How Do I Register for a Class Action Lawsuit for Contaminated Water in USMC?

Class action lawsuits can be some of the most fascinating legal actions in contemporary times. Because the nature of these suits affect a large number of people by definition, they also tend to attract an awful lot of media attention. They speak to the underdog in all of us, and they can also appeal to our universal need to come across unpredicted sums of money. Usually they involve being exposed to something unhealthy, against our will, so anyone could potentially be a victim if they were unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. This is certainly what’s happening with Camp Lejeune, and here we’ll discuss your options if you feel you might have been affected.

The case is revolving around water contamination. The Marine base at Camp Lejeune was connected to water sources that are now known to have been contaminated, with a level of toxic solvents that made it unsuitable for human consumption. This happened between the years 1957 and 1987, so it was something that was a considerable health risk for 30 years, and the toxins have been linked to birth defects and cancers. To make matters worse, it seems as though there is evidence that it was known to be toxic in the early 60s, and so much of the damage could possibly have been prevented.

Some say that this is the worst case of contamination in history, and there were thousands and thousands of military people, their families, and residents who were exposed, and the numbers could come close to one million. This class action suit is a very hot topic, then, and there are many ways to investigate to see if you might be eligible to register in the class action. The main offices in charge of the suit are North Carolina’s Anderson Pangia and Associates, and Pennsylvania’s Smorto, Persio, Webb and McGill. Contacting them could be a good first step, or you could also contact any experienced attorney that you trust, and they can help put you in touch with the right people.

Please note:  This is an informational site.  We do not sign people up for lawsuits.

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124 Responses to “How Do I Register for a Class Action Lawsuit for Contaminated Water in USMC?”

  1. George Soter Says:

    I’m a retired Marine, Me and my family was stationed there in 1981 to 1990, I have recently been diagnosed with cancer, I don’t which type right now because I just tested positive on my Biopsy, I start CT and Pet Scans tomorrow to see where it is located. A friend told me about this sight and said I should contact you.
    George Soter USMC ret

  2. Winston Wedderburn Says:

    after leaving camp lejeune in 1982/1983 i was shipped to the marine barracks at the naval base in groton ct. I developed a very violent temper after leaving lejeune and didnt understand why.. I also know of a marine that commited suicide while at the base for no apparent reason. I was always getting into trouble for psycological reasons.

  3. donna Says:

    both my deceased husband and myself had cancer he passed away 8 years ago from cancer and i had major surgery last year for cancer. both myself and two sons have major stomach problems also. please let me know if we fall in eligibility catagory for this lawsuit. thank you, ms. d,lawhon

  4. donna Says:

    both myself and deceased hausband had cancer. my husband passed away from his eight years ago. i had major surgery from mine last year. both my sons and myself have stomach problems also. we were at lejeune in ealy 70’s and my oldest son again in late 70’s. please contact me at your earliest convience to let me know how and where i could apply for this case if eligible. thank you, ms. d.lawhon

  5. Gary L. Manning Says:

    My family and I resided at Tarawa Terrace from approx. January 1965 thru February 1966. Please let me know what I have to do to participate in a class action lawsuit. Thank you.

  6. kenneth w farley Says:

    class action camp lejeune toxic water.i was station at camp lejeune from 1974 to 1975 1/2 soon after that my wife had several miscarriges .

  7. Lee Glascoe Says:

    I want to join the class action lawsuit. I served at Camp Lejeune between 1958 and 1988

  8. Larry Garrison Says:

    I have documentations in my USMC medical record stating that I had been to sick bay about 38 times beingtreated for colds,sore throat,burning eyes,headaches,skin infections,chest pains,bronchitis,viral syndrome & sinus trouble, could this have been a result to being exposed.

  9. virginia nault Says:

    my fatherinlaw has possibly been affected. who. how, where, when. need clarification on the process. my fatherinlaw was there and is extreamly ill.

  10. FOSTER, James Daniel Says:

    How do I register for the Class Action lawsuit concering contaminate water at Camp Lejuene, North Carolina ?

  11. Russ Thaggard Says:

    Can dependants of veterans who were at Lejeune during this time qualify? (Both parents were Marines late ’50s and early ’60’s) Ailments include migraine headaches, back problems (vertebra not completely fused at birth), etc., in the child. Thanks in advance… Russty

  12. charles jacobs Says:

    can any one tell me how to get registered for this . i was stationed on camp lejeune from 1982 till 1989, and have complained about head aches and skin irritations every since

  13. Shirlena Tucker Says:

    My family and I lived aboard Camp Lejeune, at this time. How do I register for the lawsuit? Thank you for your time in this matter.

  14. Khadija Nance Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, N. C. during this time (1979-1981). While stationed at Camp Lejeune, I became pregnant and had a miscarriage. Please contact me in reference to how I can register for this lawsuit. Thanking you in advance.

  15. Maria Rocco Says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I was sent a letter by the ATSDR which I received in the mail on Friday, August 26, 2011 regarding my brother, Mark Rocco, who served in the USMC during the time the water contamination was rampant at Camp Lejenue. Mr. Rocco was diagnosed with an oligodendroglioma of the brain in 1998 and died in October of 2009 when there were no other treatments available to treat his brain tumor. Please notify me if my family can be part of the class action law suit. Mark Rocco has a surviving daughter who is 18 years of age.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Maria Rocco

  16. eric davis Says:

    i as stationed at camp lejeune n. c. in 1984 and was hospitalized while there, how can i register for the lawsuit? than you in advance..

  17. Fred Gelinas Says:

    I grew up there in my childhood. I had a broken leg there in my childhood. My father was stationed there. So the whole family drank the water, bathed in it.. swam at the pool there. I was born in 59.. I remember being there in elementray school but thats all.. how do I get in this and prove we were there during the time frame talked about?

  18. Fred Gelinas Says:

    dis-regard…i was at Parris Island SC

  19. Cheryl moody Says:

    I was stationed on Camp LeJeune from 1981 – 1982. My eldest daughter was conceived while I was stationed there and I gave birth at the end of December. In September 2010, she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27. Had radical mastectomy and subsequent chemotherapy. No history of breast cancer.

  20. Myra Ancheta Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Johnson in 1982. Am I eligible to sign up?



  22. sheryle kurdas Says:

    I was born at Camp LeJeune and so was one brother and one sister lived there til I was three, not sure where we lived.any ideas if we would qualify or how to go about finding info.

  23. Dione Green Says:

    I lived at Camp Lejeune from 1976-82. I was a young kid at that time. I lived in TT 2. In 1994 my brother passed away from leukemia and in 2010 my father died from kidney failure. I love the MARINES and I’ll die for them and my country but i hope my country want turn their backs on us as fellow Americans

  24. Ray Reilly Says:

    I lived in and on base housing from about 60 to about 84 and swam quite a bit at Hadnot Point pool and worked there,too. I worked at Terrarwa Terrace I and II for about a year demoing housing. I was 33 and diagnosed with Chron’s very servere case and I have Macular Degeneration at 49 in one eye and had two major surgeries through my abdomin. So much suffering and I am thinking it has to do with the years and years of exposure to the water, with no history prior to this in my family. Please advise me if you will.

  25. Michael Davis Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1976-1979. I have not been diagnosed with any form or cancer but I do have several health related issues.

  26. warren pieper Says:

    i was born on camp lejeune in 1978 my mother lived in tt while she was pregnant with me she took good care of herself she didnt smoke she has never drank …but she did drink the water at the time i was born people didnt drink bottle water …she did not know the water was contaminated ….i was born with a birth defect which has caused me to have thousands of blood clots in my legs and stomach and has almost completely destroyed my took many years and many doctors to figure out why my legs had so many unhealing wounds and why i got so many blod clots.. the military started to send me mail about the water about 10 years ago….it has destroyed my life i always wondered why i was the sick one and my other sisters came out fine … i know ty marine corps guess that was my dads payment for doing 28 years and doing 3 tours in viet nam ….

  27. Timothy Carroll Says:

    I was stationed at Cherry Point from 1986 to late 1987 and frequently traveled to and worked at Lejeune, especially following a car accident in 1986 where I received treatments for back and hip problems. Since I was medically discharged in 1988 I have had a number of medical issues, including two heart attacks, a mini-stroke, and have had anxiety issues that required me to take a number of medications.

  28. Aaron Beckham Says:

    After I was born in 1983, my father was stationed at Camp Lejeune. We lived on base from 1983-1985. At 11 years old I was diagnosed with Graves disease and had to have my thyroid radiated. It is uncommen for someone that age to be diagnosed with Graves. In addition to my thyroid disease, my mother and my father were diagnosed with it as well. My mother has suffered from tumors in both her legs and she also had tumors on her uterus and had to have a hysterectomy.

  29. judy ort Says:

    my husband did his bootcamp at camp lejeune, he had heart diesise,lung diesise,plus many other health prombles. he passed on 3years ago from service connected illness. am i intiled you join this class action lawsuit?

  30. Chesslie R Neal Says:

    I just happened onto your web page and would like to join the Class Action Suit against the Government for the water contamination at Camp Lejeune. I was a Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune from April 1969 until Aug 1971, my wife, newborn daughter and I were assigned housing at the old Officers housing accross from Tarawa Terrace where my first daughter was born at Camp Lejeune Hospital with defects involving her eyes. Shortly after my daughters birth we were transfered housing to Terrawa Terrace, shortly after moving my wifes personaliy and my own changed after moving to Tarawa Terrace becoming violant with each other and we sought mental health screening at the Camp Lejeune Hospital. After my discharge we moved to California where my wife had a miscarriage, then she gave birth to our second daughter also with birth defects of the eyes and a leg and foot which she was required to ware a leg brace for a couple of years. Finally my wife contracted uterus cancer and had a historectomy, I know believe that these disorders were caused by the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune, may I become a claimant on the suit with you? 04/16/2012
    PS; I have become 60% disabled by the VA for a back injury from Viet Nam and for PTSD, artheritis, fybromiliaga, migraine headaches, insominia, sysmatic heart disease, severe depression, undergoing current medical and physocialogical care at the FT MYERS VA OPC. I also filed for additional disability rating for the water contamination and have been denighed by the VA.

  31. Lani Cruz Says:

    4 of my 6 sisters lived in Camp Lejeune from 1956-1958. The four of us have cancer, colon, breast, uterine, kidney disease, skin disorders, malignant melanoma and more.

  32. Mary George Says:

    My ex husband and I was station at Camp Lejeune from 1971-1973 we had our son there, I had a miscarriage and for the past 20 years I have been battling colon surgeries,stomach problems with pain, joint pain,dizziness, headaches, hernia surgeries with lost of my navel and Legions on my lungs and I have never been a smoker.

  33. Victor Malafronte Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1963 to 1967. My military medical record consists of chronic headaches, body rash and lumps on my wrists. My chronic headaches started in the USMC and continue to this day. My headaches for the pasted 40 years are debilitiating, nearly 3-4 per day. I have to go to bed after taking 6 my of Forinal with codeine medication. I was on social security disability from 1991 to 2000 for my headaches. I am currently on SSD again for chronic headaches since 5/2008. I am unable to work. I want to be listed on the class action law suit for the toxic water at Camp Lejeune. I ahve extensive medical records on hand. Thank you

  34. David M Cook Says:

    I need information on how to register

  35. Robert Hayes Says:

    I was stationed at Lejeune in 1971-1972. In the past two years i have had prostate and lung cancer. How do you get involved with this lawsuit

  36. Deborah A. Pascua Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Lejuene from Nov. ’85 to Nov. ’89. I was diagnosed with breast cancer five and a half years ago, had a bilateral mastectomy. There is no breast cancer in my family history. Would appreciate information regarding the class action lawsuit, and if I am elegible.

  37. Barbara and Don Cowley Says:

    My husband and I were both stationed at Camp Lejeune in the 60’s and exposed to the contaminated water there. I was of childbearing age at that time and after discharge had two children. I have autoimmune disorders: degenerative disc disease, autoimmune hypothyroidism, GI diverticulitis and gastritis with biopsy showing metaplasia. My daughter and grandson also have autoimmune disorders. We have positive ANA’s to mark the autoimmune response. We would like to join the class action on behalf of ourselves, our children-now grown-and their children.

  38. Renee Hendricks Says:

    I was a victim of the Toxic Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune, NC when I lived on base in Midway Park in 1981-1982 while married to a US Marine – Warren Hendricks Jr. at the time. I cooked,bathed, and drank the water there. I was preganant at the time as well and my son was born there. I suffered greatly during delivery at Camp Lejeune Hospital and had to have a C-Section. The medical doctors stated that every contraction I had, my unborn son’s heart rate was dropping. We also socialized with friends at Taraw Terrace where we drank water there as well. I came down with breast cancer March 1992 at 30 years of age. No family history of breast cancer. I have suffered much with the loss of my breast at such a young age and it has damaged me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I still am receiving counseling. I never had a breast implant. I can’t begin to tell you how this affects past and present relationships and has caused 2 divorces in my life. Attorneys have already contacted my ex-husband who I was married to while living on base and drinking the water, but they haven’t contacted me. Please include me in this class action law suit. Thank you

  39. Christine Johnson Says:

    We were stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1984 to 1988 before that Cherry Point and after that Camp Pendelton. My understand as they all have water issues. My family and I all have some kind of issues. To much to go into right now.

  40. Dave Schenck Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Lejeune from 1990 – 1993. I suffer from a reoccurring skin rash for which my family doctor nor the VA have any answer. My 19 year old daughter, who was born during this time and spent time on the base as an infant, has just been diagnosed with abnormally large cysts in her breasts. Please send me more information on this case. Thank you.

  41. Carolyn Thomason (Vernon) Says:

    My husband (now deceased) died of cancer in 2007. He was a marine and we were at Cherry Point from 1965 – 1966. The doctors did not find the primary site of his cancer. He didn’t know he had it until it had already taken over his liver, one kidney, and into his lungs. My thyroid became overactive, diagnosed in 1985, and was treated with radio active iodine to destroy it. Does the water contamination also include Cherry Point residents? Please advise.

  42. Tyrone Bowers Says:

    I was station at camp johnson in 1981 and return there for most of my career . My child has been born with bad eyes mental issues. I myself have mental issues. please help

  43. Tyrone Bowers Says:

    How do I become a part of this class action suite.

  44. Richard Ellison Says:

    I was at Camp Lejeune from 1970 to 1972 I have a lot of health issue.

  45. robert james Says:

    i was station at lejeune 1985 thru 1988. i have had 3 types of cancer i have had 7 surgery in the last 18 months. dont know what to do. ihave 6 children and i have not been able to work for the last 2 years. i am losing everything and there is nothing i can do about it

  46. Joe jackson Says:

    I was stationed at Camp Lejune in 1965, have suffered a heart attack, and various skin cancers.

  47. m.m. aye-stenson Says:

    I received 2 letters from ATSDR about contaminated water @ Lejeune. I have been affected. How can I join the class action suit?

  48. Fred Says:

    We were moved from Midway Park over to Terrible Terrace II in 85. We called base housing about the roaches and the water serveral times to be told the water was fine. It was so obvious the water was bad, especially hot water would foam and the smell of dry cleaning chemicals were too strong to ignore. We couldn’t use it to cook, drink and for laundry we went to a laundrymat. Kept gallons of water in house. My wife called a civilian water testing company and they refused to test the water as we were on a Federal Property. Next float coming up within next few months. Instead of my wife staying there with the water and bugs, she moved out and we gave up base housing. For the next 20 years we never lived on base again. I have heart problems – only one in a family with 4 boys and one girl. My wife has breathing problems and was hospitalized several times while living there. They knew the water was bad and so did the civilians that didn’t want to test and step on government toes.

  49. kis daniels Says:

    hoe do i get info on how to file due to thecontamination at camp ;lejuene nc. i lived there with my family from 1972-1979. my father was stationed at there and was usmc.

  50. Kathy Ladd Larrow Says:

    My parents were stationed at Camp Lejuene from 1954 to 1957. Both of my parents died from cancer. One had bladder and brain cancer and the other one had lung cancer. They lived a Knox trailer park where my brother was conceived and born. My mom had many miscarriages until I was born. I was born 3 month early and had many medical issues over the years as well as my brother. We just found out about this. Can anyone help us to get up to speed on what we should be doing or where to sign up to join the law suit? Thanks

  51. Cary Selby Says:

    I want to register to be a part of the class action law suit for contaminated drinking & bathing water consumption while stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina for 4 weeks each in 1966 & again in 1967, during my pre-deployment combat training prior to deployment to Danang South Vitnam at Red Beach & subsequently to Happy Valley outside of Danang, near Marble Mountains, while attached to MCB 1- US Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Number One.

  52. mike ledogar Says:

    i was stationed at camp lejuene after paris island in late 1967 or 1968.i have had problems with asthma and other breathing problems ever since.i also had prostate cancer about 5 years ago.i would like help on how to sign up to join the lawsuit.thank you……

  53. Julia Darbonne Says:

    How do I register for the class action lawsuit in regards to the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune in December 1975 thru May 1976. I do no have cancer, but I have other related medical issues. Am I eligible for medical or monetary benefits? Later my family moved to Jacksonville, NC while I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, are they eligible to join class action lawsuit?

  54. Doug Mitchell Says:

    I am very concerned…? I was stationed at LeJeune 1970-71…my ex-wife died recently from cancer…she was with me for 10 months at Lejeune..? what is my next step..?

  55. Holly Rich Says:

    I was born in Camp Lejeune in 1973 and was wondering how to register for the class action law suit. We lived in Tarawa Terrace on the base from 1972- 1975 i think. any information will be greatly appreciated. I suffer from chronic headaches and other health issues and are not sure exactly why. Your help is welcome. Thanks Holly Rich

  56. Bruce Neff Says:

    I would like to join the class action law suit and need a attorney.

  57. andre plante Says:

    I was stationed at MCAS(H), J’ville NC from 1977 1979 and now have been diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer no i have to check this out any help outthere would be appreciated. Sempeir Fi

  58. Terence Wilson Says:

    Im would like to jion the lawsuit and need a attorney

  59. Artie I. Coffin Says:

    We lived in base housing at New River Air Station, Camp LeJeune, and my youngset daughter has several medical problems, and am wondering what to do to determine if any of it is related to this law suite for contaminated water. I was contacted in 2000 and gave a phone interview about her med. history and when we lived on base, etc. but have never received any further correspondence from them. Thank you for any help.

  60. Terry Taylor Says:

    My father was stationed at Camp Lejeune in the early 1980’s. I was not born until 1988. My father died in May 2000; he was only 38. I had Scarlet Fever at a very young age which shut down my right kidney and it had to be removed. I also have a Pulmonary Valve Insufficiency disorder. I would like to join this class-action suit and I need an attorney. Please help me, I just found out about the class-action suit and I do not have a clue how to go about seeking legal assistance.


    I was born at camp lejeune in oct 66 with mild spinabifida. I am currently 100% disabled, with all kinds of health issues I never understood until I heard about the contamination last month. I cant believe the Marine Corp never contacted me. The Marine Soldiers always deal with the dead and wounded. How dare the Corp disrespect the tradition!
    Kevin Talkington

  62. jim adams Says:

    just got 70% for contaminated water but va only want’s to pay one year retro I almost died 20 years ago when my stomach ruptured. Changed my hold life I’d like to sew for when that started treating me

  63. Cynthia Thompson Says:

    Hello to all..I have a dear friend who her and her husband were stationed at Camp LeJeune back in the 1950’s…Approx. 7 years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia..He did the treatment and survived it for another 4 years..Sadly, he passed away in August of 2010…How do you go about “proving” that the contaminated water may or may not have had a hand in his disease? Any help would be appreciated..Cynthia

  64. John Moss Jr. Says:

    Hello,My Father (Captain John C. Moss) was stationed in Camp LeJeune in the 60’s and my mother, four sisters and myself lived there. My father died in 1981, 2 years after the marine corp made him retire and one year after Reagan cut off benefits for widows. My mother has had it tough her whole life because she ended up with nothing from the government. How does one respect the government after what my family has gone through and even though I live in this great country I know now that it’s not about our country but about the people in our government only looking out for their own benefit.I know that they reinstated the benefits back to our widows during desert storm but she was not reinstated. So what should I do knowing I drink from that place and might get sick from it. If there is anyone out there who know, tell me…..John

  65. chris davis Says:

    i was in campLejeune 1980 thru 1982
    2010 i was diagnosed with lymphoma stage 4 cancer..
    still fighting the battle i was in 8th motor division
    help me if u can

  66. daniel sawicki Says:

    My father was a marine stationed at camp lejune with my mother during the sixties.I had been born with birth defects to my leg and foot in father passed away in 2009 from leukemia after beating lymphoma mother also suffers from severe rumetoid arthritis.I am wondering if there are any benefits my mother and I could apply for.Thank you.

  67. scott radke Says:

    I was stationed on CLNC from Jan 1985-May 1988….I was recently notified by the base that I was subjected to contaminated water, but the VA didn’t apply any disability to my case….how do I apply for the class action suit/s?…thank you

  68. robin d johnson Says:

    I was married to a US marine and we moved to base housing Tawara Terrace.When I got pregnant with twins we moved to base housing on Camp Lejuene. I had surgery after my delivery and had a mild infarction. I was told that the surgery went well except for that happening on the operating table. I later moved from Camp Lejuene and had a heart related episode which was called idiopathic cardiomyopathy (heart attack from an unknown orgin). I was there when the water was contaminated for about 5yrs, 1987-19921..How do I apply for that class action suit.

  69. Kitty Collins Says:

    My family lived on Camp Lejune in the 70’s. My father died from a massive heart attack on the USS Nassau at the age of 42. My mother has battled cancer 4 or 5 times having surgery yesterday to remove spots on her liver. My sisters and I have had health issues over the years. All of us have bone density issues that are not genetic. Thyroid, vision, precancerous cells, miscarriages etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  70. Gwendolyn Hall Says:

    I developed a lung disease called sarcoidosis after living there on the base with my husband who was a Marine
    How do I find out about or sign up for any class action suit related to this.

  71. Michael Scott McCracken Says:

    I was born in Quantico VA. at the military base in Dec 1967 and spent the first 2 years of my life at Camp Lejeune. I spent most of my life dealing with fatigue issues and still do as a result of Sarcoidosis. I also developed a distinct bowing (about 20 degrees or more) of my right arm that wasn’t present when I was born but appeared while being nursed by my mother while at the camp. I tried to use the contact form at Anderson Pangia but it sent me to an error page. Maybe its full or something? I left a phone message with them on 4/9/13 we’ll see what happens. Back in 2000 I contacted the other law firm. I have no idea if they added me or just forgot about it after they hung up the phone so we’ll see if the Pangia folks contact me back. Anyway… I wanted to get put on the action list.

  72. Pamela Milkewicz sutton Says:

    MY dad was stationed at Cherry Point 1961- 1966. During this time my sister and myself were conceived. As an infant I was hospitalized with severe projectile vomiting, my sister was born prematurely, has a large birthmark on her lower back, had an umbilical hernia surgery at age three, had eczema and asthma. Her daughter doesn’t have enough enamal on her teeth, and both of her kids have severe asthma. My mother has suffered from fibromyalgia , thyroid and adrenal issues. My dad was just diagnosed with bladder can er two years ago, which has not reoccurred, he is now showing signs of dementia. Are there water issues in Cherry Point? Many of the symptoms showing up at Camp LeJeune sound familiar. Are we eligible for the class action lawsuit ?

  73. Gessica Cooke Says:

    Hi my fater was stationed in Camp Lejeune NC from 1980-1990 and at that time Me and my sister and brother were concieved my mother had cervical cancer and now it has moved to her stomach.. I have alot of health problems Including Infertility and stomach problems and alot more to go with it.. i would like to Know if we qualify to particapate in the class action lawsuit? Thank You


    MY husband has lung cancer due to exposure at camp lejune .He got his benfits and on the paper it said it was due to water at camp lejune can you help us

  75. thomas golden Says:


  76. Steven Hobbs Says:

    My family was stationed at Camp Lejeune, Tarawa Terrace, ’64 – ’66, I was between 3-6 years old. In 1988 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, 18 months of chemo followed. I still have Neuropathy. My Mom had breast cancer surgery last year. Count me in!

  77. Christine Swanson Says:

    If eligible, I would like to join this suit. We were stationed at Camp LeJeune and lived on Tarawa Terrace July 1987 to February 1989. I realize this was at the end of the time frame of contaminated water but my husband is suffering from rectal cancer and is now in stage 4. I also had thyroid cancer in 2010. Count us in.

  78. matt malawski Says:

    I was stationed at Cherry Point and did my MOS training at Camp Geiger in 1987 are those of us that trained by LaJune at Camp Geiger included in this case? I suffer from headaches and have twins born 12 1/2 weeks early who suffer from Ceribral Palsy ( C P), suffered strokes when they were born and my son has had3 brain surgeries. please contact me to discuss.

    Semper Fi

  79. Gerardo Santiago Says:

    I was stationed in Camp Lejeune from 1985 to 1989. I was diagnosed with Hepatic Steatosis.

  80. Jerry Stevens Gaddy II Says:

    I was a Hospital Corpsman at Camp Lejeune from Aug. 1979 to Feb. 1982. Spent most of the time at the Naval Regional Medical Center on Hadnot Point. I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in April 2012.
    How do I register?

  81. Antonio Stevenson 2Guns Says:

    I just found out about this.I was station on New River in HMT 204 but lived in base housing on Lejeune in 1977. I would like to get this service connected with the VA in Oklahoma to draw some kind of a precents and file with class action or by myself.

  82. Steve Powers Says:

    My father was stationed at Camp LeJuene during his enlistment and I was born there in 1955. My brother was born there in 1952 and my sister was born there in 1958. My father died in 2010 of Lung Cancer and my sister has had breast cancer.

  83. Ron Wood Says:

    I want to know how to get registered for the class action case I was stationed at camp Lejuene fron 1982 to 1984 I have been diagnosed with a heart condition that is on the list of deseaes I have applied for va health bennies but was admisterated discharged not sure what will happen nexr no health insure for care what if I have other issues how do I get diagnosed?

  84. Bonny Dotson Says:

    Was at midway point in 1971 and 1972 spent all my time on base when my x husband was on manovers. I took classes in swimming,sailboating,etc. I now have many health issues and I am being treated for Lupus. I had two misscarraiges,one in 72 and another in 74. How do I file for class action lawsuit?

  85. Bill Fanning Says:

    I have had un-explainable multiple surgeries for bladder and prostate cancer at an early age. I was stationed as a Marine aboard Camp Lejeune during the effected years.What happened to “we take care of our own”.

  86. Paul Svacha Says:

    USMC Active Duty 4/4/76 to 4/4/80.
    Married.Two children Born at the Hospital in town.
    Worked on base and drank the Contaminated water.
    Constant headaches to date.
    Registed ATSDR, US Dept of Health and Human Services.
    Havn’t heard a word else wise.

  87. Anthony Key Says:

    Stationed at Camp Lejeune in the 80s. Lost right kidney due to Kidney Cancer. How do I add my name to a class action lawsuit?



  89. David Brown Says:

    USMC 1978 to 1982
    multiple health issues
    child born with health issues
    stationed on camp Lejeune from early 79 to august of 81 constant head aches and pain

  90. Robin S. Says:

    my eldest sister died at the age of 43 of aggressive stave 4 breast cancer. She lived in Jacksonville/Camp Lejune in 1989 until 1991. Please tell me how I can get in this lawsuit for her.

  91. jim martin Says:


  92. Michael A. Jones Says:


  93. Debbie Says:

    I was living at Camp Lejeune in 1976,77. Since moving home suffered 1 miss carriage and then gall bladder come out and doing search inside me found a bad diseased liver in the surgery in the early 80s. No one in my family has had liver issues. Thank you

  94. thomas g boyd Says:

    I would like to be included in the class action lawsuit I was stationed at camp Lejeune in the eighties and have been diagnosed with stage 4 esophagitis cancer

  95. Mary Lee Says:

    My ex-husband and I were stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1969-1970 and then 1976-1978. I had 2 miscarriages, in which I almost died, have been diagnosed with multiple diseases. My daughter has had 2 miscarriages and is very anemic. She has to have blood transfusions a year. We would like to know how we can be include on this class action lawsuit. thank you.

  96. Glynice Nall Says:

    I was born at Lejeune in 1956, and live there for the first several years of life. My mother has passed from cancer. My grandfather who was stationed there has passed. He served at Lejeune 5 times before retiring in 1968 from Lejeune. I have had 3 miscarriages, chronic migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid problems. If I can be include in a class action suit please let me know.

  97. SEVERA jONES Says:


  98. Joseph Says:

    This site is for information only. We do not sign people up for lawsuits. Thanks.

  99. Rebecca Regan(Adams) Says:

    my parents had lived on the geiger trailer park on the base. I myself was born on the military base in 1973. My father was an mp there at that time..I was wondering if this could have effected me as a child whose breast bone didn’t develope right and also other possible can I find out more info on this lawsuit?

  100. Larry G. Schultz Sr. Says:

    I am a Marine veteran that was stationed at Camp Lejeune,N.C during the 70’s. I would like to register for the contaminated drinking water class action lawsuit. How do I do this? I am already registered with the United States Marine Corps registry for the contaminated drinking water issue. Thank You for any help you may be able to provide!

  101. gerald jadin Says:

    station at lejune from sept 75 to dec 78 the va trying to give me the runaround about the toxice water

  102. michael Price Says:

    I was station in camp Lejeune from 79 to 1980. Thank god I haven’t had any cancer however I do suffer for stomach problems and was hospitalized for kidney problems this year. would like more info on the class action

  103. Myron K. Simmons Says:

    I am a veteran of the U.S.M.C. who was also station at Camp lejune during the late 70’s early 80’s. I do not think I affected how ever I have a son who was born with a severe case of eczema. In fact he may have cancerous sores. I am not on the United States Marine Corps registry for the contaminated drinking water issue nor the register for the contaminated drinking water class action lawsuit. How do I do this also? Please use my email address for contact. Thanks in advance.

  104. jerome johnson Says:

    Would Like To Register For Class action Lawsuit

  105. jerome johnson Says:

    Interested In Lawsuit

  106. jerome johnson Says:

    Was in usmc from 1973 to 1975

  107. jerome johnson Says:

    I was in Parris island in the 70s married. In the 80s where my wife gave birth but loss our daughter. To a blood. Disease at 3weeks of age

  108. Harriett Alford Says:

    Hi,my husband was station in Camp Lejune during the 70’s. He was a veteran of the U.S.M.C. He was diagnosed with mulitiple myeloma cancer in 2001, He died October 13, 2002. I am register on the United States Marine Corps Registry, but not the lawsuit. Please let me know how I would go about signing up for this lawsuit. Please use my email address for contact. Thanks in advance.

  109. Lycanthrope Says:


    How Do I Register for a Class Action Lawsuit for Contaminated Water in USMC / Camp Lejeune | Class Action Lawsuits

  110. Francine Epstein Says:

    My ex-husband and I lived were at Camp Lejeune 1968-1971. Our two daughters were born at the Lejeune Naval Hospital.I have was diagnosed with a rare form of Vasculitis; with a history of two bypass surgeries, multiple stents, angioplasty, and severe depression. One miscarriage four months after my husband was released from the Marine Corp; I became permanently disabled in May, 1988. My younger two children are now both permanently disabled; my oldest daughter suffers from depression. Could you please send Information needed to be included in this suit.

  111. Cynthia Norris Says:

    My father was enlisted in the Marine Corps and was stationed in Camp Lejeune. My father and mother lived in Tarawa Terrace from 1959-1963. My mother died of a rare disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis 10 years ago at the age of 66 and we just lost our father a few months ago from a rare disease called MDS (which I never heard of until then). I read upon these diseases and both diseases said it could of been cause from being exposed to certain contaminations. I would like to register for this Class Action Lawsuit for Contaminated Water is USMC.

  112. errol osborne Says:

    was on vacation travelling home when I became very disoriented.complained to my sister who called the corps,they told me go to Brooklyn navy yard,from there to Philadelphia, walter reed and back to camp Lejeune.diagnosed as having condition prior to service.was at camp Lejeune from 1984 to 1985.

  113. Kathy williams Says:

    Father was stationed at camp Lejeune, I was born in 1957 during this time, lived in Onslow, NC, drank at water from base on visitations to my fathers base camp and from areas surrounding
    Would like to have lawsuit information papers
    I feel I was kept from important information that now may bring answers to why I have, my father has, and sister, mother have illnesses unexplained. Thank you for helping “us” find the answers , honesty and help we deserve.

  114. Earl Joseph Caporin (Jones) Says:

    I was at Paris Island starting Jan.25th 1966 . After boot camp went to Camp Lejeune for the remainder of my Enlistment. During my time at Camp Lejeune, i was sent T.A.D. to Cuba for 6 months. After the T.A.D. to Cuba, returned to Camp Lejeune to finish out my Enlistment in 1968.

  115. James Edward Smith Says:

    I was stationed at Cherry Point and also spent 4 months in the Hospital at Camp Lejune with a broken leg. I was stationed there from 1961 to 1963.
    I just found out about this law suite and the possibility of filing a claim.
    Over the years I have had surgerys for skin cancer. Further I have had problems with muscles causing me to take medications for the problem.
    I would like to know what I have to do to apply for me to be a part of this law suite.
    Thank You
    James Smith

  116. michael swanson Says:

    I was there in 1986, am on ssi disability…have a claim with the va..was denied..I appealed..I have now –1– note from doctor stating the 4 chemicals has a potential to cause my disability

  117. Andre Perry Says:

    I was station at Camp Lejeune from late 1984-Aug,1986. Around 2011 I found out that I have Cirrhosis of the Liver. I started going to a Gastroenterology which has done a lot for me. After having a biopsy he informed me that I had been sick for over 25 years, I am still working my liver level is 571.5 and praying that I will never need surgery. The Government is so full it that I ask nothing from them, they say LEAVE NO-ONE BEHIND so not true. The Men & Women that was willing to RISK their LIVES are Forgotten.

  118. brian bilbo Says:

    does this lawsuit pertain to parris island as well

  119. Thomas Hall Says:

    I waas stationed at camp LeJeune from 1975-1977 and the returned in 1979 for EOD school. I have a long list of problems. I have had colon cancer inwhich case the VA took 3 feet of my colon out.The VA also siad there was a chance of it being a result from Camp LeJeune. The following 2 years I had precancer in the colon. Possible prostsate cancer. The first biosy came up where they wernt sure so now I am waiting the the new results.Now being able to go through my medical records I have found out a lot more the the VA has found out but never told me or they have just found out because of my persitance in finding out what was ailing me. Depression, Verigo, Tinnitice, hypertension,sleep disorder,B-12 deficiency, migrains, gerd, pstd, short term memeroy loss, cyst in the liver, cyst in the brain, loss of white matter around the brain, behavioral disorder, fatigue,nerve damage,hearing loss. Degenitive disc desease in the lower back and neck.These all were found by the VA at different times starting around the year 1997. I got out in 1986 and did not bother with the VA to much at first but it took 7 years to get my first claim setteled for my knee and wrist which was service connected.

  120. Michael Hart Says:

    How do I get involved my brother was born there in 1957 I was conceived there but I was born in Quantico Va.1958, My dad spent numerous years there as a Marine, he had 3 tours in Viet Nam but both my parents died of cancer my mom died in 1989 my dad 2008 also my brother has some birth defect we where exposed to all of the military growing up my dad spent 21 years in and I also spent 8 years in the navy Seabees so any info would be heipfull thanks.

  121. Erika Montague Says:

    I lived on base with my marine husband and my little girl who was just a toddler from 1989-1993. My husband all of the sudden was showing signs of mental illness. He had never shown signs before. I became pregnant with my son while on base, delivered him on base and stayed on base until he was 10 months. He was born with a severe and rare birth defect. They would not diagnose him, the doctors on base just kept telling me not to worry about his deformities and that he was okay. I moved off base to Idaho where the doctors diagnosed him the day after I got here with a life threatening birth defect and he had to have his entire head reconstructed. I was diagnosed with cancer several years later. Please help.

  122. Cindy Says:

    My brother went to boo camp there in 1972. He came down with a fungal that was growing out of his foot while he was at the camp. It scar his leg. When he came home from the marines he got a girl pregnant. The little girl was born with two big toes on one foot. They removed the big toe and now she has four toes and has a hard time walking at times I believe it is from that water. My brother has been saying since 1974 that he thinks the marines put something in the water. Now look

  123. Dominique Says:

    ii am a former camp le jeune marine.i was stationed there from 7/1974 to 9/1977.i just underwent 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy for a rare form of cancerr. please help me

  124. Harriett Alford Says:

    My husband was in the Marines during Jan 6,1970-Jan 6,1972, where he was station at Camp Lejune. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in 2001,and he died in October 13,2002,with carpulmonary arrest,which he suffered with renal kidney failure,and cause of death was contribute cause of multiple myeloma cancer. Please help me.
    Thanks,Harriett Alford
    Surviving Spouse


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