Can Class Action Lawsuit be Filed for Financial Damages

Yes, class action lawsuit can be filed for financial damages. Basically, most class action lawsuits stem from financial damages in a variety of forms. For instance, there is a class action lawsuit alleging that Ameriloss of Florida overcharged clients with fee of 33.5% for adjusting claims related to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Florida state law limits fee to 10 percent.

Another example of a class action lawsuit filed because of financial damages is the suit brought against Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. The claim alleges that Heartland failed to secure Sensitive Financial Information of millions of credit card consumers from across the US. The suit continues to allege that sometime in 2008, an unauthorized and unknown third person(s) hacked into Heartland’s computer network and gained access to the Sensitive Financial Information of an undetermined number of consumers. After the data breach, Heartland has not offered the affected consumers anything that might protect or compensate them for the injuries suffered as a result of the breach, like offering free credit monitoring, free identity theft insurance, or payments for ‘freezing’ consumer’s credit.

Amazon has a class action lawsuit filed against it for having the ability to delete digital content from Amazon’s product ‘Kindle’, an electronic reading device. Plaintiffs say the value of a Kindle and any reading materials purchased has significantly diminished because of Amazon’s ability to remotely delete digital content. The class action lawsuit contends that owning an electronic reading device that allows content to be deleted remotely is worth less than one without such a feature.

Other forms of class action lawsuits deal with Wage-and-hour, covering disputes involving unpaid overtime and employment discrimination. Or, Billing Fraud, covering securities fraud, contract disputes, any billing discrepancies, antitrust, product liability, and environmental claims. Finally, Improper Interest Rate Levies, which covers unfair practices by credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions.

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