How to File a Class Action Law Suite

Class action lawsuits are the perfect solution for consumers who are suffering from faulty products and incur losses and or damages as a result of the poor quality product or service. At this point you may be wondering why the consumer doesn’t access a standard injury lawyer and file a regular suit, which is a great question and has a relatively simple answer. The class action lawsuit is for the consumer whose loss or damage does not amount to a high enough dollar amount to be considered viable in a standard legal suit.

So, who is appropriate for the class action suit? Situations are appropriate for this type of suit not based on the large dollar amount of loss or injury but on the fact that there are numerous, meaning hundreds and thousands, of other individuals who have suffered the same injury or loss. This is great news for many consumers and taking advantage of this opportunity is more common than what you might imagine. It is also somewhat easier than what many people suppose, though it is important to keep in mind that it is still a lawsuit and any interaction with the legal and or court system can be complicated and a lawyer is generally recommended to assist with these.

However, once you are certain that there are enough people that suffer from the same poor quality service or product and are ready to file a class action suit there are some general steps that are common to all of them. First you will find an attorney that specializes in these suits and sign the standard agreement with them. The next step is to serve a summons to the intended defendant. This is the company or person that the suit is against. The next step is to notify all of the other plaintiffs. This can be done by direct contact, though it is often achieved through publication of a notice in a major newspaper. The court as well as each of the opposing parties is then provided with a copy of the complaint.

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  1. Jenny Parker Says:

    I would like to know more or file action agents the makers of seriquel. I now have diabetics,been obese for about 15 years and had gestational diabetics that never went away

  2. phyllis doran Says:

    I was making payments on school taxes the tax claim bureau stated we were not behind just getting caught up after my bank accounts were drained and I lost my job ;got employed and since then I have been putting money on my taxes now I have gotten notices my mortgage payment went from 620.03 to 1414.53 because they paid 2 years taxes and I was making payments and was ok with it then they sent a modification letter and a letter telling me I had a case manager I called they tell me my account was closed and they were not helping us anymore our mortgage was sent elsewhere then we got foreclosure letters today. it is their fault if they would have left things alone would not be in this situation right now possibility of losing my home with 3 kids a baby a elderly man my husband and a child with disability’s. can I get help please anyone.


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