate. have been trying to get my loan modified with them since 2008. In 2010 the bank put a foreclosure sale date on my home and I had to retain an attorney to stop the sale. The bank told us that, even thought they were “reviewing” our paper work, they would still have to start the foreclosure process. My attorney has been submitting modification packages to the bank since 2010 with no response other than we need to send in another package. I don’t know what else to do. This bank just doesn’t want to help. I would love to be a part of any lawsuit that will make Bank of America responsible for the way they don’t want to help their customers.

  52. Zandra Wayne Says:


  53. Naomi Burns Says:

    I got the run around from B of A also. I tried for 2 years to get a modification. I even hired a lawyer, Parman Law Group, that I believe was in cahoots with the Bank in not doing the modification. The process started in 2009, finally at the end of 2010, the law firm said they couldn’t do anything further for me(which they hadn’t done anything anyway except take my money), they dropped me and told me to work directly with B of A. Well I kept sending the same information over and over and over again until I just wouldn’t send it anymore and B of A said I didn’t qualify. Since it took 2 years to be turned down, it’s true my income had increased, but the home is still upside down so wasn’t that grounds for modification? I hate B of A. To top it off, they added an escrow account to my loan(which previously I had paid my own taxes and insurance), which they refuse to remove. According to them, they had the right to add the escrow account since I was trying for a modification. Since the modification was denied, I thought the escrow account should be removed, but they refuse. Isn’t it strange, I could barely pay the original loan amount so how the heck did they expect me to pay additional amounts monthly for the escrow account. They’re crazy!

  54. betty stewart Says:

    I want to join aganst BOA because they caused me to short sell my home. After dealing with them I thought
    I was doing right thing, but they and realtors pretty much screwd me. The did not even do a HAVA so I could have some money to move with. I have been thourgh hell with them for at least 2 years. They even got high price insurance and kept sending me notices after I had bought it.I was a nightmare.

  55. pam rider Says:

    I can beat your stories! In Oct. 2009, my husband and I applied for modification for our BOA loan with consumer credit counsiling because our medical bills were pilling up. The mortgage was only 142k and that was for paying off my new husbands credit card loans instead of filing BK.(no comment on that one) So every month the consultent said no problem its going through I am in contact w/ BOA rep. but we need to update current mo. paystubs,bank statemaents.etc. In the meantime I asked her to forward her email correspondents between her and BOA. So I checked them and I was reassured. Feb. 2010 get back from my gramma’s funeral not on the door must vacate within a week or sheriff will come and help. Shocked called consumer consultent said you better go. I asked her about the emails that said at the begginng of feb. that is was still being worked on?!? BOA sold it Jan 3rd 2010. We hadnt a clue otherwise we would have sold the house. I had over 140k EQUITY in the house. I had 5k worth of butterfly koi in our pond that I built.
    After we moved into a daysInn and moved our furniure to storage so quick I got a double hernia and had to have surgery. 2 months after that a had a seizure due to stress. Almost a year later, and several other moves whatever where ever we can afford we are flat broke. It sure would be nice to have atleast my equity.
    Can’t find a good attorney, I have been corresponding with the states attorney general.If anyone can help I’d appreciate it. I am also in line for the countrywide v. BOA

  56. Tiffany Jackson Says:

    I am a North Carolina resident and would love to get involved with the class action lawsuit with Bank of America.

  57. arturo benitez Says:

    after a year of frustation finaly one paper outway from modification,talk to the bofa secretary ,she tell me that friday afternoon,. send me copy of your check on monday and that it… monday some one stick a paper at my door telling me that my property was sold that week end….i have papers to prove that i still active for modification…can some one help up….i really think they take advantage of me and my fam…

  58. Jenny Del Valle-Stone Says:

    To all of you who are going through the pain and suffering as I am due to Countrywide/Bank of America’s mishandling of our mortgages, and if you are interested in a Class Action Sue, please call UFAN at (877)791-2247 ask to speak with Erika Wells and tell her that Jenny Del Valle-Stone referred you. Good Luck! Keep in touch via this website.

  59. Shawn Sammons Says:

    My story sounds very familiar to many of the stories on this website. We were trying to get a loan modification back in 2008-09. BOA seemed to want to help out, or so we thought. We called to get this so-called loan modification and they sent us paper work to fill out and send back to them. Well when we sent the paperwork BOA would always tell us that the paperwork never got there or they still hadn’t received anything. They would then advise us to send it via fax so we did, that didn’t work, so then we were asked to send it certified and we did. Bottom line our paperwork would mysteriously disappear. BOA would continue to give us the run around. We called everyday and tried to even do a short sale on the house but nothing was done to our favor. The house was foreclosed and no help from BOA!! So now we have to wait three years to get a house and a credit report that will haunt us forever!! I’m not asking for money just that BOA at least take that foreclosure off my credit report!! Please include me in this lawsuit. Before I close my story, did anyone else receive a Foreclosure Review Process packet? I received one about two months ago and I don’t know if this will help us to get some kind of peace of mind but I was just wondering if anyone else received it…ok well good luck everyone!

  60. LeaAnna Says:

    I have applied for modification after modification. I was declined the first time and the second time the representatives told me that they did not receive documents. They also told a friend of mine that they did not receive her documents and have since foreclosed on her property. I do not want to lose my home, I think they should provide the help needed to homeowners, especially when they have the funds to do so. I still would like to make my payments affordable. “I am still trying to Modify the loan”

  61. Joe hager Says:

    We would like to join the lawsuit against b of a . We got our loans from contry wide the had us take two out one was 100 percent interest nothing was applied to the payoff in 5 years – last year my wife had health issues and we had to file chapter 13 bank of a will not talk to us. I want our loans forgiven in full they lied to us.

  62. Joe hager Says:

    We got a loan from country wide they made us take out two.
    One was 100 percent interest . Last year my wife had issues with her health and we filed chapter 13 b of a will not talk to us. I want our loans paid in full how can I join in

  63. Debra Says:

    As with so many others here, I applied for modification, went through all the hoops that BofA requires, to be turned down. Then put into a DIL program, which I was also turned down for. We continued paying the modified amount, then, last March, our mortgage payment was returned and we were advised that they were “accelerating” our foreclosure. Then we get loan modification papers (twice) from FannieMae, both in amounts considerably larger than the first ones. We finally decide to do a short sale, only to be declined for the HAFA program and the Florida Incentives program. Then,, to top it all off, they cancel my short sale and put me back into the DIL program that they already declined me for. Someone has to stop these people.

  64. Teresa Says:

    Our situation is the same song and dance. Lost paper work that was sent certified too many times to count to different states, 2000.00 dollars paid to get into the “modified” program sent western union only to call back to say that only went to our loan and did not have a clue of what we were talking about. Multiple calls to a Paula Johns (our case rep)never a return call, they even sent a post it note on one package that said best thing to do was for us to divorce then maybe they could approve us!!!! can u believe the nerve. we finally got fed up and desided to move. we about had our entire house packed when i got on the computer finding web sites speaking about this company. we decided they will have to carry us out of our home. we have since gotten a lawyer. this has been going on for 3 years now. if there is a law suit i want in, not for money but for justice due to the pure hell this company has caused all of us…FED UP IN TENNESSEE

  65. Jennifer A Strosnider Says:

    I closed on my home 3 weeks ago, Bank of America made a mistake with their paperwork and decided after the closing that it “doesn’t count”. Now my buyers may walk away, and Bank of America has yet to get their paperwork updated in the past three weeks. This cannot be legal, a closing is a closing, paperwork was already signed by both banks and both parties. I am frustrated, no one will help me…

  66. Fern Says:

    I would like to be part of the lawsuit.

  67. David Weithman Says:

    I recently lost my home to foreclosure because Bank of America first denied my loan modification and then delayed the paperwork for my deed in lieu until the foreclosure took place. I would like to be part of the class action suit against Bank of America. Thank you

  68. Mrs. Joann Heniff Says:

    I would like to be part of a class action law suit against Bank of America in Illinois.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Joann Heniff

  69. LESLIE OWEN Says:

    We are in pre-foreclosure after being led into a failed mass joinder in California. We’ve were trying to get Bank of America to help us for a year and a half waiting constantly for refinancing paperwork to come from them but never getting any result–“It’ll get to you in 7-10 business days.” and 3 weeks later, still nothing. This happened over and over and over…
    We finally found some assistance with Janian & Associates in California and finally began to get some headway with Bank of America, but even they were getting the run around. We still didn’t receive any of the paperwork we were told was on its way via FedEx, but then they couldn’t find us because our address was wrong? “It’ll be there in two weeks.” Four weeks later, still nothing. Then at the beginning of 2010 we get FOUR copies of the paperwork we’ve been waiting on for nearly two years!
    Janian guided us to Kramer & Kaslow who were in the process of a mass joinder lawsuit against Bank of America and Countrywide. That has become defunct and is up in the air. $6000 down the drain.
    WE NEED HELP! We would love to join in on the class action lawsuit against Bank of America. They have never truly tried to help us and we were always waiting for them to step up and give us the assistance we desperately need.

  70. Jenny Del Valle-Stone Says:

    To all of you who are going through the pain and suffering as I am due to Countrywide/Bank of America’s mishandling of our mortgages, and if you are interested in a Class Action Sue, please call UFAN at (877)791-2247 ask to speak with Erika Wells and tell her that Jenny Del Valle-Stone referred you. Good Luck! Keep in touch via this website.

  71. Nicholas Thayer Says:

    I would like to be involved in this lawsuit.I am in the military and found out I was going to be transferred 1500 miles from where I was. I did everything correctly, put my home on the market for full price of why I owed for three months. Lowered the price after that, then applied for a short sale. The bank approved a shirt sale, but all the offers where to low. I then applied for a deed in lieu. At first I was told it was approved, I called back a month later to check On the process only to find out it had never been approved. The person on the phone then notified me they never received my documents, but to fax them in immediately. This happened a few times. I called back only have have the person on the phone tell me I could not receive a deed in lieu because they had never heard of my mortgage backer. I HAD A VA LOAN! After many more phone calls and a ton of
    Incompetent people telling me they made notes, only to call back and find out they didn’t I finally found someone who knew what they were talking about. I was approved for a deed in lieu program. The paperwork arrived around 15Dec 2010. It was supposed to be signed and notarized, then returned within five days. I returned it the day after I received it. I called the deed in lieu of forclosure VA specialist. He informed me some paperwork had been screwed up by the law firm handling the case. I had more paperwork sent to me to be signed. I called a few weeks later, he said everything was set, and I just had to wait 3-6 months for the lawyers to handle everything. I kept in contact with him on a monthly basis after that. August 2011 comes around and it’s still not completed. He tells me he’s going so send an email and find out why. This goes on until Jan of 2012. He stops answering my calls. I called him and his supervisor three days a week, three times a day and left voicemails every time. I did this for six weeks without a call back. I finally
    Contacted the REO department only to have them tell me my house was foreclosed on in Aug of 2010! After speaking to a manager I was told that my account showed both a forclosure and a completed deed in lieu. It still listed on my credit as an active mortgage. So over the past two months I have been calling on a weekly basis, I speak with managers and they submit requests to have different departments figure out what is wrong. I have been told four times my account will have someone assigned to it within 3-5 days. When I called yesterday I was told I was not allowed to speak to the bankruptcy foreclosure department because I didn’t have an active inquiry with them. I had one opened last week! It was closed without any notes put on it. Beyond frustrated and I really need help, if this is sorted out soon I could loose my security clearance, and ultimately my job.

  72. Lee Says:

    My husband and I would like to be added to the class action suit. We could retype everything all of you have said and I agree with the FF/EMT totally. This has been going on way too long. We have been trying to get a remodification since 2008 when all of our payments were current at which time we were told we had to be at least 90 days behind. I was too afraid to get behind. However, I completed the remodification forms and sent them in but we were declined because we were current on payments. In 2011 we had no other choice than to get behind because my husband got sick and was unemployed and my pay was decreased because of paying insurance on both of us. I started calling BofA even got a letter saying we were eligible for remodification sent paperwork and again was declined. Finally, spoke to a person yesterday who said we didn’t make enough to get a remodification but if your situation changed to let them know.

  73. Erin Says:

    I experienced the same situation that everyone else here as well. We applied for the loan modification after our mortgage payment went up $1100 a month and was told that we had to be behind at least 3 mortgage payments to apply. We were told NOT to make our monthly payment and then when we followed their instructions were denied the loan modification. At that time we decided to sell the property and tried doing a short sale. We had 4 offers on the house and every time BofA stated they lost the paperwork or it was processed so slowly the buyers moved on. Then BofA started foreclosure proceedings on the property however we were never notified!!! I had to find out by running my credit report and seeing the foreclosure status on there. I would like to join the class action lawsuit agains BofA. The property is located in Portland,OR however I currently reside in Missouri (I am not sure if that is a factor or not). Please contact me with any information available.

  74. Rowena Floresca Says:

    I would like to be included in the class action suit against Bank of America. Just like the others, Bank of America had denied my husband and I with our request to modify our second loan with Bank of America. We were forced to short sale our house because we could not afford the payment. During the short-sale, BoA required us to commit to the difference or they will not process the sale. After the short-sale, BoA received their fair share of the proceeds and they still hired a collection agency to collect the difference over $128K. I can provide more information if needed

  75. holly Says:

    My daughter is going through the same thing. She applied for a modification in July of 2011 supplied all the information they asked for. Each time she contacts them they say they need something else that she has already supplied. She contacted them 3 months ago said they had everything and she would hear from them in a few weeks. They never called she contacted them this week and they told her she has to refile all the paper work again since her husband is laid off again. Her husband was laid off from 11/2010 to 3/2011 then returned to work and has been laid off again. This has been going on for 9 months. They have no more money she withdrew her 401k to pay up mortgage i paid up her mortgage last spring. They sold her husbands truck to lower there bills. She doesn’t know what else to do! can she be included in this class action suit. Please contact me with information so i can send it to my daughter.

  76. Stephanie Says:

    Count me in…My story is the same as many other people who have jumped through hoops trying to save our homes.BOA should be held acountable for not helping the hard working american people.

  77. Sarah Says:

    Worked for 2 years to get our home mortgage modified. They asked us many times for the same paperwork. Never got anywhere. Eventually filed bankruptcy and let the house go. We were very willing to modify our mortgage and stay in our home.

  78. Jess Says:

    We had attempted a home loan modification in early 2009 due to a reduction in salary. The person to whom we filled out all the paperwork would not return our calls so we went in to the location that had urged us to refinance. They put us in touch with someone else who never responded to us until August of 2010, at which time we had found a second job in another state to make up the lost income. We had to put our house up for rent because our home value continues to plummet so we cannot sell unless we take $200,000 than what we owe on a new construction home! Then in 2011 we received a call telling us we qualify for a refi under Obama’s act and I tearfully begged them to never call me again. That woman got us a refi in 90 days after we had to pay a point because it was no longer our primary residence. I have a different fish to fry. We have our checking account with BOA and they are supposed linked so something like this would not happen. They also have our email addresses, phone number, etc. My husband pays our mortgage via our online banking and somehow a transmission did not go through properly. we were not notified by mail, email, or phone that our payment was late UNTIL, I received an email from the BOA collections department on 3/5/12 (a month later!). We paid the next day after I was able to research with my husband what happened. Why, if they already had my email was I not notified sooner? I did not receive the first mailed notification until 3/10/12 (March statement) and then the actual letter on 3/12/12. Now our credit has been damaged. Please, have an attorney contact me. I bet there are others out there who would be happy to pay the late fee w/o “being in default” and hit with a missed payment. I have a print out that shows the payment was being made in good faith, only for our credit to be smeared.

  79. Winston Douthit Says:

    I have your ussual story of the BOA run around, ultimately ending in a foreclosure on my home and me ending up moving in with my parents in my thirties because I had four days notice to move out. I am more then ready to go to war with bank of America in court! I would appreciate any info on a class action lawsuit.

  80. Yolanda Says:

    Please include me in this lawsuit search with Bank of america. we have sent the same paperwork since July of 2011 and they claim paperwork was still missing. then they said I had to resubmit the financials and paperwork again with a deadline of Aug. 15th 2011. the person in charge of handling the paperwork and forms was on vacation. his Back-up never returned our calls and neither did the original contact. after making numerous calls i reached someone else who told me our application had expired. not only was this paperwork sent via fed ex, it was also faxed. I never received any correspondence from anyone. I need a lawyer if anyone has any ideas please feel free to email me.

  81. renee remington Says:

    When I got my mortgage with Bank of America they did a 80/20 mortgage for me. The 20 was an adjustable. I called them several times to try to have this changed to a fixed as I was worried what could happen if the payment went up. They refused each time. I ended up refinancing the 20 with CitiBank at 10%!! Later on, I contacted Bank of America and they allowed me to get a modification. I asked them at that time to include the 20 and they refused. I paid on the modification for 11 months and then started to have some difficulty making payments. I contacted them several times and asked for some type of help. They contiuously put me off. I received a letter in the mail that I could meet face to face with a Bank of America employee to discuss this. I drove over an hour to get there and was told since, I didn’t complete the first year without a late payment (I had met the payment on time for 11 months) I would no longer be elegible for the modification and there was a good chance my payment would go up. I am currently working on a short-sale.

  82. Heather Says:

    I am also a customer of BAC. My loan went to them when my original mortgage company went out of buisness. We had gotten modification with them and BAC told us to fax a copy in. They said they never got any documents on our loan and probly would not receive them. They made me start the process over. On 6/2010 we recieved are modification paper work and sent it back. Called every day for months to see if it was finalized and they said they had to wait for it to updat in there system. In 11/2010 I called and they said my loan was current. Not even ten minutes after I got off the phone with them BAC called me and said I was now 5000$ behind. I argued with so many people over the situation and never got anywhere and when I would talk to someone who really tried to help me and would start looking in to stuff and told me somthing was wrong they never could get a supervisor to talk to me. They would tell me to call back the next day and when I did all the notations that were put on my account about the situation were gone. Then they told me that the modifaction never happened or it was denied but my loan went from 134000 to 154000. How is that possible if it never happened?? In 12/2010 I recieved a phone call from a negotiator saying I was approved for the loan modification I ask for. I never requested another modification. I told the situation with the modification I supposedly recieved and she thought I was being dumb. I told her I would fax her the paper work but she said that it would benefit me to do another one. So I did because I have 4 children and did not want to chance losing my home. We recieved the paperwork on it in 2011 and it has been finalized. My house payment went up another 100$ and I now owe 158000. Now I am getting fees on my statement that. I owe and when I call BAC and ask what they are for they tell me it from my modification and several times that they just don’t know. I am really worried that I am going to get a phone call again telling me my account is delinquent. I am not understanding how they done two modifications in a year because they told me on the phone you could only get one. I really feel like somthing is wrong and am not real sure how to find out??

  83. Kelly Boyd Says:

    I would like to speak to someone about this suit. I experienced delay after delay and eventually, NOTHING.

  84. Stephanie Thornton Says:

    I have a mortgage loan with BOA. I original had my loan with country wide I was thrown into forclosure after they say I missed 2 payments. I was told I had to pay the loan in full or refinance at a higher rate adding 10 more years to my loan now I owe more then the house originally cost me plus I still have 30 to pay in full and I have bee paying on this house for 16 years, highway robbery!

  85. Tiffany B Says:

    4 years… a discharged bankruptcy…years of stress…proof of false docs…voidable refi…every issue is found on our docs. found our mtg on fannie mae under void toxic loans…ps include me in lawsuit

    thank u

  86. Ebony Smith Says:

    Much like everyone else I’ve been in the process of trying to obtain a loan modification for over 2 years now. I was laid off my job with Wachovia Mortgage after they merged with Wells Fargo in Dec 2008, I didn’t know when I would be going back to work so to keep my payments up with BAC I tried to get my loan modified where it was affordable since my husband was to the only one working at the time. I went through a company NACA to try to help me as opposed to going straight to BAC thinking they would be able to get it done for me. After months of sending paperwork and documentaion nothing…..In May 2011 they finally told me the investor denied my loan modification I was forced to file bankruptcy just to save my home because I wanted to keep it. This was my first major investment and I didn’t want to walk away not to mention in Aug. 2009 had just had my first child. My husband and I were not in a position to up and move. Even after I filed BK Bank of America told me they would work with me on my modification since I was already in the system from before. They drug their feet and continue to have me submit documentaion which they already had. After calling on a weekly basis and notating each call and person I spoke with still nothing. I finally got a call from a negoitator on my second loan and told me they were going to set me up for trial payments, I enquired about my first loan which was the most important to me at the time and unfortunately they were two different departments working on the files. I thought it was strange that the second was modified so quickly and the first was not. As I began to make payments on the second by the time my trial payments were done the first still was not completed and by that time I had received notice that my home was going to be sold within the week. I contacted the BAC representative I was working with to see if and when the modification on the first would be complete because we were pressed for time and could they speed up the process to have it completed before the sale date. I was told that as long as Freddie Mac had the loan that they could still work on the modification even if it sold. Well Freddie Mac didn’t have the loan but another investor did and within the week the house was foreclosed. I’ve been out of my home for 3 months now and I’m currently 8 months pregnant living with in laws.

    Is there anything that can be done in reference to compensation or something???? I thought the banks received so much money to help out homeowners that were facing foreclosure and other situations. Please Help!!!!!

  87. Pam Zoellner Says:

    My son filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and was discharged 3 years ago. He waited a year for BOA to contact him to surrender the house. They never did. My son and myself tried on several occassions to get someone at BOA to direct us to the correct department to get this going but no one ever seemed to know where to send us. Last fall my son was contacted by BOA and was told he needed to do a modification or pay them $27k owed. I contacted BOA and told the same thing. We explained he didn’t owe he was in bankruptcy and was discharged as surrendering. They never contaced him again until last week. 3/12. We have both talked to them and they continue to try and collect from him and now state he must do a quick sale. We are now going back to his original bankruptcy attorney and hopefully file suit against BOA for being in violation of the “Fair Debt Collections Practice Act” and in violation of the Federal Bankruptcy Laws.

  88. rob wolhar Says:

    I have everything documented. we were told all our data was lost because the agent on our case for a mod was outsourced. we would be given hours to get documents to them. it was unbelievable. 18 months of hell. we would get calls about forclosure. finally we got a small mod, that slowly goes up every couple months for no explainanble reason. help!

  89. John Says:

    Please include me in this lawsuit with Bank of America. I lost my home in foreclosure in 2009 from BOA/Countrywide. I was in the hospital that year with two heart surgeries and was wondering how I go about filing lawsuit. I have all my docs from home purchase and medical paper work which eventually caused me to file for bankruptcy. I did try to get a loan modification but they told me I had to be three months behind to qualify. Can someone please help? Thank you, John

  90. Karla Taylor Says:

    I have had to walk away from my home we built due to BofA. My husband had vascular surgery in late 2010, we both were off work for that was told by BofA to call them when we got back to work. Got back to work called BofA and we were told that we are within 2 yrs since refinancing our home and once we pass the 2 yr mark to call back and BofA would start the modification process. After April 2011, 2yr mark, we called and we were told that we at that time making too much to qualify for modification. Made a partial payment during this time and it was NEVER posted to our account, “can’t post partial payments” they say. They still have that partial payment and I did not get credit for it to this day! We are told that the house is NOT in foreclosure but a third party has just locked us out of our house now the realtor is unable to access the house to show. Please, please help. Karla

  91. Maria Says:

    We would like to join any lawsuit against Countrywide/Bank of America

    My husband and I have been trying to get help since 2008. Yes, it has been 4 years in the making. We both had great paying jobs and wanted to refinance before our interest rate increased. 1st attempt under Countrywide, where I was constantly told for months that no loans were available. Then right before B of A took over, we were sent a new loan packet. The new loan would have been great but, it would have increased our payments by 200 or 300 dollars, not exactly what we had been requesting. Now since B of A has taken over we have found that its been a never ending circus ride. You can’t get answers and you are sent speaking to people from India, Texas, oklahoma and who knows where else. They don’t ever seem to have access to your file and you are having to explain the circumstances over and over and over. It is not only frustrating its stressful to have to explain and re-explain. In 2009 I lost my job and with the money from that paycheck paid the mortgage. I called to update them on my situation and asked for help where i was told that my mortgage was current and they did not have a program available to assist us. In 2010 my husband had to go on disability and I again reached out for help. I was sent the packet to fill out for the HAMP program and again, the process was unbelieveable. They sent a letter stating they received it, then they would say they don’t have it, to they didn’t get it to you need to fill out another packet. The last straw was when we received letters stating that the house was going into foreclosure and we needed to respond ASAP. After contacting this new group we agreement to participate in the HAFA program. Keep in mind we still had not heard from B of A on our HAMP. We started to receive foreclosure notices and notices of the house going up for auction we moved forward on the short sale since it was part of the HAFA program. We have been threatened and scared out of our house due to these practices only to find out that they could have pushed the foreclosure out 3 years as long as we stayed. This was after we had already moved. Today the house is still in our name, we have never received notification that we did not make the HAMP program and now we are having to qualify for the deed in leu. This is a mess and it seems that this next process is going to take another 6 months but there is no good outcome for those of us that have been trying to do all the right things.

    Maria K

  92. Humble, TX Home-owner Says:

    Lender: BOA
    Original Lender: Country Wide Mortgage 80/20 subprime loan.
    Basically my story is the same as many that I see on here. To be honest I’m tired of repeating it. Our property foreclosure date was in Feb.of 2012. After receiving the running around with BOA for over (2) years. I like; many other got the run around, same stories; lost documents. Pretty much a mal practice of modifications. These lenders have billions of dollars in assistance to help home owners but, it seem that its better for them to pocket the money and just see who fights for it back. I have confirmations of documents that I faxed to them that they said they never received. I even have all my email trails from BOA where it stated that all documents were received dated about a yr. ago.
    I’m just tired. The hard ship of myself loosing my job (2) yrs. ago and the disability that my spouse went through has not caused us as much pain and stress as BOA has. We’ve lived in our home for over 7 yrs. and soon we’ll have to leave.
    Well, that’s why I’m here. I’m still in the property and while the reinstatement didn’t go through I’m getting harassed by a reality co. that’s offering me $2000 for us to vacate the property within 30 days to avoid the sheriff to visit the home, seriously.This realtor knocked on my home so many times in one visit didn’t leave. I was in the shower and my son knows better to answer the door. So… when my son told the guy I was in the shower his response was “I’ll wait until she gets out” when my son told me what he said I was raging in anger. How dare this person my son was scared he didn’t know what was going on. The guy left his card I called him and he just wanted to give me the move out agreement he said BOA reo department was advising him to give me assistance. Well, the guy is just looking at the commission he’s going to make. The sooner I leave the sooner he can sell my home; BOA home.

    What do I need to do to join the class action suit in my state? Although, I will not get my house back and will have to sooner or later leave. I want to fight back for all they put us through, BOA is at fault for loosing our home.

  93. Spring Wronski Says:

    I like many posted on here am still struggling to obtain a perminant home modification on my BOA home loan. I have been on this merry-go-round ride with BOA since August of 2010 going on 2 years now. I was enrolled in the HAMP Trial period January 1st of 2011 and did everything I was suposed to do made all payments on time, no financial change had occured since I applied. The application for the trail period took 3 attempts of sending all my documents in to finall be enrolled. I received a call in August of 2011 months after the trial period had ended and my loan was supposed to have been modified perminantly to inform me that I was over 4k behind and they wanted to know when I could make a payment to reactivate my loan. When I mentioned I was awaiting perminant modification I was told that I was canceled out of the program in March of 2011 due to not being more than 90 days delinquient. After this call I contacted a lawyer, who does not specialize in this area, who suggested that I contact my local congressman’s office and provided me the information for Congressman Wolfe’s office. I contacted Congressman Wolfe’s office and it got the ball rolling again I had to send in my financial documents 6 more times and had 2 different points of contact before I finally got final loan modification papers int he mail around January 1, 2012. The numbers in the document didn’t add up right to me so I questioned the documents and was told someone would contact me to address and answer my questions and concerns however no one did answer the questions clearly. I contacted another lawyer who told me to just sign the papers and be happy. So I contacted the BOA paid notary to return to my home and signed the papers. The notary, did his job and took the papers. I received a call form BOA stating that the papers were not received in time therefore were denied and that they would like to know what my plans are, and that I would need to start all over again to get the modification. I have in this whole process contacted my local Congressman’s office 7 or more times and am to this day still getting the same response nothing, except a call wanting to know what my plans are for the future. My point of contact has mentioned several times a non-HAMP which I don’t understand. I received a call form him February 24th letting me know he received my documents and will contact me with further information as he gets it. I received another message from him on March 6, 2012 requesting a call back with no othe detials I left him a message. I finally received a message today April 2, 2012 from him the message was unclear but it sounded as if he were asking me what my plans are for the future again. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY REQUEST FOR MODIFICATION. I’ve also in the last three weeks that I’ve been waiting for an update attempted to contact my advocate in the president’s office which I have yet to hear anything back from. I’m at a loss and only one person I have 2 children under the age of 3 years old and cannot afford to lose my home. I do not want to be homeless with 2 small children its just not right that they are allowed to do this to all of us who are just trying to stay afloat. PLEASE HELP! Please tell me what I can do to save my family!


    Please include us in your class action lawsuit. Had us hang on for a year until are savings was gone then said,” we can’t find a modification that will work for you.” UNBELIEVEABLE THAT THIS CRAP GOES ON IN ARE SOCIETY WHERE THE BANKS DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO THE POOR CONSUMER.

  95. Harold Barandica Says:

    The bank of America can not find a good modification for us. We do not believe that. Lets stop banks take advantage of customers

  96. Jason Says:

    I would like to be a part of the law suit for BOA IN 2007 we bought our home thur country wide in 2008 i lost my job i managed to stay up on my payments till aug 2009 when i fell behind went thought a loan mod with BOA after 6 months it was finalized at that point all they did is rolled the $5000 we were behind to the end of the loan and escrowed our propertie taxes they took our payment from $598 to $623 that was march of 2010 by june payments were $667 call in october to make payment and it had went to 675.49 ok i thought to my self a few dollars till jan of 2011 we got a statement for $831 saying this is your jan payment by the middle of jan we got another statemant saying our payment was $911 so i call them because i was having a hard time paying $623 what makes them think i can afford $911 a month just on the 1st i also have a 2nd for $222 they tell me that 9 months after the 1st MOD THE RELIZED that they hadnt escrowed our homeowner ins so that is why the payment jumped so much so after the run around to try to get a hold of the escrow department and i mean months .mean while is was still making the payment of $675.49 i call in july 2011 to make our payment and they tell me that they could not take payment cause they had sent us to forecloser in aug 2011 we went sat at one of there conventions turned in all the paper work sat there for 6hrs for them to tell us someone would call us .finaly in dec 2011 we got papers from fannie mae with a 3 month trial payment of 647.98 1st payment due dec so we made dec payment then jan payment and feb. then recived a letter about a week after i made feb payment that said we do not quilifie because we did not make our payments when we did BOA CODED THE payment worng witch kicked us off the payment plan now we have made 2 more payments of $647.98 and both time they have sent the payment back to us and mean while my case manager is telling me to put the money in a savings account till she can fix the account we have been messing with this way to long and my gut tells me that we are going to come home one day with forcloser papers on the door again please help us save our home from BOA

  97. xavier rosero Says:

    please add us to the class action lawsuit. We were told to miss payments to qualify for a modification. A few months later we were not allowed to make payments at the branch or over the phone. Have left more than 25 voice mail messages to the only person I am told that I can talk to: My account manager.. He/her voice mail msg promises a call back within 24 hours and We are still not able to talk to anyone. I spoke to someone from retention was told that they will only accept payments via wire transfer plus $3000 in fees.
    This is extortion & and last I checked it was illegal in this country.
    My paper work has been lost, so many times. I then recieved paper work stating my account might go into forecloure becuase I haven’t made payments but when it was BAO that stooped us from making payments in the first place. I wasnt able to talk to anyone.
    The last day I had to wire the money, I tried talking to someone about the $3000 in fees. THIS IS VERY SCARY WHAT HAPPENED ON THE PHONE. IT TOOK ME 3 HOURS TO TALK TO SOMEBODY! THE PERSON ON THE LINE TOLD ME, THIS CALL CENTER DOESNT SERVICE YOUR ACCOUNT! WHAT A SCAM THEY ARE RUNNING! It was obvious to me what BAO was trying to do. They didnt want to give me info hoping that i didnt send the wire transfer this being the last day to sent it. I had to call numerous times to make sure my account was credited. BUt the games continued. Was told by a representative the it will take 5-7 business days for a wire transfer to be posted to my account. The following week a got a letter from an attorney stating that my account was referred to him for foreclousure. WHAT A SCAM THIS COMPANY IS RUNNING. PLEASE OBAMA AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, DO SOMETHING!

  98. brad king Says:

    we were promised the partial payments and kept receiving letters that our file had been closed because boa was unable to contact us, eventhough i have been calling everyday for months. then we get thr forclosure notice from a local attorney.

  99. brad king Says:

    we would like to join the class action lawsuit as well

  100. j williams Says:

    PLEASE ADD ME TO THE LAWSUIT AGAINST BANK OF AMERICA. My story is the same as so many on here trying to get a modification. I’m coming up on 2yrs and have been turned down on 4 modifications. Turned down because of MISSED DOCS. In todays world of EMAIL, one would think they would use that to get info. They do not. In the last 24 hrs I have called 9 different people at 9 different numbers. I have left 7 messages ( 2 numbers don’t have voicmail??? ) I still have not received a call back. Enough is Enough. I’m looking for a CLASS ACTION SUIT to get in on, or A privat attorney looking to take on BOA.

  101. David Gilbert Says:

    Bank OF America has been non compliant with numerous information requests about my morgage payment history. My records and receipts say I am up to date with my payments, yet Bank Of America will not give me any information about why they claim i am not current. We call every day and everyday someone tells us either they won’t talk to us or various other excuses. I have been advised by a attorney to join a class action lawsuit because we have all the information to keep Bank of America from forclosing on our home.

  102. Keli Lake Says:

    We were only two months behind and catching up when we received word that we had been modified as of September 1, 2011. We complied by sending in all signed documents and payments. I accidentally sent in a less than a dollar short of the agreed to amount. We were denied. I called HOPE and after a three way conference call, they let us reapply. SInce then, everything has been midmanaged. They don’t return calls. Our “personal account manager” was hardly ever at work, and we finally had to request a new manager. They claim our taxes are not complete and continue to request a 1099 from my husband who is not self employed. We meet all qualifications. We are employed, we make enought money, etc. Still no answer. Our house goes up for sale in June. I resubmitted everything: new bank statements, paystubs, etc. My new manager won’t call back either, and after stating that we would not receive a complete new packet, because they just needed a few updated documents, we received THREE last week. Nobody knows what department is doing what. We even substantial funds towards a work out agreement, but they are requesting 4,000 more due to fees. Impossible to deal with. The stress is almost more than we can bare.

  103. Andy Lally Says:

    More of the same.. BofA gave us written documentation that the house was accepted into the HAFA program, then they stated they lost it. They would change up who we were supposed to talk to about it, different people that you cant get ahold of. at this point we would like to just be done with the process. at this point, a foreclosure would be fine, but the bank wont just be done with the process. we have tried everything we know of as common citizens of this country and we are getting screwed. They should be ashamed of themselves. cant we just turn the damn key to the house back to the bank??

  104. cynda lee Says:

    Bank of America is the worst bank ever!!!!!! They are rude, insulting, always say they cannot get the information they swear, threaten, hang up on me mid sentence, yell. I request and they have been harassing me EVERY DAY 24/ 7 Holidays, Sundays nothing is sacred!!!!!!!!!!!! They start calling 8:30 am and do not stop until 8:45 pm. sometimes it is every 5 minutes for one half an hour other times it is every hour on the hour. Some days it is every 15 minutes all day and the one that takes the cake is that they monitor my phone and when they see I have either received a message or have used my phone, they call in the middle of my conversation and call back every minute if I do not pick up the call waiting!!!!!!!!!! Is not this against some law??? I have been billed and late charges put on late charges for 4 years and four people at BA told me they can not modify my INTEREST ONLY loan so no matter what I pay none at all will be put on my balance. HELP HELP HELP111 I certainly know someone out there can help me and not only do I want this BS to stop immediately I want the entire loan to be erased and a settlement four time the loan amount for harassment pain and suffering and the fright I feel every time my phone rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

  105. Mortgage Modification Lawsuits | Class Action Lawsuits Says:

    […] on How Do I Register for a Class Action Lawsuit for Contaminated Water in USMC?cynda lee on Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank of America Over Mortgage HandlingMary George on How Do I Register for a Class Action Lawsuit for Contaminated Water in USMC?Andy […]

  106. ray barber Says:

    i was in very bad motor cycle wreck in april of 2006 and was in coma for 8-18 days. my wife but exwife now refi thru taylor bean whitker and jennifer got me to sign paper so she could use property on loan which is in her name, bank of america will not give any info or help to me. i have been informed that i am on class action suit against bank of america but i do not know who to contact to find out, if any body knows feel free to call me at 3202372266.. i need help and it seems no one cares. iam beging evicioned may 15th because ex wife has not paid mortgage payment since june of 2009

  107. ray barber Says:

    please add me to class action suit against suit, bank of america needs to pay for there actions.. my address is 18589 liberty rd se pine city mn 55063,, my number is 320-237-2266 or home number is 320-629-6849

  108. Candice Says:

    BOA can only be described as “Merry Go Round, Broke Down”. They bought my mortgage one day after it was place and promptly raised my payment by $200 per month (which I can’t afford). Then when I tried to make a partial payment, by paying 1/2 the new payment 2x a month (when I get paid), they rejected the check saying they don’t accept partial payments. I was told originally that I could skip the short sale and try for a deed in lieu, then told 2 months later that I can’t do that. Then I try for a short sale and they sent a ‘preservation company’ into the house and changed all my locks saying that they were “securing the property”. This has cost me everything I had saved for my down payment & I have now been through a bankruptcy that discharged this loan last year (March 2011) and am still receiving collection notices. Every time I send in a ‘cease and desist letter’ it’s “not received”. When I ask for a direct fax number or email and a written confirmation that my letter has been received, I am told that they don’t provide that.

  109. TerraLei Campbell Says:

    I have experienced the same thing with BofA. I applied for the modification at the end of 2009. it went ok for the first month and we submitted to continue the modification. According to BofA, we did not make enough for a continued modification. Excuse the hell out of me. The whole damn point of the modification is because we didnt make as much as we did when we first bought the house. They harassed us all day and night, And there is no sense of communication within that wretched company. Finally it got to the point that we put our house up for short sale. We had offers on the house, however, because once again lovely BofA decided to drag their feet on the offer and “claim” that they never received all the paperwork that both me and my realtor sent them, my house was foreclosed. Now we are living in an apartment. But the best thing is that we got a letter in the mail at our current address telling us that can apply for a refi. What the hell is that about? talk about putting salt in a wound. BofA has some serious answering to do.

  110. Larry Shields Says:

    Please contact me… I want to join this suit… I have the three years of calls, letters, lies, miscalculations etc. typed and chronologically organized…. “a lawyers dream” Please send me information on joining!

  111. Martha Trevino Says:

    My husband and I have had a lot of problems as well. We started out with Countrywide and then Bank of America took over it raising our payments. We were on an 5 year interest only loan and our payments kept going up and were due to go up majorly again. I filed the paperwork for home modification and sent them as much paperwork as they wanted but questioned why I had to keep sending them the same paperwork over and over again. They denied me saying that the paperwork wasn’t on time. So I hired an attorney to help and they charge me and I sent more paperwork. Finally after 6 months they put me on the three trail payments. I then received the modification paperwork from Bank of America and tried to send it to my lawyer who can’t be bothered but that is another problem. In my modification B of A lowered my interest for 3 years to m2.6 % and raises it to 3.65% until the original closing date at which time I must pay them a balloon payment of over $114000. It this right. I will be 75 and am already disabled so how pray-tell am I suppose to come up with that kind of money. Please add me to the suit as I really hate being ripped off and taken for a fool.

  112. suzanne lawson Says:

    I have a Loan with The First National Bank of America out of East Lansing Michigan….and I live in Texas. Would someone tell le where to file a complaint against this Company? I have the “BSNK FROM HRLL” and I almost LOST my home and they REFUSED TO HELP ME NOR NEVER HELPED ME OUT I am on disability and the Presidents Program to help me did not do anything either. Just tell me where I may file complaints. Thanks

  113. Al Hubbard Says:

    Here in California it is the same set of lies. We have sent in ELEVEN complete pakets, told they were lost, send to a different branch, call a different person, wait, hurry up. I swear this is the game they play…they hope you will give up or DIE….we have made 3 YEARS of the TRIAL MODIFICATION payment..never missed a single payment….I am amazd this bank is still operating., It SCREAMS ILLEGAL SCAMS!!!!

  114. Shirley Hanna Says:

    The BOA has lied to me and other people have signed papers and I need help doing something to stop them form taking my house. I don’t have money for an attourney and any information that I can get would be great.

  115. Shirley Hanna Says:

    How do I become a person on a class action law suit against the BOA

  116. connie allen Says:

    i would like to say that all these stories are the same as mind they keep telling you that you dont qualify for this proram but yet they were given money from congress to help with of america is a scaming company and just like wells fargo bank had to pay out so will bank of america how in the world can u bi wigs sit behind a desk and watch people get there homes taken because your company wants to be greddy.but what they better hopeis that congress does not come up with another outside source to help people with foreclosures and by bank of america out.but every dog has it day.i would like to join this lawsuit.

  117. connie allen Says:

    i would like to join this lawsuit i am currently now working with my attorney general office and the governor office and yes it took a act of congress to also step in and help they were saying that i never made any payments to them in the whole year 2009 but i went into my 401k cleaned it out then they tried to say they never received a huge payment thank GOD for checking accounts because it showed them taking the money out now if somebody pocketed the money we are about to see.because if so oig also will be investigating them again and doj will be investigating again.the company is a scam and the united states gov should due away with that bank and let fannie may handle foreclosures .I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THIS LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE SCAMMERS.AND OH YEAH YOU CAN NOT TALK TO NONE OF THE DIRECTORS BOARD BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE NOT TO DEAL WITH THE OUTSIDE BUT YET YOU ALL CAN TAKE THE OUTSIDERS MONEY AND PUT THEM ON THE STREET BUT CARMA IS A MOTHER BECASUE U BETTER BELIEVE THAT GOD IS WATCHING WHAT YOUR COMPANY IS DOING TO PEOPLE WHO PAY YOUR TAXES SO U CAN GET ALL THESE BIG RAISES.AND THIS IS TO THE CEO OF BOA IT IS A REASON WHY THE OTHER CEO STEP DOWN BECAUSE WHEN THE s**** hitS the fan it wil be on BRIAN T MOYNIHAN,CHARLES O HOLLIDAY JR,CHARLES K GIFFORD.THOSE ARE THE BIG WIGS OF BOA NOW THAT’S IN CHARGE .THE SAME WAY YOU ARE WATCHING PEOPLE LOSE THERE HOMES I HOPE U NEVER BE IN A STICKY SITUATION BECAUSE I HOPE GOD REMINDS YOU THAT YOU REMEMBER HOW YOU SCAM SO MANY PEOPLE NOW IT’S TIME FOR JUDGMENT DAY.

  118. Joseph Mamone Says:


  119. John M. Todd Says:

    BOA are CROOKS. Due to losing my job and some major surgery I fell behind in my payments, I was threatened with foreclosure. For over two months I would send them money which for one reason or another would be returned to me. The amount I owed was a little over $3800.00 they then tacked on over $2600.00 in FEES. Due to the fact every cust. service rep I talked to gave me different information to the same questions I wound up overpaying $1800.00 which they refuse to refund to me. While attempting to get MY money refunded I spent 2hours and 40 minutes on the phone with 4 different BOA reps. 1stRep : you have an 1880.00 credit,2ndRep : you have a 1340.00 credit 3rd Rep: you have a 971.00 credit, 4th Rep : you have a 178.00 In 2 hours the amount went from 178.00 They refuse to itemize what the fees are for and are impossible to get a straight answer from. Thier CEO collected a 10 MILLION dollar salary in 2011 and Billions of dollars of OUR tax dollars were sent to bail them out . I was out of work close to 2 years MY government didnt help ME. Someone needs to step up and put BOA in thier place and some of them in prison where they belong. Please include me in the Class Action Suit.

  120. Ken Havens Jr. Says:

    I wish to join the Class Action Lawsuit as Well. In the same situation as most everyone else since August, 2011. Told to keep making trial payments and they will try to escilate a responce for our Loan Mod approval or denial. They continue with phone calls saying that we are late when we are not and that we owe for late fee’s. We are so tired of this madness

  121. Kerry Crawford Says:

    How do I become part of the lawsuit?! it’s a nightmare with BOA…same story differet state! Ugh!!! help please, It’s causing such anxiety and emotional stress…I dont want to lose my house, and I shouldn’t!

  122. Kerry Crawford Says:

    I also am disabled since jan. 2012…notified boa immediately to see what I could do to still be a productive citizen and homeowner. I’m horrified by the things I am reading.

  123. David Gonzalez Says:

    I was trying to get a modification on my mortgage payments because my job had decreased. I could not pay the full original amount anymore. I sent all the paper work they asked for twice. However, I was always missing something. Then they sold my house on june 5th but they still kept on sending me mail saying that i was still under the process of revision. I was not aware of that they had sold my house until I called the bank a month later to ask about my case. They said my house had been sold and there was nothing I could do. I went to court and the judge gave me seven days to move out of my house but i was able to come to an agreement with Fanny May’s lawyer, Now i have thirty days to move. I have been stressed out and my family is devastated.

  124. L Sanducci Says:

    I need to know how i can get involved in this class action lawsuit- i am also experiencing the same issue
    with bank of america- losing my paperwork- i sent the information in the fed ex envelope they provided and they still say they havent received it.

    we cannot let them get away with this

    thank you

  125. M Fields Says:

    BOA has done me the same way. I have been pendind a modification since October 2011. BOA foreclosed on my home August 7th. They said they may resicind it but no answer as of today. I would like to get in on this law suit. Any suggestions?

  126. Troy G Says:

    BOA sent me a letter on July 31 for consideration for a loan modification program and they will be sending it within 10 calendar days to make long story short. BofA(via Recontrust)(investor- Bank of New York Mellon) sold my home on August 15, 2012 in foreclosure auction. And no paperwork or letter came. To add salt to the wound, I just got a new letter from BofA dated August 17, 2012 that they cannot help us (out loan is not qualified for assistance) two days after selling my house to a new investor group. Therefore, it VOIDED out my loan that I was trying to loan modify. If they decided to rescind it, I don’t have that loan anymore. It’s considered wiped or invalid once an auction has occurred regardless if mistake or not. Am I a victim of wrongful foreclosure? I have been waiting for loan modification for over 3 years and did a 4 month forbearance trial payments with NACA’s help. No permanent modification granted. (BTW…waste of time, but at least they delayed my auction date many times over). Please sign me up for the class action lawsuit. Send me information, please.

  127. R. Dembinsky Says:

    My situation is the same. May I have info. to sign up.

  128. Dan Bencken Says:

    I have gone through the modification process twice, the first time they denied me five days before the sale date. They said I did not provide all the required documents. NOW WHY WOULD I NOT PROVIDE EVERYTHING I WAS ASKED FOR. I payed them up with life insurance money. A year later I applied again. The application was denied based on the loan not being elegable. My home of 15 years is being sold at action.
    I am a residential contractor who always had flawless credit. NOW IF I DONT QUALIFY WHO DOES?

  129. Melissa Garcia Says:

    I have done everything bank of America has asked me do in the last year. my only option was a short sale after i was initially denied of a loan modification and to go through a process to help me with moving costs and to sell my home at a certain cost through a real estate agent and everything. I never was served papers that i was in foreclosure, I was told on the phone today after they changed the locks on me 3-4 months ago. Now Apparently i still own the home and that i should have still have access to the home after my personal property was destroyed and was pretty much forced to leave my home. Im a single mom with two children. through this year or even longer process i was told that i didnt need to make payments because i was going to short sale. I have all correspondence with bank of America through fax and email. My real estate agent has all the paperwork and so do I. I have owned the home for over 4 years and still have the deed and all the paperwork. Im a low income now cause of loss of job and I believe i have been wronged in this situation. The Lender has exchanged hands a few time before being handed over to Bank of America with a high interest rates and wrongful foreclosure which was never handed to me by a sheriff….but what is the next step for woman like myself that is LOW income now and two children to care for.

  130. Janie Wilson Says:

    Several attempts for loan modification through BAC. Always some problem after numerous request for info and in most cases info that had already been provided. It was if they were dangling a carrott in your face. As if they were trying to prove to someone they were making an effort. To say that it’s been frausting is to gravely understate the situation.

  131. Donna McElreath Says:

    Please sent info for being included in lawsuit

  132. anthony johnson Says:

    can i join lawsuit if i live in illinois

  133. Sande Baker Says:

    I would like to get information from your company about mortgage lawsuit against BOA. I will give more information upon hearing from someone from your firm. I live in Florida if that matters.

  134. Daniel Bodenhamer Says:

    We have been to hell and back with B.O.A and Forclousre happens Oct24/2012.. Since Nov 2011 I have been denied help. We are being forced to do a Chpt 13 to save our home. Sad thing is I can afford my mortgage and bills I need help with about 600 amonth less. They want to continue with this even though I have been trying to work this out as last as 2wks ago and went as high as V. President of Elk Grove, Ca. Mortgage Branch. Still recieved my papers 9/22/12. I want to stop what they are doing . Ruining peoples lives. We are in our late 50’s.. Screwed once by C.Wide Shame on me… Screwed twice by B.O.A.. Well here comes my screws you cant touch me for 5yrs… per the court.

  135. Anne Says:

    I am on the opposite side- I went thru a bitter divorce last year and want the bank to foreclose on my house since my ex wouldn’t sign divorce ppwk unless I left my name on the house- he and his girlfriend ate living rent free at the house while I am being held hostage on the house- I call everyday to tell SLS to foreclose and the won’t- it has been over 3 years of no payments

  136. karen gardner Says:

    same story as everyone else. was in modification and got hit with foreclosure and was being forced to do a quick sale. paid lots out on late fees and service charges.

  137. karen gardner Says:

    would like to be on this lawsuit as well

  138. Rebecca Says:

    I would like to be on the lawsuit also…same as everyone else…was in loan modification and the served a forclosure notice….found a bank to loan me the money to pay off BOA but had to pay LOTS of fees and extra expenses

  139. Kimberly Stonestreet Says:

    My husband and I would like to be included in this lawsuit as well. We were trying to get a modification, and did all the paperwork, then were told we had too much debt. So we filed Chapter 7 and deleted all out debt, and then our attorney went to BOA and asked them what they would do. They supposedly put it back in review, and now we get served a foreclosure notice. We called them, BOA and were told there weren’t any notes or entries about a review for modification or anything. Please help us save our home !!!

  140. Kimberly Stonestreet Says:

    If anyone knows who we need to contact, please let us know.

  141. Alba Herrera Says:

    In June of this year BofA told me I qualified for a short sale, even after I explained to them that my house would not be a short sale as I owe BofA (1st lien holder) $125K and Wells Fargo (equity line) $125K and my house was worth $250K. They assured me that I could do a short sale and I would get $16834.61 as incentive cash to do the short sale. I found a buyer with an offer of $240K cash. I moved out of my house, thinking it was sold and rented a one bedroom apartment. I had to borrow $5000 from my friends and relatives to cover the moving expenses. I lost custody of my son, as I had to move to a 1 bedroom apartment. Now, after incurring these expenses and losing my son, BofA says I don’t qualify for short sale. Now, I have an empty home which I can’t sale for $240K since I owe in excess of $250K (taxes, hoa, late fees) and I don’t have any money in the bank to cover the shortage. Can someone please help me sue Bank of America for damages

  142. Diane Portis Says:

    I would like to join the Class Action lawsuit. I had a home loan with Country Wide and of course without my concent the loan was given to Bank of America. One thing I told Country Wide before getting the loan was that I was going to go with them because they were not a bank. I advised them that I did not under any circumstances want my loan sold to B of A. (ever). Well, of course I had no control over that. I paid my loan on time every month but it was difficult, tried to get my loan modified and was told that I must be out of my mind, that I could never get a loan modified being on time. I would have to miss at least 3 months. I had no choice in the matter so I did what they advised. Not only did they not modify the loan they foreclosed it prior to the date that was given to me. I never even had a chance to save my home.

  143. Debbie Tallant Says:

    All of the above replies are a mirror image of what I experienced with BOA. I want to be a part of this lawsuit. I kept all my papers!!!!!

  144. Patricia Dauzenroth Says:

    Bank of America are doing this to us now. They need to be stopped. They will not get my home! We have worked 13 years for this home and raised our children here. We are hard working people that help anyone that needs it, We are involved with several charities and always do the right thing We need help to keep our home and we do not have any more $ to feed lawyers. this is wrong and the govornment needs to stop them!

  145. laura clark Says:

    I would also like to join a class action lawsuit against BOA. Ditto to all of the above. I was denied a modification because the “investor” said “no”??? Lost paper work, months of phone calls and so on… Finally filed chapter 13 to save my home. Than they sold my loan to Nationstar in the middle of a modification and they want me to start all over. I am done with this run-around, please include me in this class suit.

  146. TL Says:

    I would like to find out how we can be included in on this lawsuit with B of A. We were forclosed on, and on several occasions before they forclosed to see if they could help us refinance our loan. My husband had medical problems at that time, and I sent them all of the documentation from the Doctor that had to do his surgery. We thought they would work with us, and over and over again they said they would, but in the end they did not.

    Thank you,

  147. Victor London Says:

    Would like to be included. I have one modification with BofA going on for 1 year and 3 months and still will not make it permanent. Also Nationstar has 2 of my houses going on for over 1 and 1/2 years and now they tell me I can not get a mod because I own more then 5 house which they new from day 1.

  148. Dana Contreras Says:

    I would like to be apart of this class action suit. I have two girls and a husband. I haven’t found another place to live. I have been so depressed and trying to work. Bank of America said that they were modifying my loan when they foreclosed on me.

  149. JIMMY FRANCO Says:

    I would like to join too. I hade a modification 2 years ago and they put on extra couple years more on my loan, and on top they did not help me out with my second and third loan i have with BOA so now i am paying almost 8% on the two other loans and they wont help me out please help.

  150. Terri Langley Says:

    Please let me know how we can be included in on the lawsuit. All of the above pertains to us. B of A did not help us with a modification, even though they told us repeatly that they would. We ended up losing our home. Please help!!!

  151. Melissa Says:

    “Lenders and their servicing companies created a ploy called Dual Tracking which dupes the foreclosure victim into thinking they are on track for a loan modification all the while the bank is still pursuing the foreclosure track. Hence the name…Dual Track.”(Dual Tracking: Foreclosure Modification Ploy
    Posted by Rob K. Blake on May 13th, 2011 in Loan Modification
    All these stories seem all to familar , is there a way to join the class action lawsuit? I be contacted by a HUD relief program to help with trying to keep my house , perhaps it is availble in your area too.

  152. Anne Scott Says:

    I am in the same situation as many homeowners that have lost their home throug BoA. My home was foreclosed on without my knowledge after i sent countless requested paperwork. I was also told i would not have to move but a man came to my house and said he had just bought the house. I need help!

  153. David Nichols II Says:

    When we first bought our house are loan was through NVR Mortgage with an option called a 3/1 buy-down. Our loan was supposed to be a 4.75% interest rate for one year, year 2 go up to 5.75%, year 3 go up to 6.75% and lock at that rate. Our payment started around 1,150.00. NVR Mortgage sold our loan in the first month to Countrywide Home Loans. 3 months into the loan are payment was already up to 1286.00, then about another 3 months 1480.00. I called repeatedly, to demand to fix this, but they said there were no problems. Instead of increasing the rate by 1% each year, they went right to the 6.75%. They would not fix it no matter how many times I came up with evidence of their mistake they would pass me around from person to person and never resolve the issue. One day I received a refund check in the amount of 1600.00. I called for an explanation, and they said they had made a mistake, so this made up the difference. 2 months later they said they didn’t mean to send that refund check and wanted the money back, (which we didn’t have now), so they added the shortage to our payment, so now we are at 1586.00. By years end they told me they were not taking out enough taxes, so now our payment went up to 1642.00. This is all in the first year, when our payment should have been 1150.00.
    Then Bank of America stepped in, sending out flyers telling us how they knew we had been taken for a ride with Countrywide and they are here to help after the buyout. I tried to refinance with them over 7 times in 2 years with no success. Every time I met their demands, they would tell me I didn’t qualify and give me a new set of qualifications. They even raised our payment to 1854.00 out of the blue.
    All the drama these banks had caused led us to so many traumas and stresses on me and my family that it eventually led to my divorce. Around that time the government saw what Bank of America was doing to their customers and put in place The MHA program (Making Home Affordable Bailout). I applied through the government and they said I qualified because of my hardship, Divorce. Bank of America refused to use this program to help me. They were still using their own set of rules and not the government modification guidelines. They did tell me that the only way I can take part in the modification program was to be at least 90 days in default. I really had no choice anyway because I could not afford the loan by myself since my Ex would not contribute to the house payment, so I let it go into default. 90 days later, they said I cannot take part in the modification program because my loan is past due.
    This took its toll on me, with my divorce and all this stress, I began going to therapy and had to be put on a high dosage of anti-depressant medication, as well as prescription sleeping medication which I can now not sleep without taking
    I ended up in two court appearances with the lawyers representing Bank of America (Laurito & Laurito) and a B.O.A. rep. The first date the bank rep did not appear, so it had to be rescheduled. They did not appear at the rescheduled date, but instead joined for a conference call, but again refused to help me at all even though I re-applied with the government and again they said that I did in fact qualify. I also got so backed up with bills through my divorce and all of financial burden from the bank that I ended up having to file bankruptcy just to survive. They have completely ruined my life. They bully their customers with no regards as to the problems they are causing for families.

    Recently, Barack Obama sued 5 banks, Bank of America being the top offender and put in place the new foreclosure bailout plan. B.O.A. was handed 6 billion dollars to help the people that they had worked over through the first bailout. Here are some facts about the new bailout:
    200,000 Bank of America customers will be receiving letters over the next few months offering up to $150,000 off of their mortgage. If you currently owe more on your mortgage than what the property is worth, you should open everything Bank of America sends you. There are several qualifications such as being 60 days late on your payment and of course you must respond to the letter. All of this is part of the $25 billion settlement which occurred earlier this year. For more information read the CNBC article below.
    I was in the first group to receive my letter for assistance, so I did exactly what the letter said to do and they said “I did not qualify” again. I have filed a complaint with the federal government, but realistically, this will not do anything.
    Now my ex is filing against me claiming I am in contempt of our separation agreement because I signed to the agreement stating that I would refinance the house within 6 months and if I did not I had to place the house on the market within 60 days. After I was denied multiple times by the bank, I filed bankruptcy within that 8 month timeframe, which transferred ownership to B.O.A. This is going to be a waste of time, money, create more stress and anxiety in my life just as I was starting to piece things back together. Not to mention, I should have been able to refinance, but was falsely rejected. My ex just wants her name off of the loan and for me to take over the house and payment…which under the government plan, I can afford. She did a quit-claim deed, but this obviously doesn’t do anything for the loan. Why list a hardship being divorce or death if they need the other person’s signature to modify? It makes no sense. Plus, I can tell that my Ex is trying to get some kind of compensation for me being in the house without a payment, even though she did a quit-claim deed, and technically…I have nothing to do with the house after filing bankruptcy. Had I walked away from the house after filing bankruptcy, it would still be sitting there unoccupied, so what difference does it make that I am in it. It just makes her angry that I don’t have a payment and she wants money because of that.
    I want to file a lawsuit against B.O.A. for what they have done to me. They have destroyed my life. My life will never be the same because of this. I had to file bankruptcy which I never wanted to do and can never do again if I ever get into trouble. All I wanted was to pay a monthly payment and stay where I live to not cause any more stress on my son and myself. I cannot put a price on the damages caused to my physical health, but between my divorce, which caused me to lose time with my son, and medication I would have never had to be on…I would say I would ask for a pretty hefty cost, so I can live life without worry and possibly change my future for the better.
    I have been fighting my own battles and representing myself for 3 years, and to file a lawsuit I know I need professional assistance. I cannot do this anymore..I just want this to end. I have been told to ask for a securitization audit, so I want to pursue this…do you offer this as well. Please Help Me!!

  154. george k perry Says:

    We have lost our home due to H1N1 vaccine causing me to be hospitalized and almost killed by Guilliam Berea . I am still disabled. I tried to get the short sale, after six months of sending paperwork to a sub contracted company, hired by boa to make things slow, the investor, denied the short sale ,but purchased my loan. the investor is Bank of New York Mellon. So I have started the process all over again, but have opted to try a deed in leu ,hoping it might be easier. I have given up on any financial help, I just want out of it. I think thats what they want. My concern is this… how can it be legal to a company to sell a bad debt in the first place? This happens with credit cards as well. A person with enough money can come into my life without my permission and harrass me and lecture me about an agreement that was made with someone else, after they purchased my 3000.00 debt for 500 and sue me in court and win??? this is what the mortgage swindlers are doing. Then toy with me until I give up and do what they want?? I need a lawyer that wants to make history. Someone that will take this seriously and not be involved for there own financial gain. Greed is killing the victims of the wall street whirl wind, Us the working class. How is this legal? I deserve compensation from the boa for there run around, manipulation, and the sale of my bad debt. These practices have to be stopped. What would Thomas Jefferson say if he were alive today???

    miss spelled words are due to haste , not lack of smarts.

  155. Laura, Utah Says:

    We have been trying to obtain a loan modification for over two years now since due to serious medical expenses in 2010. We were told by a negotiator of BOA that we had been approved to begin our new payment plan on March 1, 2010. However when we did not receive our paperwork they said they were going to send us by the end of February 2010 I called. I was told that a new template was loaded into the system and it had dropped our filed and closed it. So BOA would have to reopen the file. This went on and on in various cycles until now…we even went to a Home retention class provided by HUD for those who have FHA mortages. We have gone through years of agony and uncertainty and are hopeless..can someone please give me the name of a lawfirm as we need some help keeping our home and feel like ants under the heels of BOA ready to be squashed. Thanks…

  156. Barbara Midkiff Says:

    Same here sent all the papers in for a modafication. Was denied. Does anyone get a modafcation from BoA? What ca be done to help?

  157. georgiann workman Says:

    Have been involved with a foreclosure process with my son for over 4 years. They have refused to modify the loan. Hamp would not help him. I am giving him money several times to catch this loan up, but when it is current they still will not refinance for a lower payment. Was going to buy the property and move there myself until he could get on his feet. Unknown rule by lenders that a family member cannot buy a property that is in default. This is a fannie mae rule. I now have shinges from the stress and my son is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You cannot find a bank of america to visit personally that will help. This is the worse bank in the world.
    They had marked on my sons foreclosure papers the word “profit”. That should tell us something.

  158. randy barnett Says:

    i was forced to foreclose after boa bought my loan an raised my payment i tried to do a loan mod and was told it would never happen they sent me a letter saying i had time to do something and then i cam home and they had someone go in an change locks and forced me out of my home how can they sleep at night karma wil get them and hope someone can do something to stop this

  159. H. Primer Says:

    I have had my home mortgage with Countrywide/Bank of America since 2005. I never missed a payment and I never had a payment that was late. In May, 2012, some business matters created a cash flow problem. I contacted Bank of America before a payment had been missed in an effort to act responsibly and to determine if there was anything that the bank could do to work with me during this short term crisis. The bank assured me that it would like to help and urged me to apply for a loan modification. After frequent delays imposed by the bank and the continual refusal to permit me to make payments on the loan while modification was being considered, the bank sent me a notice that they were foreclosing on my home. This notice was issued even though the loan modification was still under consideration. Finally, in December, 2012, I demanded the right to cure my loan and made a full payment, plus all of the additional foreclosure costs that were tacked on. I made the January payment on time, yet I received 3 FedEx letters this week advising me that the request to remove the loan from foreclosure had been denied. The Bank purposely jacked me around in behalf of taking advantage of the significant equity in my home so that they could send their short sale vultures after me. Most importantly, my credit, which was over 800 when this commenced, is now burdened by a foreclosure that I was more than prepared to prevent. This credit problem is a serious burden for me in my business dealings. I most certainly am interested in pursuing a law suit against this corrupt institution. I will not be deterred in my opinion that the bank does this intentionally.

  160. cristie parsons Says:

    please send me information on how i cn become a part ofthe class action lawsuit for the mortgage for bank of america please

  161. cristie parsons Says:

    please send me a form to fill out for the class action lawsuit for bank of america

  162. Vicki Says:

    Bank of America’s attorney in Dallas, TX has sent me a letter stating that they are going to sell my house Feb 5,2013. I have paid off my principle and now they are saying that I own interest and penalty, which they told me would NOT accrue while I was in modification. I do not understand how they can lie and cheat people out of their homes. WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT not stop them, they must know what is going on.

    Can I become part of this class-action suit? How?

  163. Karen L Says:

    I to have been in a three year battle with Bank of America over a loan modification. Numerous changes in personal representatives and primary contacts. I completed my trial modification, after submitting the paperwork numerous times to different representatives of BOA. At the end of the modification payment period BOA did not finalize my modification and every time a payment was sent in it was returned and I would call my primary contact and he would tell me depsoit the check and we would redo the payment. Several times this happened. During this time and before the modification was finalized, I received a default notice that I was behind. He assured me it was because of the payments from FHA and the final modification not being completed. It was finally permanently modified about 6 months later. Still getting letters, I kept making payments and they kept saying I was behind. My rep told me to order the payment history on my account and we would review. Of course, I did and called upon receipt. Of course, et know I have a new rep. So started the scenario over again. They did a complete audit of my account to make sure that everything was properly posted and completed and have assured me it was. This is was just in November. They are now foreclosing as they said I’m behind and it’s all a matter of the modification, proessing and conversion as I’ve made monthly payments. Scheduled to foreclose in February or March. Please send me a form to get in on the class action as well. I agree that BOA is setting everyone up for failure. I have been told by represenatives – we don’t want your house, belive me. I’ve also been told just keep making your payments. Ugh. What a nightmare. It’s said we are all going through this and the stress and agony that we’ve all endured.

    I would appreciate a form to join a class action suit.

  164. terri honeycutt Says:

    please include me in the lawsute i have been going thru a nightmaire with bank of america for about a year over the same things as the others in this. please send me a form.

  165. Marvin Bentley Says:

    Please include me as well in this. I lost myhouse to them about 1 year ago and before that had a run a round nightmare.

  166. brandie moyer Says:

    please include me in this lawsuit also. in eatly 2009 my husband and i both lost our jobs, we tried everything to save our house. we were denide the modification due to us being on unemployment. by the time we had our jobs back and we were so far behind on paymentswe continued to try to do a modification even hiring a lawyer that turned into a scam that we pated out over $3000 to. at that time we could of used the money to pay our morgage, but we were told unless we came up with the full amount we were behind they would not take parshel payments. we ended up loosing our house and having it forclosed, and having to file bankruptcy over it. even after the bankruptcy was over and bank of america continued to call and send letters to me demanding payment, and would send me a statement each monthtelling me how far behind we were. it took me 11 months after completing my bankruptcy and reciving statements and calling them every month explaining i was no longer reliable for this payment due to the bankruptcy before they quit bothering me. i am still trying to rebuildall thati lost, and get on with my life, but i feel if they would of worked with me i would still have my home.

  167. Matt and Kathy Says:

    January of 2008, we went to the Bank of America to open a savings account. Lady at the bank told us to “name” the savings account. We said saving toward buying a home….she advised us the the 2500.00 was enough of a savings to purchase a home…and that’s where it began. We were approved for a FHA loan, which we were told had guidelines…..We looked at one home where the previous owners started to remodle one of the bathrooms but didn’t finish it….We were told we couldn’t purchase the home because of restrictions with FHA loans. We found the home on San Moritz. The price was 103,000.00. The roof didn’t look terrible, but I questioned how long before it would need replaced…no problem. The loan went through. Then approximatley 3 years later, Citizens say we must a put a new roof on the home….I was told the roof had to be good for five years to comply with FHA….We had only been in the home for 3 years. Matt went to Bank of America for help. At this point, the housing market crashed and our home was at that point only worth 53000.00, and Bank of America would not even consider helping us. The next door neighbor who had just put a new roof on his home said it cost him almost 10,000.00 to rip of the “double” roof and replace it. Where do we come up with 10,000.00? Before long, with all the empty homes in the neighborhood had rats, especially the one next door, which then decided to move into our home….I have a newspaper clipping about a shooting that took place just a few doors down. It was a decent neighborhood when we bought the home, but it declined quickly. So here we are with a home worth half of what we bought it for, we need to put on a 10,000.00 roof and Citizens then send us our new yearly insurance bill for almost 5000.00 a year. That is 400.00 more a month on top of our mortgage payment…..This is craziness…..Our home became more that we could handle…we both are working people that work hard for our money. To us, this is like leagalized extortion…the bank can have our home back. We put in all new appliance, light fixtures, paint and hard wood floors because we planned to stay there …..Our back slidding door was smashed, someone tried to get in through the kitchen window, and we want to stay there why? We can not afford to stay there. It became a huge burden. Now we are renting a double widemobile home….this is so very sad and we are not alone….the banks and Citizens is ruining Florida and I don’t want to be any part of it. We can’t work any harder that we do. There is nothing more to give…we can not afford what it would take to keep our home.

  168. Becky Says:

    I have the same horror stories as everyone else! How do I become part of the lawsuit?

  169. Kim Taylor Says:

    I would appreciate a form to join a class action suit. I have had my home mortgage with Countrywide/Bank of America since 2000. Can I become part of this class-action suit? How? Please send me a form.

  170. James and Cynthia Says:

    I would like to join the class action suit we applied for a loan modification and was told it was under review for 2or more year to be told that our investor did not pactipate in the program

  171. Rachel and Gary Says:

    My husband and I purchased our home in Dec 2009 with a smaller home town bank. It was sold to Bank of America and my husband was layed off. Because of this we fell behind on our mortgage and we tryed to Modify the home over the phone with Bank of America in June of 2010. We were told that becasue my husband did not have a job and our only income was unemployment we did not qualify. So once my husband was able to find another job which was in September of 2010 we applied again for the Modification. We submitted the paperwork through a credit counseling group that BofA had to work through to ensure that all paperwork was accounted for. We did this and Bof A still stated that they did not get all the paperwork. Then I could not get them to call me back with a decision. Finally after 4 weeks of them having the paperwork they told me we were denied becasue we where now 12 months behind and to qualify for a modification you had to be less than 12 months. I explained that we where 11 months behind and they stated that the way they bill the mortgage if was 11 months for them. Our home was auctioned on the 30th of Jan and Bof A retatined the home and sold it back to HUD. When I talk to HUD and the Mortgage compliance office I was told that we would have qualified for a modification up until the sell of the home and that we would have qualified even if all we had was unemployment benefits. Which means that the whole time we would have qualified. When I spoke with the REO escalation team member Marcus he stated that becasue they turned the home over to HUD he could no longer help us and that we could be evicted at any time. He also stated that if anything happens to the home between now and when HUD changes the locks we would be held legally responsible for… ,We would love to join the class action lawsuit.

  172. denissa thurman Says:

    me and my husband has went though the same thing as the rest of ya i would like to get in on a lawsuit but i dont no who to call if anyone can help me please call me at 256-391-5637 or e-mail me at today is 3-18-2013

  173. brenda delaney Says:

    boa has forclosed my home. done loan modifcation on third payment said it was supost to be more money and also kept some of my payment and then told me we owe alot of money and forclosed my home. gave me 90 days. been here 50 days and have found nothing yet. i really need to be in the lawsuit my husband and i have lost eight years in our home and this is causing me some major heart problems. please someone let me know how to go bout gettin in this lawsuit. thank u very much email

  174. Ben Says:

    after 3 years and resending ALL the documents they requested at least 4 different times, over & over and doing everything that our account supvr (Ruben) with BOA told us to do and we entered into a loan modification. We have been paying this modification for 6 months, without being late and one day we get a letter that states “Your Modification has been cancelled” just because a notary did not sign our document. The instructions did not say WE had to get the notary to sign so we thought it was BOA who had to get this signed?? Either way, everything was agreed upon and we were paying till that point !!! BOA makes their own rules and they just want your home that you cannot pay only because the economy is not what it used to be. We have been in our home 7 years and now it goes to foreclosure on June 10th and nothing we can do !! They certainly should not be called bank of AMERICA !!!!!

  175. molly chambliss Says:

    Is it too late to join this lawsuit? We have been fighting these Scum of America for 2 years. We did get a lawyer but he has done a complete turn around saying we will get nothing except our mortgage brought up to date and our 300.00 filing fee reimbursed. He does not want to even take it to jury trial as originally filed. No one gets to hear what we have been through and all their lies and scheming and blackheartedness goes untouched. Please tell me we are not too late!!!

  176. Jacqueline Cole Says:

    My husband went to Iraq and was shot off a roof in Fallujah. He returned home with a hole in his chest and a broken foot and 5 other injuries. Master Sargent Warren E. Cole Jr. died while waiting for a specialist to control his blood pressure. My mortgage was sold to bank of America. Bank of America refuse to let me enter the Hamp program. I had Bank of America for a year and was never late. I am disabled veteran and I thought President Obama told the banks to help their customers. Bank of America told me to do a short sale or they would start the foreclosure.

  177. Christine Says:

    I have been in the same boat sine 2009. The sad thing is I sent my complaint against Chase to the OCC, the Independent Foreclosure Review, and the CFPB and not one will help. The OCC states it’s a “Contractual Dispute”, the IFR states, “Chase indicated I was not in the foreclosure process” and the CFPB states “I am in a prior or pending lawsuit”. It’s because I filed Chapter 7 to save myself. Note: I received 6 intents to foreclose. These banks and federal agencies should be held accountable for this mortgage crisis! Please help!! cstuhl@

  178. Maria Ferer Diaz Says:

    I want to join in the lawsuit against Bank of America
    that has not approved my loan modification. I finished a Trial Period Loan Modification.

  179. Shawn Says:

    I would also like to join in with the lawsuit. I went several years of fighting with BoA on modifications. Anyone have information on this?

  180. Christy Franklin Says:

    My modification paperwork was submitted 11/30/2011. Trial period started March 2012. Since then I have paid the modified payment on time every month. Finally, January 2013 a notary send by BOA was sent to my house. I signed the permanent modification paperwork and their notary took it with him to submit back to BOA. June 2013, I get a notice in the mail that my modification was canceled and I would have to start the process over again because the paperwork was not submitted in time. Now they are going to foreclose on my house July 2013, if I don’t pay 14,500 before July 2013. They have no answers to why the paperwork was not sent back on time, even though it was a BOA rep that notarized the papers and took it with them.

  181. Bernice Pehl Says:

    My husband and I have been trying to get a loan modification for almost 3 years. We had trial modifications and made the payments and sent the certified checks for several months. Always told that we are still in review. Have been making half payments for over a year waiting for them to finish this. Now they suddenly talking to us again and we are on another trial modification. Meanwhile my credit is ruined and we are over 20,000 more in debt because of it. I want them to pay for the hassle they have caused us.

  182. Ron Weismiller Says:

    I have a 3 inch deep file containing echos of the above misery exacted on us by Bank of America for over three years. Even after accepting 30 months of payments under the modification letter they claimed we had not made the payments, reported us delinquent every month on our credit report and forced us into foreclosure. All this just to get a BONUS? We,too, want their multiple wrongs to be made right.

  183. stephanie alexander Says:

    i would also like to be in on class action lawsuit for bank of america

  184. betty reaver Says:

    We were denied modification then BOA PUT US IN FORECLOSURE. Borrowed money to get out of foreclosure. Applied again for modification. They give us a loan mod but lowerd our interest rate but not by much. BoA just gave us 19 more years on our home loan.. If possible would like to be included class action law suit.

  185. raina vissman Says:

    i have the same story as everyone else – ive tried to refinance & do a loan mod numerous times over the past 10 yrs & BOA (Countrywide previously) has lied, misled & stolen from me the entire time. i live in Kansas & would like to be included in a class action lawsuit – i need help immediately, as i have not been able to determine whether or not im in foreclosure, but in light of recent news, i doubt my short sale will be accepted by BOA>

  186. Mark Stephens Says:

    In all the discussions and articles and lawsuits that have occurred during the mortgage crisis, I have never seen one important point discussed. Bank of America, in August, 2007, “gave” Countrywide Financial $2 billion. It would be interesting to follow exactly where that money went; why would B of A give one of its major competitors money to keep it going? Then, less than six months later, in January 2008, B of A announced that it would buy Countrywide for $4.1 billion. So, total spent; $6.1 billion. What did B of A get for its money? It received all of Countrywide’s 9 million mortgages, valued at $1.4 TRILLION! This is the important point; if you do the math, they paid 0.0043571428571429 per dollar of Countrywide’s mortgages! That is less than ½ a penny per dollar!! So, for example, they paid just over $800.00 for my two mortgages, worth $185,000.00 on paper. How is this even legal or acceptable?!
    Why do you think that they moved so fast to foreclose on so many of Countrywide’s former customers? It didn’t matter if they took possession of those houses because they paid less than $1000.00 for most of them.
    Why weren’t Countrywide’s customers given the opportunity to buy their mortgages back for the same price? Why is Bank of America one of the worst banks to try and get a loan modification? Why was B of A given $45 billion through the TARP program, and then were able to repay that money a year later? (They also received $5.2 billion in government bailout money.) At the time of repayment, they had $26.2 billion of excess liquidity. Would you be profitable if you could purchase something for less than ½ a penny per dollar?
    If you look into the executive bonus debacle, and all of the fraud charges filed against the company, the robo signing fiasco, the sale of toxic mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, you see a company that is not “too big to fail,” but too big to be accountable to law. They operate outside of the law, and with the cooperation of government officials and regulators.
    I could go on and on about Bank of America’s practices, the loan modification sham, etc., but I just want to know why they are allowed to buy my mortgages, worth $185,000.00, for less than $810.00? Since their purchase of my mortgages, I have paid them over $54000.00 in interest alone! I thought that there were laws against excessive usury!
    Mark Stephens
    I would like to find a lawyer willing to file a class action lawsuit against Bank of America on behalf of all of the former Countrywide customers. It should be fraudulent to buy a mortgage worth $185,00.00 for $806.00.

  187. Leah Eidam Says:

    How do I join the class action lawsuit against BAC. I began looking into a modification in Aug 2009. Submitted more than 4 applications. Had 2 different trial payments. Made a trial payments on time but never received a modification. BAC has transferred my account to SPS Servicing. They are currently working on a new application after 2 denials.

  188. Leah Eidam Says:

    Made all trial payments on time but never received a modification.

  189. Tina L. Schlesener Says:

    I would like to be appart of this lawsuite. Made the 3 month trail period payments and it took 22 months before I receieved a modification and $16,000. was added onto the loan for the difference between the payments at 22 months. Owe more than the loan after 7 years of payments at 8% interest on those 7 years. The amount of stress and the amount of work that goes into dealing with BOA and all the runaround they do to set you up to fail and cost me my marriage. Now I setting in the home waiting for the bank to foreclose.

  190. Howard Westfall Says:

    I would like to be a part of any legal action against Bank of America. Our story has been played out over and over again in the comments above. Please help us!

  191. Stephen Aldridge Says:

    Ditto the above… We were forced into bankruptcy after jumping through hoops and then being denied and foreclosure pending. They modified a loan for us after $7500 for a lawyer. Our attorney wanted us to take $500 from boa and sign a paper saying that we would not participate in the class action suit. We live in Virginia.

  192. betty reaver Says:

    how do I sign up

  193. Gloria Thomas Says:

    Not sure of the procedures that I am suppose to take, but if someone could contact me and explain to me the necessary steps of what to do..I need to speak with a live representative from this firm.

  194. Susie Davis Says:

    My nightmare story is basically the same as those above, mistakes by BOA, more mistakes when trying to correct the mistakes made by BOA, left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, FEES, CHARGES, MORE FEES, MORE CHARGES, attempt at modification started in July 2012 and finally completed in June of 2013, credit score in the TOILET! After all that… THEY SOLD MY MORTGAGE TO NATIONSTAR! I would love to be part of this action against BOA.

  195. Leah Eidam Says:

    How do I sign up? My quest began in Aug of 2009 when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I have had 2 trial payments and made all on time. BAC refused my last payment and started foreclosure.

  196. Sheila Carey Says:

    please sign me up. My story is like many other people with hardships and unable to get a break from big business.

  197. Sharon Taylor Says:

    I would like to be part of this lawsuit. My quest began Aug. 2011 after I had a total knee transplant and fell behind two mortgage payments. BOA refuses to help me.

  198. gloria sheldon Says:

    Having a horrible experience with Bank of America. HAD HARDSHIP. Applied for modification 9-12. Was turned down—denied. Because of excellent credit history (never late-never a late charge) said I qualified for re-finance. Did all paper work, appraisal and closed loan on 3-25-13. By May collection dept. called to say I was past due. Once I got to the botom of things, I learned my loan was re-scended therefore throwing me into default X3 payments and same reported to credit bureau. No other lender would help me re-finance. Made a payment in April 2013 by phone. Called in May 2013 to make another payment and they would not take my money! Bank of America “said” they had started foreclosure proceedings but to stave off foreclosure to apply for modification again. Began the process in May 2013 and was turned down again for modification. Now they say they’re going to short sale of foreclose. In reading all these complaints on this site I see that I’m not the only one that’s not getting part of those billions of dollars from the government fir the MAKING HOMES AFFORDABLE PLAN. I’m looking for someone to help with a class action lawsuit. This is just NOT RIGHT!!! I had home invasion, shot twice during the robbery, lost inome, I’m cripple, can’t work and I’m going under with these house payments at 6.5% interest. Anybody know anything????

  199. john bush Says:

    my wife and I would love top join this lawsuit. we applied for a modification and the best BoA could do was 3 months with no payments and then, after 3 months, we would have to pay 3 months of mortgage. in our minds that was no help at all. Mind you, we are only 1 month behind in our mortgage but live on a fixed income. We also receive harassing calls from bank of America continually. the 3 month offer came after we prepared 50 pages worth of documents. How do we join lawsuit?

  200. Hector Toledo Says:

    Sign me up, too.

  201. Joe Robledo Says:

    Bank of America even though I sent copies of everything they asked for lost them everytime I sent them. I even faxed them from the BOA in my home town and they said they did not get them when I was told here that they had been recieve. They were just doing it on purpose to not help us. I have everything documented. Include me in the class action lawsuit.

  202. Mallory A Barac Says:

    My story is like most of the above. Bank Of America was IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK WITH
    They ignored calls, letters. Lost checks, money orders and even my “letter of Hardship”
    I have several pounds of paperwork, my night mirror with B of A began
    In 2007, when they placed me in a Fannie Mae (interest only) mortgage, ( a refi) that I couldn’t afford, much less qualified for, but Their Appraisal came back at $384k
    By 2009, I was bombarded with Letters, Threats, and phone calls by their
    Law Firm: Tiffany and Bosc, Phoenix AZ.
    Too much to write all of this, because of the lies regarding my non payments,
    I had never missed a payment, and kept homeowners insurance on it even after I moved !
    A Judge at the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Phoenix actually came to
    My defense and squashed the foreclosure , but it just went on and on
    I was so sick and worn out, after three years of Frustration
    I wrote my letter of Hardship (which they lost) and I left my home
    THEY INSTRUCTED ME , after I and my young son, went to live with my sister
    In FL to do a DEED IN LIEU…
    I could Not afford an attorney, and could not physically, nor mentally take any more harassment !!!!
    They took my Beautiful home that I had purchased new in 2003, and sold .
    I have nothing!!!
    My home was everything I had
    They had the Gaul to say I had no equity,
    3 bedroom stucco home Tile Roof, fireplace etc. (no equity)……..

    I had paid for an inground pool , landscaping , fencing, patios
    It was very, very nice!
    Now I can only rent, and I have a 10 year old car with the front end Duc Taped together, because I can only afford liability insurance
    I worked 47 years of my life, paid taxes, and raised 3 children to be here in this stage of my life. I am a 66 year old widow, retired now
    Again. I have documentation to confirm my

  203. Paula Perry Says:

    I spent over 2 years working on a re-mod with BOA. I first applied March 2011. I spent months trying to communicate with BOA on the status of my application. After much angst and a forest of paperwork, I was sent a letter stating that my time limit for completing the process had lapsed and I would need to reapply in order to re-qualify again. Now this was not do to my lack of effort or follow through. BOA had dropped the ball.

    I experienced many if not all the fall out and tactics that BOA had for eliminating the “load”. At that point I had no choice but to reapply. I then spent the next 2 years chasing down a representative to help me. Once BOA had begun to realize they screwed up they tried to show they cared by assigning me a “Case Manager”. Stating that this was there effort to try and be consistent with their clients. I finally had one assigned to me and do to my efforts of staying on top of what was needed I would call him on a regular basis. As months passed when I believe we were finally getting somewhere, all of a sudden my representative vanished. Just disappeared with no notification, no warning, nothing. Up to the day before he’d disappeared he kept reassuring me that no further documentation was needed from me and my application was in review. It was as though he’d never existed.

    When I was able to finally get a breathing human being on the phone they couldn’t tell me what had happened to my “Kieth B”. Well from there it just spiraled. Every time I’d call I’d get a voice message with a different representative name. So much for consistency!
    The story doesn’t end here but I’m all in. I documented everything I could. So if anyone can help me I’d appreciate any information.

  204. Lorina K Says:

    BOA took over my bogus Countrywide Loan, and I have been told not able to modify for lower interest rate.
    Told my 38.0000 balance not enough to refinance, and not qualified for modification. Told by representative and loan officer Rick Smith that I should just pay 200. extra per month and pay off in 15 years instead of 21 year left. I am at retirement age and this is no longer a game to me with a 9.25% interest rate. If someone with the Presidents Modification program can help, please do. They are getting 90 percent of my payments for interest rate.

  205. Betty Reaver Says:


  206. Stephanie Says:

    How do I get included in the Boa class action lawsuit? I tried to get a modification over a two year period—all I got was the run-a-round and a lot of stress.

  207. Curtis Smith Says:

    I am a disable veteran 70 years old. My wife has copd and is 64 years old.BAC has sent us 5 foreclosure letters over the past year. Jan. 7 the current foreclosure comes due. BECAUSE OF the harassment I’ve been through I have been hospitalised twice in the VA physch ward. I wish someone would help us fight BAC.


    Curt Smith

  208. Patricia Kent Says:

    I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit against Bank of America for improper handling of loan modifications and foreclosure. I have been dealing with this bank since 2009, and my story is frighteningly similar to everyone else’s here. They don’t even have enough decency to vary their lies…they use the same ones over and over, with all of their homeowners!

  209. Kevin Knox Says:

    I want to know how to get on board with this lawsuit. We got approved for a modification and once the process started they stopped taking payments. I went through 9 different case workers and faxed in my paperwork 36 times in 18 months. It took 18 months to get the modification and once it went through they sold our loan out to M&T Bank which did not honor the terms set by BOA and now we are doing a short sale on the house. I can always be reached by e.mail just let me know what I have to do to get on this lawsuit.

  210. John Johnson Says:

    I too have had many issues

  211. Patrick J Malia Says:

    I also would like to be included, all I want was a refi and They put me though a HAMP which they never closed and costed me my home and credit. This started in Aug. 2009 and I have names, date of 42 people and someone who said she was from the office of the president. How are they allowed to get away doing this to so many homeowners. I was never late or missed a payment, how did I lose my home.

  212. richard cribari Says:

    I was part of that countrywide scam with Bank OF america went through so many case workers

  213. Melissa Rutland Drury Says:

    I would like to join the Bank of America lawsuit. We had are loan thru Country Wide 1st since 2003, HELOC Feb 2008, never been late.Countrywide was in process of refinancing the loans together. We were approved. Bank of America purchased them and did not honor. Stuck with a 200k HELOC at high interest. Then in March 2010, I was in a horrible auto accident that caused me to be permanently disabled. Lost large amount of income. We had perfect credit up to that point. We filed chapter 7, Both BOFA loans discharged, however we wanted to stay in home so as longs as we made payments all is good. We could legally walk off the property. BOFA can not hold us liable. Our home is underwater we owe 150k more than the value. We were behind on payments prior to chapter 7. I know most people would leave. We spent 20yrs in this home which is on the water. (rare find) We want to stay. Applied for the HAMP, for 1st and 2mp for HELOC. Told preapproved. Then unbelievable they raised our payments 400 a month! Then finally modification approved. Then instead of HAMP, we receive in house BOFA doc’s with higher rate then the HAMP. We were told we didn’ qualify for the HAMP. (never received a denial letter) BOFA said sign these papers once loan closed, will approve the HELOC, gave us rate and termms. BOFA said they everything they needed, suppose to be simple process automatically approved after fist funded. WELL GUESS WHAT IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. THEY lost the file, needed to refax, refax, overnight, constant lose of documents. The we recieve a letter telling us we didn’t make enough money for the HELOC modification. The 10 days later we recieved a turn because we made too much. It’s like there forcing us to leave. Makes no sense. We had to use some retirement money to bring then they will reconsider. Thing is the 1st modifcation was approved with the same information. Recently, still applying explained situation to the supervisors no approval. They told us to bring current and then they would approved. We did and kept current using 401k funds that had penalties. They turned down because we were current. Go figure.We will no longer draw funds from our 401k. We fell behind. We missed Februarys payment. With in 20 days received notice to accelerate. I reapplied for HELOC modification. We were behind now. Told preapproved. Received our doc’s march 12,2014. I would call daily to get updates. My claims mangager told me it was in review. Three weeks later still in review. Turns out per he supervisor it hadn’t been touched. They esculated the file. The very next day I get a letter stating we didn’t get your documents. What? The letter states you have till April 20th to provide documents. Two days later I get a letter March 29 we were turned down for not getting our documents in on time. Supervisor already told us our docs were received also showed on the computer on (check my Status). In addition if we had till April 20th to get doc’s. Why would they send a turn down letter two days later. Meanwhile now were are behind Feburary, March and April. We simply can not afford the payment.
    Now I am more than angry! Been recording calls of there BS. I finally called the Presidents Executive team. I am currently, re sending the documents. I downloaded them can downon check my status. I heard your can request the NPV values and name of investor. The invester is BOFA. I asked what the home was worth. They executive team said 515k. WHAT! If it were worth that I would of refinanced by now. The value was told every single time. So there is big time fraud, predatory lending etc. I was actually told not to make my payment they said they would just put into modification. Looks like a set up to me. I tried to make a payment, refused system could take it. I was payming before the deadline?? Turns out BOFA employees are paid on foreclosures employees get bonus if they foreclosure on homes. (BOFA makes more money in a foreclosure) There is not bonus for modifications.On all of our applications, including eappraisal, zillow. Values show 265. FOUND OUT BOFA has there own value check. I submitted and BOFA computer model states 170-205k. Whats going on here. They falsely input incorrect figures. I am complaining everywhere! Its for a attorney. I want in!


  214. Roberta oss Says:

    I would like to get in on the CountryWide/Bank Of America class action suit. I built my home in October of 2008 and then my loan was sold from countrywide mortgage to bank of america and I was unhappy with this and had no say in the matter. I filed for a modification in 2010 due to loss of income and had gotten behind and was told would modify my loan and they took all my equity $30K worth and I owe more than the home is worth and modified my loan finally a year and half later by 60 dollars. I was told to apply again ,and I put up a fuss I was told the modification would be more and then the modification was denied and the payment went up again and all the while I was getting threatening letters and foreclosure papers and threats. I was under diress and desperate for help and all these people were calling and no one helped. I went through the hope line and through bank of america hamp and other non profit organization steadily complying and sending more and more docs that BAC was saying to resend or they did not get it and I end of filing Bankruptcy to keep from losing my home and I am still struggling and I believe it was a predatory loan and I was taken advantage of and losing my dream of being a home owner and happy and content. Also the broker that helped with the loan was fired and CountryWide and threatened me on a daily and kept extorting money from me and saying he would not do the loan. I called the occ and governer and other agencies and he was investigated and later was fired and my loan terms were not what I was told in the beginning and the price kept going up for my mortgage pymnt and I need someone to be held responsible for my suffering and spending all my money and ruining my credit and causing my children to suffer as well.

  215. Jason Cain Says:

    I too have been screwed by BOA and need info on how to add me to the lawsuit…all the above has happened to me and feel free to contact me direct

  216. Deb McElfish Says:

    did loan modification(in Texas) got thousands of dollars of fees tacked on and interest rate was not lowered. This came at the worse time financially. How was that helpful overall??? It was a crime.

  217. Gerald coleman Says:

    I have done a refinance w/countrywide in the year 1997
    I had no ideal that I was being taken a vantage of,in
    2013 I receive a letter that was stating that country
    wide took a vantage of minority have had them pay more
    high interest on their refinance home loan, they have
    respond to me first stating that I was not a part of
    what ever the law suit was because I have sold my home
    six months ago, to me that does not make sence.
    I need some help in fighting this situation or joining a class action law suit.

  218. kathy weakland Says:

    would like to join a lawsuit over bank of America, having me submit Nemours modifications with no response.

  219. ed cunniffe Says:

    please provide me information on how to get included in this. I have tried since 2007 to get a modification completed and had a trial payment dropped/ taken away and told i owed the difference and was put into foreclosure. I was current on my payments until the trial modification taken away

  220. Marcia Denoyer Says:

    I too would like to join this action. I was taken by them also. My paperwork was lost soo many times i couldnt count. I originally started quicken loans, then Taylor bean and whitaker which BOA purchased my loan. I had always been month ahead and when purchased was not infomred. till two months later. they kept my payment for 3 months, i had just gone back to work from being on disability for almost a year. I was on a program with Taylor bean to make half payment every two months, which like i said i was a month ahead of time. BOA when i called said well you will have to make a payment and a half to get back on program. but i already had a payment due and coudlnt afford it. I had gone through HUD in detroit to help me file papers to get loan modification. as i owed 106,000 and house only worth $56k. Finally after many many faxes and phone calls from me. Never a call from BOA they stated i didnt qualify and that they could give me another loan to make up the difference. I couldn’t afford one payment little loan 2. So i never paid for 3 years. I finally moved out after that. House went down hill, eye sore to neighborhood. all plumbing and heating stolen from home. porch gone, fence gone. I heard house finaly sold for $25k if they had only helped me this house could of stayed maintained and an asset to neighborhood and community in stead of eyesore. Now my boyfriend is going through BOA trying to get a loan modificataion as his Home equity loan is due and BOA hasnt’ changed much. Still giving run around no calls back, same crap different year. Now they are wanting flood insurance, haha $2000 more a year. yeah right. This is horrible how people who work hard are being screwed

  221. ERik and FElicia Jimmink Says:

    Bank of America has fefused us modification along with the Ocwen Co. and we have had great credit and have owned 3 houses and never defaulted . still our good credit never helped us. Plus or county of Sonoma has charged us property tax but has not maintained the look of the rods or parks / launch ramps /bike lanes and fire retention . we have been charged up to $10000.00 They have just about bled us dry of our retirement. If we decided to stay we would be still paying as they were burying us in the ground. What a bunch of rip off assholes! schisters. These two banks and my surcumstance makes me never want to have a bank loan ever again. It’s not hard for me to say that because I build houses with a hammer and nails. the old fashion way ! They picked on the wrong builder couple 7078759313

  222. Catherine Taylor Says:

    I would like to file a class-action lawsuit and a complaint with the attorney general in my state Nevada in regards to my botched up loan modification by B of A. It is amazing I even was approved for a loan modification. I need to remove my ex husband form our mortgage with B of A because we divorced. B of A told me that if I was approved for a loan modification and made 3 payments on time which I did they would remove my ex husband from the loan. My case manager at B of A said that he gave me incorrect information and that they could not remove his name. Now I have to sell my house and lose it. I would like an attorney to contact me.

  223. Washington State Foreclosure Defense Information Gathering | Bank of America and the GOV. Fannie mae SCAM on US taxpayers Says:

    […] hager Says: March 2nd, 2012 at 1:30 amWe would like to join the lawsuit against b of a . We got our loans from contry wide the had us take […]

  224. Jeannie Says:

    These loans are revolving and often possess a lower rate of interest.
    First, we as agents must explain (as gingerly as possible),
    that we will need to have confidentiality agreements in place wonderful
    parties. Yet, should they pay attention to more
    high end deals, they may not the kind of broker you happen to be looking for as a smaller investor.

  225. andrew richardson Says:

    i have been given the ruin around for home modf. for 3 years,they have lost my paper work that i submitted for the modf.they told to remit my application every time.they foreclose on my property,and they sent the sheriff out with the paper work.i need help

  226. Stacy Woods Says:

    I would love to also hold Bank Of America accountable for continuous harassment, and having to submit for modification well over 20+ times only to be rejected. Have continued to apply over the past 5 years for every program only to be rejected or told they need same paperwork over and over again.

  227. Cydnee Hamby Says:

    Back and forth with Bank of America for going on 6 years, they asked me to move out of home in 2011 due to a deed n lieu. Well its been almost 4 years and they kept telling me that paper work was misplaced, not approved, or missing information but would never follow through with any of their end. Numerous phone calls and message. In Nov 2014, I was in process of a THIRD deed n lieu. Phone call after phone call message after message no one would return my call. Finally getting in touch with a call center for BOA, I was told my loan had been “TRANSFERRED” to NationStar, and I am now having to start all over with Modification, then short sale, onto deed n lieu, while house is not occupied. I am beyond livid about the 6 years of on going craziness. They have confidential information floating around, who knows where. In the process of all other goings on, NationStar has my information sent to a forclosure attorney. What can I do? and what rights do we have as the “little” people, that they aren’t willing to help, everything is “slid under the mat.”

  228. Mark Thomas Says:

    Org loan int only countrywide 06 then BofA now Nationstar
    Was 6.5 now 2.7 labor rate now since I’m in default they they refuse to reinstate old loan they want to take there new loan at 3.2 not bad but with principle added makes my payment 3200.00 mo witch is just what it was before ?
    Very frustrated and wa state camber of commerce says yes if I take the new deal it superceeds my org predatory loan ?

  229. Marilyn Bain Says:

    We had filed bankruptcy in 2011 and our mortgage was include in the chapter 7. Since then we were struggling with me not working and filed for the modification. After almost 2 years of fighting for the modification and all the stories and run around of paper work lost/not received (even tho they were all sent certified) nothing was done. We had a man show up to our house threatening us dring the day and evenings. I finally felt so uncomfortable being home alone with my girls while my husband was at work that we left. We contacted BOA and told them to take the house. It has been 2 years and they still haven’t taken the house back. They filed for the foreclosure but haven’t completed it and also filed to sue us for the money. We NEVER signed a “reaffirmation” with them. Our lawyer that did the bankruptcy told us to walk away and they cant do anything since we never signed. Now we are stuck in limbo and don’t know what else to do. There have been between 30-40 people that have offered to buy the home but BOA refuses to do anything with it!! So lost on what to do next. We cant get approved for another loan because they are aying it shows we still own the home even tho our credit shows we charged it off in 2011!! SO LOST!! SOMEONE HELP!!! :(

  230. Lisa Revis Says:

    I was too going through a modification with BOFA and took 18 months, in that time, they would not take payments and then they added over $20,000 to my principal balance, my home is severely upside down and they seem to not have recourse, they sold our loan to SLS and now 2 months ago got it back. Really. Any way to get this class action suit fired up and get some results and have them conpensate us borrowers that was done wrong by them

  231. Becky Ramirez Says:

    My husband and I were trying to do a loan modification. We received the paperwork on May 21st and they scheduled an auction for June 2nd. We got our paperwork in on time but were declined because the paperwork was not in 30 days before the sale date. I kept calling to try to work something out. Each person told me something different. I did what each person told me to do only to have my property sold anyway. The person who purchased our home said that he wishes BOA would be shut down for all the shady business that they do. He even offered to give the property back if I could get the bank to work with me. BOA said that it was out of their hands.

  232. Susan Craword Says:

    How do I join this lawsuit? I was also messed over from BOA through loan modify.

  233. MARK BENFATTO Says:



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