Can You Claim Mental Stress for VA Class Action Settlement?

Severe traumatic experiences may produce in many people, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In fact, most people who have experienced horrific situations, will experience some form of PTSD, however not everyone will be incapacitated by it. The first step to finding out if one’s symptoms are in fact those of PTSD is by answering a simple and short questionaire, and then further screening by a medical professional or mental health care provider is usually required. In the general public, situations that may produce symptoms of PTSD include, physical or sexual abuse, car accidents, earthquakes or floods and other natural disasters, and physical assault.

For those in the military who have experienced combat…this population is at the top of the list for danger in experiencing this kind of anxiety disorder. They live through traumatic and life threatening situations day in and day out while on their tours of duty. When they return home they often times have trouble adjusting to “regular” life, and may experience anger and confusion. There are various treatment options available, but in the current times that treatment has not been easy to come by for the Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

One organization has stepped up, and has filled a class action lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs, on behalf of the more than six hundred thousand soldiers retuning home who are not receiving their benefits and their necessary treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. They call this a breakdown in the system, as many of the U.S. Veterans are suffering greatly but can not get the help that they need, after years of serving and protecting their country, it seems that no one is serving nor protecting them now that they are back home. Many cases have been documented of Veterans attempting to receive help, but instead are being put on waiting lists, which is just a little too late in many cases. The law suit is calling for immediate mental and physical health care for all the men and women returning from the war, help that is needed right away.

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