Who & How: Can I Start a Class Action Lawsuit Against Someone?

It is certainly true that we live in a rather litigious society, where it seems as though everyone is suing everyone for one thing or another. Some of the suits seem somewhat reasonable, and some of them just seem downright petty, but for bringing justice to the people, class action lawsuits seem to be a particularly weighty means for the underdogs to get what they deserve. So many people wonder, then, how a class action lawsuit works. In this article, we’ll look at the ways you might be able to start a class action lawsuit.

First, you’ll need to determine if your case is really worthy of class action. In order to qualify, there has to be a large number of people who have been adversely affected by an action or policy on behalf of a larger entity, such as a corporation or a business. The best example of this, in ongoing lawsuits in many parts of the world, has to do with cancers caused by asbestos insulation in buildings and ships. Here, the damage is pretty obvious, and there is plenty of medical evidence to corroborate the charges that asbestos does cause substantial bodily harm. If your concern is something where large groups have been affected, you might have a case.

Second, you’ll also need to determine if the damages can be traced to a single source, a single entity. If there are other contributing factors to the injuries, then this may make the case too cloudy, and will hinder your ability to find reasonably effective legal counsel. If this condition is met, however, then you’re ready to begin with the how. Next, you’ll want to find a lawyer or a firm that has a history of taking on cases like yours. This is perhaps the single-most important thing you can do, since the lawsuit will ultimately win or lose depending on the quality of your lawyer. Choose carefully, do the research, and talk to lawyers before deciding to dive in. At that point, your legal counsel will take care of all the other details in your class action suit.

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