What was the Class Action that Challenged the Abortion Issue?

Class action lawsuits are more common and issue inclusive than what many people realize. Many major Supreme Court cases have their origins in class action law, and the abortion issue is just one of them. One of the largest and most socially impacting pieces of legislation to be written in this country began as a class action suit that challenged the abortion issue. One of the most fundamental class actions suits related to abortion dealt with legislation involved with the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court case. The origins of this situation would not only become a class action suit be go on to manifest one of the most important and continually protested progressive legal outcomes in this country.

This original situation was based on a woman in Texas, Norma McCorvey, who became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. During the 1960s many states across the country had begun to legalize abortion, while others, such as Texas, kept it illegal except in the case where it would threaten the life of the mother. Many women who became pregnant in these states would travel to an abortion providing state to secure their services. However, in the case of McCorvey, she became pregnant, wished to terminate it and did not have the financial resources to go to a state that could provide the abortion. This was a common situation faced by many women in abortion-restricted states. McCorvey was referred to an attorney in Dallas and her case was combined with that of a married couple. This couple had declared that abortion interfered with their marital relations because the wife could not use birth control for medical reasons.

These two cases formed the base of the class action suit that would eventually reach the Supreme Court and become the landmark legislation that gives women across the country the uninhibited right to legal physical autonomy. Abortion has been an extremely heated and frequently controversial political and social issue in this country every since it was originally transferred into the mainstream medical system. In addition to the numerous ongoing legislation battles over the issue there have also been a large number of lawsuits and various health care and social service providers have been involved. There has also been multiple class action lawsuits established that relate to the abortion issue.

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