Class Action Lawsuit Against Marlboro Lights How to Join

Many of the class action lawsuits against the cigarette companies are going through the states. You may want to check with your state to see if there is a lawsuit pending. Each state government has a website and phone number to call for that sort of information. Then there are the law firms that handle the cases. You may want to do some research to see which law firms are handling the cases. Off hand I know that  Will Ferguson and Associates has handled some cases with Marlboro for the state of New Mexico. Sheller Ludwig and Badey have also handled cases for the residence of Missouri back in 2003.

It is really interesting how many states have been involved in some sort of class action lawsuit with the Philip Morris Company, who makes Marlboro cigarettes. You could check with one of the mentioned law firms like Sheller Ludwig and Badey to see if they know who might have a suit going in your state or if there is any case in action at the supreme court. They often cover multiple states which make sense since they have fought the beast before and won. Your not alone in this fight. In 1996 even the widow of the original Marlboro man filed suite against the company. Actor David McLean died from lung cancer after years of battling the addictive nicotine for years. He just had the hardest time trying to quit smoking and was never successful with it. David McLean was hired to be the Marlboro man on television and print adds for Philip Morris Inc. He was obligated to smoke the cigarettes and would smoke up to five packs per add in order to get the right look. From then on he received boxes of the cigarettes as gifts. At the time, no one would think that the Marlboro man would die from smoking the cigarettes that he was paid to sell to the world.

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36 Responses to “Class Action Lawsuit Against Marlboro Lights How to Join”

  1. Lou Ann Otis Says:

    I smoked Marlboro Lights from 1980 until 2008, when I quit smoking. I feel that false advertising by big corporations must be stopped. It is not only Phillip Morris Company who is the culprit.. there are many other companies that do false advertising of their products also..among them are the pharmaceutical companies.

  2. Kay Bomstad Says:

    I was a Marlboro Light smoker from 1970 to 1989. I wish to become a part of the class action suit. Thank you.

  3. Louise Wyly-Jones Says:

    I have had negative symptoms to marlboro lights for 2 years and have decided it is brand. Doctor has been told and can give backup. Please let me join class action suit or start one.

  4. Sharlette Davidson Says:

    I have smoked that brand since 1980. Can someone contact me with what I need to do for this law suit. Thank you,
    Sharlette Davidson

  5. Teddy G. Holdren Says:

    I have been smoking Marlboro Lights for nearly twenty years. I recall reading the advertisments in magazines stateing about the less Tar and Nicoteen for the Lights. I now have COPD and is being treated. I have tried to quiit but not sugggesful as yet. I have tried the gum, the pill and am now on wellbutine in an attempt to quit smoking.

  6. Mary baker Says:

    How do you join

  7. terry karrick Says:

    i smoked marlboro lights for 20 years, lived in platte city, and bought my marlboro lites in riverside mo. my phone number is 913-563-8040 terry karrick. please sign me up for the class action suit….

  8. Marjorie Beam Says:

    I smoked marlboro lights for over 20 years because they say lights on them i thought they were better to smoke than the other regular ones. what is up with phone number is please sign me up for the class action suit asap. Marjorie L. Beam

  9. Floyd M. Montgomery Says:

    This is the third time of trying to get this message thru. I kept putting my mailing address where it said mail and I guess it would not go thru the system. I am not very good on the computer. My wife Laurie died on 12 April from throat & tongue cancer. The cancer ate thru her major neck artery and she bled out. We had met 10 years ago and she had smoked Marlboro Lights or Ultralights thinking they were safe or at least safer than regular cigarettes. She tried to quit numerous times but after a few days she would always start again. Please sign me up for the class action lawsuit against Marlboro. Floyd M. Montgomery

  10. Kandi Fowler Says:

    could you please send me details on how to join the class action lawsuit…I live in Ohio and I have been smoking Marlboro Lights for about 15 years now…I switched from smoking regular Marlboros about a pack a day to lights because of the lower tar and nicotine and I am smoking about 1 1/2 packs per day and some days 2..since then I have been diagnosed of having COPD and on home oxygen and other breathing medications for it…I have tried to quit but have not been successful at it.

  11. bobbi lynn Says:

    Plz keep me posted! Still can’t breathe!

  12. Robert Bilo Says:

    My wife Judith Bilo died on March 23rd 2012. She died from lung disease that was the result from smoking cigarettes. Even though she quit smoking in the early 1990,s the disease had already started to take hold. She was first diagnosed with C.O.P.D. in 2003. The disease slowly killed over the past 9 years. She smoked Marlboro Lights until she quit. She was 59 years old when she passed. She leaves behind 6 children and 9 grandchildren.

  13. Rebecca Foxworth Says:

    My mother died February 29th 2012. She was diagnosis with lung cancer in June 2011. My mother had not smoked in over 25 years, She had smoked for about 20 years before she quit.She had started smoking back when they said it was safe. I would like some information on the lawsuit.

  14. Geri Says:

    Please include me in your Cl. Action suit.



  16. skipper brooks Says:

    i smoked marlboro lights for 31 years i have copd would like to be in law suit

  17. Mike Jones Says:

    Smoked marlboro until they came out with the lights, smoked them for thirty years tried to stop could not stop until i was told i had stage III throat cancer at age 48 in 2008. i would like to join the lawsuit

  18. Mary miller Says:

    I smoked marlboro lights from 1981 until 2012 and would like to be a part of this suite. I am a CoPD patient as a result of false advertising of this tobacco product and would like my voice help in hopes of saving someone else.

  19. Peter Brock Says:

    I share the same name as one of the most recognised sporting identities in Australia. His sponsorship of Marlboro was in the interest of getting people to use their product like any other form of advertising. Now I have COPD thankyou to their callous disregard and require legal help so they can accept a Donitio Mortis Cause

  20. Willard Graves Says:

    Too many times, this company has gotten away with advertising false ads. I have had terrible sour throats and a cough ever since I switched to Malboro lights back in 2012. I have tried quitting, but the cigarettes are so addicting, it is almost impossible for me.

  21. Willard Graves Says:

    Please include me in this lawsuit.

  22. doris jean jones Says:

    please add me to class ation lawsuit/ulta lights

  23. Billy wells Says:

    I have smoked Marlboro lights since 1989 to now and I am disabled with COPD please include me in your class action lawsuit

  24. Mark A DeJesus Jr Says:

    I changed to Marlboro lights back in 1992 because I had heard that they were better for you. Lower tar & nicotine.

  25. Mark A DeJesus Jr Says:

    Please add me to the Lawsuit.

  26. paulette harper Says:

    i have smoked marlboro lights since 1988 i have copd and i am disabled.please include me in the lawsuit

  27. paulette harper Says:

    please include me in the law suit

  28. joyce suggs Says:

    i would very much like to be part of the lawsuit

  29. franklin cooper Says:

    i am trying to get information on how to join a tobacco lawsuit thank you

  30. Brenda Trammel Says:

    Was a Marlboro light smoker, please include me.

  31. thermam brown Says:

    my father have been smoking these cigs. for years and now he has lung cancer due to name is karen holmes and i am fileing this on behalf of my father Therman Brown

  32. therman brown Says:

    sorry but this me karen holmes with address Po box 466 portland ar, 71663 #1-870-737-1037

  33. phyllis traxler Says:

    My fiancé smoke Marlboro 4 year plu before die ???? from lung cancer.please add me lawsuit R.I.P

  34. phyllis traxler Says:


  35. therman brown Says:


  36. therman brown Says:



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