How to Initiate a Class Action Suit

Requirements to initiate a Class Action Suit are having an adequate number of plaintiffs who have common damages and legal issues. Each class member’s claim must come from the same occurrence, and must have the same legal argument. The representative for the plaintiff should adequately protect and represent the interest of the class members. If the defendant doesn’t have the means to compensate the class members for the alleged damages and all the legal costs, then it might be very difficult to get a law firm to represent the class action lawsuit.

So, it’s important to research the scope of the problem. The web is a great resource to gather information. Visit online support groups or chat rooms in order to find information that will relate directly to the lawsuit. Consider placing an ad in the newspaper for finding class members, but only after the class action has been certified by a court. Information may be also found at government agencies or with congressional representatives.

Finding the right attorney to represent the class members is most important, they should specialize in class action lawsuits and also specializes in the type of lawsuit that’s being pursued. For example, suing current employer or even a former employer for discrimination, pick a lawyer who specializes in labor laws and class action lawsuits. Don’t pay a lawyer upfront, most class action lawyers work on a contingency basis, but be prepared that 30 percent will be taken from the settlement funds to pay the lawyers fees.

Once the above has been established, then a motion of class certification needs to be filed. To qualify, there must be proof of a sufficient amount of plaintiffs whom were also subject to the same misconduct. Each class members must have the same allegations. The lawyer picked to represent the case must prove that he or she will handle the common questions predominate in the suit rather than the individual issues. Once this is established, then the lawyer is responsible to send notices to all potential members of the class suit and publish notices nationwide, like in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Then it’s time to get ready for court.

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