Why is there a Class Action Lawsuit against Macys?

On January 7, 2010, a class action lawsuit was filed against Macy’s, claiming that the department store allegedly misled thousands of consumers nationwide by selling jewelry that had stones and gems which were enhanced artificially and filled with lead in an effort to exaggerate the true carat weight as well as to hide imperfections. The Brandi Law Firm has filed the action and has set forth details of fraudulent conduct, which includes claiming to sell natural rubies when they were in fact glass filled and/or lead filled treated stones. The lawsuit also alleges that Macy’s sold gems from banned countries, and passed off black sapphires as diamonds and Praseolite (a type of quartz that has been heated) as green amethysts. They also claimed to sell sapphires that were really fracture-filled glass. The treated stones not only are less valuable than real gems, but they’re also more fragile. They’re easily discolored, even with ordinary use and cleaning, which would render them difficult, even impossible, to fix.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs have expressed their disappointment with Macy’s, referencing the many people who were misled by this practice. The goal of the lawsuit is to force Macy’s to stop the alleged practice, and to pay back the customers who have purchased the treated stones unknowingly. The early morning national news program, Good Morning America, has aired a story on these misleading practices. In a separate lawsuit, a gemologist and appraiser who worked from 1983 to May 2009 accused the company of firing him after he reported the problems with the stones from 2007 and 2009.

If you believe that you bought jewelry, stones or gems from Macy’s anytime from January 2005 until the present day, you may have an interest in this lawsuit. If you conclude that your rights have been violated, you may wish to contact the Brandi Law Firm. If you contact them, then someone from that firm will examine your information and be in contact with you.

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  1. mildred Says:

    Does a class action lawsuit exist for Zyprexa?
    If a parent took this drug while living in an assisted
    living facility could the pharmacy’s records be used
    as proof or would you contact Medicare or Insurance


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