Knee Replacement Lawsuits

There have been problems associated with the manufacturing processes of knee replacement products.

Replacement surgeries are now a common procedure as they can give great relief to patients with arthritis or joint injuries. Replacement of joints reduces pain, as well as increasing mobility, and should last for 15-20 years. However there have been instances where faulty products have caused pain, distress and increased the need for additional surgeries.

Gamma irradiation has been used to sterilize the replacement parts. These parts are made with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. However, it has been found that the sterilizing process has caused oxidation putting the devices at risk of breaking up after they have been implanted in the patient. This failure of the implants can cause the body to react against the parts and also to react against the actual bone causing a condition known as osteolysis. Patients then need the devices replaced.

Another condition known as metalosis is caused my metal fragments detaching from faulty implant.

Medical device manufacturers have stopped using gamma irradiation and moved to ethylene oxide or gas plasma as the sterilization process. This helps prevents oxidation.

Products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, Biomet, Apex Surgical LLC, Encore Orthopedics Inc., Osteoimplant Technology Inc., Smith & Nephew Inc., Stryker Howmedica Osteonics, Zimmer Inc, Sulzer Orthopedics and Depuy have been associated with lawsuits.

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102 Responses to “Knee Replacement Lawsuits”

  1. Doris Dingle Says:

    Zimmer CCK stems were used in total kneww replacement and I have been in extreme pain and discomfort since that time. Burning, shooting pains, noises, heaviness in knee and femur, difficulty standing and walking, decresed mobility in getting dressed, etc., are only a few of the problems I am currently experiencing.

    Doctors don’t want to touch my knee or cannot seem to give any kind of diagnoses. MRIs show knee is perfectly fitted and alignment is good. Can’t imagine how. I need to know if stems should have been used in the surgical procedure.

  2. Don Bass Says:

    Original surgery date 7-08.
    Currently have had knee replacement removed due to infection. Problem manifested after 2 year post op; in Feb 2010. Continuing at present.

    How do I identify if legal action is pertainent or worth pursuit?

  3. Ruby Frasure Says:

    My mother has had a knee replacement and there was a manufactured defect in a biomet knee replacement, per the doctor who had to fix the knee cap. Can I get some more information on other cases.

  4. Ruby Heard Says:

    Had a knee replacement…having a lot of problems…please advice.

  5. mary ann delagarza Says:

    i had a knee replacement done in 2003 im having problems with it would like to join class act suite thank you mary ann delagarza

  6. mary ann delagarza Says:

    ! had a knee replacement done in 2003 I’m having problems with it ,would like to join the class act suit thank you maryann delagarza

  7. Sharlene Jones Says:

    I have had two knee replacements in the last five years. I am in so much pain still, Please help.

  8. JOHN CLARK Says:

    My knee replacement was done on 08/23/04 in Alexandrea,Mn. Dr.Dale, Douglas County Hospital
    The unit is a Smith & Nephew.

  9. chad Says:

    igot a buddy who has a faulty knee replacement and was wondering if we could get some info on what to do or how to move forward . i would apreciate youre reply

  10. anna potter Says:

    Afew years ago I had a partial knee replacement in florida, not to long after the opperation I was in severe pain and had to have another operation in ny to replace the loose partial knee replacement.

  11. shirley kidd Says:

    would you please call me concerning my knee replacement surgery? 870-864-0131

  12. rev timothy jones Says:

    i had 4 knee replacment

  13. barbara maynard Says:

    had full knee replacement.three surgery on my knee

  14. Gayle Chesmore Says:

    I had a knee replacement 6 years ago and have plomblems and pain ever since. It wasn’t done right to begin with and I have been the one to suffer ever since. They have now decided to replace it again after all my suffering. I hope this one turns out better. Nobody would help me with my pain or even cared about my suffering.

  15. Helene Zielinski Says:

    I had my knee replacement in February 2005. I had lost my insurance after that so I never went back to the DR. I am in pain for 5 years with my knee. In Feb 2011 I will have insurance. My top priority was to take care of my knee. I asked for my reports of my operation and was shocked to see Stryker Howmedica Osteonics and DePuy was used in my knee. Could this be why Iam in all this pain. And am I one of the ones in this lawsuit. I need this knee taken care of. What do I do now.

  16. Jean Fontenot Says:

    I received a total knee replacement in April 2009. which followed a partial knee replacement in March of ’08. The partial failed and we went back in for the replacement in Oct of ’08 but was sent home without a knee because of a high sed rate.
    The sed rate never went down significantly because I could not take NSAIDS because of an allergic reaction to NSAIDs. I was followed by the knee surgeon and theInfectious disease Dr.who said I had no infection by Feb of the folllowing yr but the surgeon would not do the surgery until April ’09. Therefore I was without a knee for over 8 months. After receiving the knee I developed a condition wherebe a bone started growing over the TKR. My surgeon said that this was rare but could be corrected after the bone matured. It was supposed to be one year. My surgeon referred me to another surgeon because he retired from surgery. Well after the year pAssed this new Dr,. said he would not take the bone out becacue it might cause too much of a muscle loss so I now have to live without my knees bending and awful pain levels. whereby I have to use Fentanyl pain patches and Flexor hip patches because I am now having problems with my hips and the other knee. Besides the constant pain, my knee stays hot. Is there a recall of this knee replacement that I have. The surgeon used Bio Met Products. I am a 59 year old female who is now worst than before the replacement

  17. Trent Hischke Says:

    I had partial knee replacement surgery 5 years ago (Stryker), which I paid a lot of money for out of my own pocket to fix. Last month the implant broke out of my knee causing great pain. It was lodged in my joint for one week and I had to undergo a total knee replacement. Is there something that I should do legally aobut this? thank you


    How would I know for sure if my replacement was one of these. My surgery was done approximately, 4/5 years ago. I have had some trouble with it but not sure if it is the kind you are talking about . My doctor was Dr. Berrian, and done at Doctors Hospital, in Modesto, Ca. how would I find out ? Thank You, Vera

  19. Euripides Labrada Says:

    Can someone please get in contact with me asap asI need guidence as to what to do with this. I heard there is a class action lawsuit against the manufatures of the metal knees.

  20. Debra Jordan Says:

    Left knee total replacement 04-08-10 with DePuy knee joint. Deep vein thrombosis 2 wks after surgery. Hospitalized July 4th weekend for cellulitis and received iv antibiotics 3 days. Have taken steroids and multiple antibiotics for months for leg redness, swelling and pain. Another surgery performed Dec 01, 2010 to biopsy tissue around joint and bone to identify infection, tighten knee and relieve fluid on knee. Eppy staph identified and treated. Outcome undetermined. Pain continues as of this writing.

  21. Kristin A. Rossi Says:

    I just heard that there was a class action lawsuit against the makers of knee replacements. I had a knee replacement in 2008. I still have pain and now clicking of the keep parts.



  23. Allen B. Ferguson Says:

    I had a knee replacement that lasted 8 months. During this time I was in a lot of pain. They took many x-rays and decided to put on a 2nd replacement knee.

  24. Allen B. Ferguson Says:

    Comment above Home address is 21 Brook Street, Carver, MA 02330

  25. Denyse Leclair Says:

    We are looking for information About this lawsuit. We would like to know if it is valid in Canada, if so how do we know if my mother qualify

  26. Denyse Leclair Says:

    We would like to know if the lawsuit is valid for canadians and how do we find out if my mother qualifies

  27. melody richmond Says:

    always sore,minimal movement ,unasle to walk without help. Help needed.

  28. Denyse Leclair Says:

    Here is a little info on this matter. Since 2002 my mother as had 4 knee replacement with no avail. She had an reaction to the first one, second had to be redone, the third she develop a virral infection and finally the last one she can’tbend her leg. All four knee are all different from the other.

    If more information is required She can be reached @ home:15 Moore Place Barrie,On l4n 6n6
    tel day (705) 722-6633
    night (705) 725-0872
    or at the e-mail listed above.

  29. David Wolbert Says:

    I have had a STRYKER left knee replacement for 5+ yrs.
    I have Chroic Pain and no Dr/Surgeon can tell me why
    Do I have a claim ?



  31. Laura Houston Says:

    total rt knee replacement 7/14/09.knee has never been right.stays swollen & sore.outer skin very sore to touch.after immobile for even short while hurts when moving knee to get up.had lt tkr in 6/07 so i have something to compare to




    the comments i posted above is the sum of what happen with my knee replacement

  34. Maria Carmona Says:

    I got infected with MRSA right after my total knee surgery 0n 09/13/2006 the doctor had to remove the knee replacement twice because of the MRSA.
    I was walking before the surgery, but after the surgery I never was able to walk never again. I have been taking Percocet 10/325 all this years because of the pain and swelling I have. My knee looks deformed.
    I have a Depuy Knee implant and I have been in a wheel chair for the last 5 years.

  35. Virginia Lavin Says:

    My mother, Ruth Bayly, just had to have her knee replacement replaced for the 2nd time and I need to add her to the class act lawsuit…what needs to be done regarding this?

    Please advise

  36. Gary Prater Says:

    I have had both of my knee’s joints replace. They stiff,they pop, and make sounds as I walk sometimes. I don’t know who make them. All I know is the doctor and hospital back in year 2005.

  37. Charles D Tripp Says:

    I have undergone 5 total knee replacements since 6-29-2005. I am still having major trouble with tendons and ligaments due to the number of surgeries I have had to endure. the first 3 knee replacements were Biomet 6-2005,7-2005 and 10-2005…then my 4th knee replacement, a Stryker in 3-2006 and finally my 5th knee replacement in March 2009 was an Advent put in by the Dr. who had invented it and customized it for me. The knee is perfect but all the trauma my leg has endured due to multiple surgeries has made it impossible to walk much and the pain is continual and managed by a pain management specialist. Anything that can be done for me? sincerely, Charles D. tripp

  38. anna hare Says:

    i had a knee replacement done in 2005 that was a johnson & johnson depuy i’ve still had alot of pain in my knee

  39. Arden May Says:

    i had a total knee replacement 7 years ago and for the last year there has been a lot of pain last month i went to the hospital and they (my orthopedic doctor) looked inside and said that the polyehelyne bearing is delaminatig and that the small peices coming off was causing inflamation i have been taking two ibuprophine and 1 tylenol for pain i am geting ready for a replacement part now.was wondering if i should talk to a lawyer this will be my 5th procedure on my left knee.
    thanks Arden

  40. Fritzie Nixon Says:

    I had a DuPuy knee replacement October 22, 2002, with Dr. Singer in Omaha.
    After 12 weeks of physical therapy and missed work,
    I still had very limited mobility and constant swelling.
    I had the implant removed and a new one put in by Dr. Eric Otterberg in May of 2005.

  41. Edward N. Scott Says:

    I have hade knee replacement surgery twice, and have many problems

  42. Edward N. Scott Says:

    I had two knee replacement surgeries and have many problems

  43. Bobby Dunning Says:

    My father recently had a knee replacement in May of 2010. I saw an advertisement on the television and decided to look into it. The above website is where I found the name of the company that replaced his knee. (Zimmer Inc.)We would like more information on what further action to take.

  44. Carol Dixon Says:

    I had a Biomet knee replacement in October 2008. In June 2009 the device had to come out because I had an infection. Two types. I had to be off work from June 2, 2009 until January 2010. On June 2, 2009 the knee was removed and antibiotic spacers were placed in my knee, this was horrible. I was confined to a walker until October 2009 when I underwent another surgery to have another Biomet knee put in. On October 26, 2010 I had another surgery on my right knee because the device was loose. In the meantime my left knee needed replacing. Currently, I have two Biomet knee replacements and the device in the right knee is loose again associated with pain and something is wrong with the device in the left knee. I am having severe pain in the thigh area in my left leg also. I am scheduled to return to work next month but it is painful for me to walk on my right leg. When I stand, I hear a grinding noise in my knee and when I step off, I get a sharp shooting pain in my knee.

  45. kathie costa Says:

    Is there currently a suit for the depuy knees. Are there certain dates and is there a specific knee prosthetic.

  46. Jay Wolf Says:

    I had a knee replacement. 1 year after the replacement I had to have a rvision. 11 years after the initial replacement I still have pain and discomfort in the replacement. I believe it was a Johnson & Johnson replacement.

  47. Karen R. Machovina Says:

    I had a knee replacement 2000 perfomed by Atlantic Orthopedics in Virginia Beach, Va. My knee has been in awful pain for the two years…it is swollen, and often has terrible shooting pain that take my breath away. The range of motion makes it almost impossible to bend going down stairs….I go down using 2feet at a time on stairs. I am only 63. I am so afraid. I have no insurance to fix this. My insurance skyrocketed b/c of the knee replacement ($1300) a month. Please help if you can. Thank you. Karen

  48. gary greig Says:

    I had both knees replaced in 2005 with Biomet replacements. After the healing and therapy my pain was getting better. Then, about 9 or 10 months later I had worsening pain. I went back through therapy some more, then did some water therapy. My knee pain has continously been getting worse. I had gone from being able to walk several miles with discomfort (pain), befor the surgery ,to being able to walk about two or three blocks, then have to rest (sit down, get off my feet) because of the knee pain. I have been back to see my Doc. several times since my initial rehabs, he took more x-rays and found no reason for my contioning knee pain.


    I had my right knee replaced in sept. of 2007 & then had to have it replaced again in sept of 2009 and not because of any kind of infection. Something gave loose and I had no injury or outside influence to my knee. Tele # (832) 421 – 0691

  50. Stephen Clark Says:

    I had the DePuy total Knee Replacement done on Nov 5, 2008. Is the defective replacement knee instalation fall within this period of time ?

  51. Malinda Benson Says:

    I would like to be included in the lawsuit. I have had 2 knee replacement ( 1998- 2006) from Smith and Nephew that is giving me problems. Please contact me to point me in the right direction.

  52. Deborah Malin Says:

    I had a knee replacement around 2002 and I still cannot use it like I should. As of today I am having trouble getting around and walking very far. I have fallen several times and I am having problems doing things that I like. Can you help me?

  53. Linda Braun Says:

    I have a DePuy knee replacement…it was inserted???
    in 2005… do I fit into the criteria to join a CAS ?

  54. John Cadarian Says:

    I had my knee replaced Nov 2010. Can’t get any answers on the issue I currently have. One doctor said I didn’t need a replacement and another did. I when with the total knee replacement to relieave the pain Im was having. I now have more issues then before surgery. When walking I have a loud clicking nose that I can feel all the way up to my neck. I have a grinding feeling, feels like my knee wants lock into place which causes alot of pain and I have to move my leg to make it feel better. I can go on. Gone back to my doctor and he says is could be scare tissue. Have you heard, is this normal??

  55. Elaine Bettencourt Says:

    I have suffered since march 2006 when I had a right total right knee replacement. Stryker osteonics was the manuf. I still have swelling/inflammation/pain and grossly inadequate flexion of about 65-70 degrees. I have also taken a couple of bad falls because I tend to trip and lose my balance due to that lack of flexion. It also “gives way” at times. Please help!

  56. Verna Sattler Says:

    I had a Stryker knee replacement in August 2010 and was in tremendous pain. Went for a second opinion and was told it had come loose. New surgeon repaired it but had 7 months of terrible pain in additio to the pain of recovery from surgery, 703-909-5833.

  57. Faye Higgins Says:

    My husband had his knee replaced Jan. 2009. He has had 2 additional surgeries. He is in constant pain but the Dr. said they aren’t anymore they can do for him and referred him to a pain clinic. In which he said no, I seen this ad and he has a Stryker Howmedica knee replacement. If you can help us please email me at the above address. Thank You Faye Higgins

  58. Alberta Douglas Says:

    I had a Depuy Total Knee Replacement in December 10, 2009, I am in constant pain, suffering everyday, when I wake up in the morning, I do not even want to get out of bed to use the restroom, because of the pain. I went to see another Dr, to get another opinion, he knew how much pain I am in and even though he did not do the actual surgery,he did prescribe medication to help me get through the day. I want ot be able to walk again, to be normal. In addition to my to tal knee surgery my Dr. put another piece of steel in my knee so my knee would not buckle, I kept telling him about the suffering I was going through and he gave me a shot of cortisone in my knee for the next few months and it was not working at all. It only kept me in pain for the few days and I felt the shot did nothing at all. I am in desperate help for my knees, my Dr. wanted to do the other knee and with all the pain and suffering I am experiencing I NEVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE. I WISH I NEVER GOT THIS KNEE REPLACED. I NEED HELP FAST. I HAVE AN DEFECTIVE KNEE REPLACEMENT BY DEPUY. I AM DESPERATE FOR SOME GUIDANCE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT. I DO NOT WISH TO AUTHORIZE MY STORY AT THIS TIME BECAUSE OF THE DEATH IN MY FAMILY. I WILL GIVE ANY PERTINENT INFORMATION NEED TO FURTHER MY CAUSE, 614-515-0125. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  59. Alberta Douglas Says:

    I had a Depuy Total Knee Replacement in December 10, 2009, I am in constant pain, suffering everyday, when I wake up in the morning, I do not even want to get out of bed to use the restroom, because of the pain. I went to see another Dr, to get another opinion, he knew how much pain I am in and even though he did not do the actual surgery,he did prescribe medication to help me get through the day. I want ot be able to walk again, to be normal. In addition to my to tal knee surgery my Dr. put another piece of steel in my knee so my knee would not buckle, I kept telling him about the suffering I was going through and he gave me a shot of cortisone in my knee for the next few months and it was not working at all. It only kept me in pain for the few days and I felt the shot did nothing at all. I am in desperate help for my knees, my Dr. wanted to do the other knee and with all the pain and suffering I am experiencing I NEVER WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ANYONE. I WISH I NEVER GOT THIS KNEE REPLACED. I NEED HELP FAST. I HAVE AN DEFECTIVE KNEE REPLACEMENT BY DEPUY. I AM DESPERATE FOR SOME GUIDANCE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT.


    I had a Total Knee replacement surgery on Nov. 28th 2010, and Developed a serious infection where tha replacement had to be removed on February 8th 2011; and I had to undergo Infection treatment for 6 weeks; afther which I had the new replacement on March 22, 2011.
    What do you sggest?


  61. Nick Oherrick Says:

    I had a Total Knee Replacement 2 years ago and it has never been right. My knee feels like the implant isn’t growing into the bone. Also I have had terrible swelling in my foot and numbness in a couple of my toes on my right foot. Since I no longer have any Medical coverage, I can’t do anything about this. Can you help?

  62. Donna Humphries Says:

    Please send me information concerning this class action lawsuit. I had a knee replacement, had a re-do, and am still in terrible pain. I feel like there is something loose in my knee poking through. I have constant pain and can hardly get around. I need help but feel like they should have to pay.

  63. Rozelle F. White Says:

    I had a Biomet knee replacement on 5/07. I had to have a dditional surgery on 9/07. I have had problems ever since. I had a bone scan on 4-19-11. I will get the results on 4-26-11. I do not want to sue the doctor or the hospital. I belive they did a great job. I am sure that there is something wrong with this knee joint. I loo forward to earing from you. My phone number is 810-265-0115.


  64. Joyce Boitnott Says:


    I just heard about these lawsuits this past week. I had an Osteonics knee replacement in Nov. 2002 and then it had to be “reconstructed” in Oct. 2004 as a result of it repeatedly came out of joint. Now, I walked my dog around the block Sat, 4/30/11 (.7 of a mile) and was unable to walk the remainder of the weekend. I can now walk but barely. I have an appt. with an ortho dr. on 5/25 (the very first I could get) to see what exactly is going on with this replacement now.

    Can you please send me some information on this action?

    Thank you.

  65. Una Holmgren Says:

    I had a right knee relacement June 2003. I had a left knee replacement January 2004. I had problems and needed surgery on the left knee November 2004 for lateral release. Again in March 2005 I had surgery on the left knee for a rotation. The left knee is weak and I must use a cane as it sometimes give out.

  66. Mavis Jones Randolph Says:

    I had a total knee replacement in October 2007. I am having problems with my knee that was replace. The problems I am having are chronic pain, burning, feel like my knee is going to collapse, and it is painful walking.
    What can I do to become apart of the class action law suit?

  67. Jacqueline O'garro Says:

    I have had knee surgery in 2003/2004 and the parts used were from Johnson and Johnson and Depuy. I am in constant pain, so much so I have a hard time sleeping at night. I have tried contacting the surgeon that did the surgery and I have not been able to see him or talk to him. Please contact ASAP

  68. Renee Borawski Says:

    I had knee replacement surgery on Dec 17,2009 and now I am having a second knee replacement due the fact that the parts failed…..What do I need to do now….Can you help….Thanks Renee

  69. roger pappan Says:

    have had 2 knee replacements and the pain is worse know than before been to 2 doctors that said my body is rejecting the implants just wandering if i have any recourse if i have to have them both replaced again one knee is 2 years and the other is 8 months


    i have been considering the Biomet “signature” knee to replace my failing knee. I live in South Texas (Rio Grande Valley, but no doctors do that knee here. Are there any doctors getting certified in my area that will be doing this knee soon. I really need a replacement soon. I am also trying to get costs for this surgery as Medicare & out-of-pocket expenses will be my only way to pay for it, unless a doctor in the Rio Grande Valley can do the surgery.
    Kindly help me solve my problem.

  71. KCJr Says:

    WHAT SHOULD I DO IF KNEE REPLACEMENT PROBLEMS?Sorrowful greetings to all you out there who are having problems with your knee replacements. My wife had an on-the-job injury (works for U.S. Fed. Gov’t) — but 1 year & 11 months it started giving her great trouble. From that month through 6 months later, she started having these complaints many of you speak of. Finally we got tired of it, for the doctor would do basically nothing to address it, so we drafted a rather strongly worded letter demanding that some test be done, “like an MRI, or something” — and he finally capitulated to have a “Bone Scan.” Notice, this “Bone Scan” is NOT a “Bone Density Scan”. It actually uses a radioactive substance wherein the particles injected into the blood (after about 2 hours, you have to leave and come back) they will concentrate on damaged tissue — i.e., problems with your implant. This finally proved to the doctor that she would need to get a new surgery. Remember that: Ask for a “BONE SCAN” (and not an MRI or X-Ray or CT-Scan or a Bone Density Scan). It turns out that he suggested first she get tested for “Metal Allergy” (a.k.a. “Metal Reactivity”). Wonder why they don’t do that in the first place? Insurance companies don’t pay for it. But it turns out that a larger percentage of Failures of replacements have Metal Allergies than the “general population” of people. Again, this Metal Allergy thing is controversial — and may be only so because of insurance companies. Anyway, we paid the $550 out of pocket plus $52 FedEx shipping and got the test done — and she had reactivity to Titanium, Nickel and Iron — even though jewelry doesn’t bother her. If she had not been reactive, all he said he would do is replace the part that was loose (the post part which goes into the lower leg), which is a much simpler operation than the total knee replacement. But, because she was reactive, he said he would do the complete replacement of everything with a coated knee. However, when he saw the results, he recommmended one of two total replacement knees. He said there is one that has been out about 15 years, but it does *not* cover 100% of the metal. He said, “If it were me getting the operation on my own self, I would get the other: Aesculap, which covers 100% of the metal, even though it has only been in the market for 5 years — and is made in Europe.” So, if you are having troubles, definitely ask or, pay for, or demand the “Bone Scan” to find out what is really going on — i.e., if your implant has truly failed and you need a new one. Again, we went for the Metal Reactivity/Allergy test, even though we had to pay for it. I think I would suggest it — even before your FIRST implant. To us, and others, it just seems wrong they don’t test for it before the 1st implant — only if it fails. This is *not* an operation you want to get re-done in 2 years, when it should hold up for 15-to-20 years. Again, I am sorry that you are having troubles, but my wife did — and these are things that we have learned in the process. We wouldn’t wish the 1st implant on a person, much less a 2nd in as many years. So, we pray this may help you at least in getting a “Bone Scan” (not “Bone Density Scan”) if you are having troubles. That is “the” test to find out if it has failed. My wife just couldn’t take it anymore, and we finally got a test that showed her hers had failed. It was bad news, but I think it is worse to not know, when the replacement of the replacement is the only thing that would solve your problem. Best regards, KCJr

  72. Ann Stegall Says:

    I had my right knee replaced in January 2000 and everything that could go wrong… did. 6 weeks after the surgery, I was told I had Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) in that knee that was brought on by the trauma of the surgery. Due to the pain of the RSD and the associated side effects along with the knee never fully healing, I had to quit my job as an administrative secretary and go on disability. After 10 years of living in pain, doctors, treatments, shots, medicines, insomnia… the replacement had to be replaced in January 2010. It still hurts and hasn’t healed correctly.

    I have always wondered if the original doctor “messed up” something during surgery or – now – if the knee used could have been faulty. I don’t know what type of knee replacement was used on me in January 2000. The doctor that performed the surgery is still working, but wouldn’t agree to keep seeing me after my diagnosis with the RSD (this disease is now called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Is there some way to find out the type of knee replacement I had in 2000 to see if it is one of the ones in the lawsuit?

    thank you

  73. Anna Cook Says:

    I had a tkr on 12-9-2009, in Feb. 2010 I had a manipulaton done, I had one other manipulation after that for a total of 2 manips. (not sure date of that one), in June 2010 I underwent surgery to remove the replacement due to an ecoli infection for which i was hospitalized for 9 days then released with an iv in my chest and remained on antibiotics for an additional 2 weeks. In August 2010 I went into surgery again to have another knee put in. Both knees were Biomet. As of today 7-26-2011 I am still having pain on a daily basis and have very little mobility. Flexion is at 64 degrees and extension is negative 14. It has been a year and a half since my first surgery on this knee and almost a year since the last one and still no progress at all.

  74. Alton Forrestbett Says:

    I had a biomet knee replacement in 8-09′ I was in therapy for 18 months. I have exercised and no matter what the pain still persist. I,m reyurnin again to my Dr. who did the surgery. It hurts all the time. I still cannot ben orstraighten my leg and when I stand up I have to stand still for several seconds before I move. I’m in worse shape now than I ever was before the knee replacement.

  75. clara la crue Says:

    April 18th 2007 I had total right knee replacement surgery done by doctor V. Bernabe of advanced orthopedics in Hanford, Ca. He used the smith/nephew replacement.I was unable to walk for 2 ½ years and confined to as wheelchair. Dr. Bernabe was run out of town some time after my surgery. I had to have a 2nd surgery done to repair and replce the damage done by dr.Bernabe and the faulty knee.any and all information regarding the class action suit or this matter is greatly apperciated.

  76. Susan M. Abbott Says:

    I had a total knee replacement using the Biomet AGC system in June of 2005. I was 46 years old at that time. In the spring of 2011 I began experiencing discomfort in the replaced knee and had much difficulty climbing stairs and I could not jump or run because of the instability. On July 8th, I had revision surgery at MA General Hospital and the surgeon, Dr. Andrew Freiberg, noted that he had never seen anything like the inside of my knee when he opened the leg. The plastic disc that served as my carteledge was disintergrated and the metal components of the joint were rubbing together and a film of black shavings were found to be through out the joint. Dr. Freiberg stated that he had never seen a disintergration of this magnitude in his career and didn’t have any idea how I had walked for the previous 6 months. Yes, include me in any litigation.

  77. Claudia Howard Says:

    I have a similar story and would like to sue.

  78. Daniel Vaughn Says:

    Lost the last written segment.

    My wife has had 5 knee surgeries over the last number of years, ( iwould have to look up the dates) 1 surgery on the right knee has worked ‘OK’. The left knee has been replaced 3 times, all failing. Finally a 4th surgery was performed and the leg was ‘Fused’ (installed 2 steel rods from hip to knee, and ankle to knee where fused). She now weres a special shoe with a lift, the leg, naturally, does not bend, she still is in pain and mobility is very limited. Even riding in car is uncomfortable and painful. This issue has been going on for over 10 years now. ( I can supply exact dates if need be).
    IS there anything we can do to ?
    Thank you for your assistance

  79. Kathleen Ellis Says:

    I had a total ankle replacement in 2007, followed by a total knee replacement in 2008. The knee replacement has never been right. I have had pain and swelling for 3 years. My doc just kept taking Xrays and telling me that everything looked good and that I would always have trouble with my gait. The gait was not the issue, it is the pain. Just moved out of state and saw a new doc who did an xray and strongly suspected femoral component loosening. Just had a bone scan, waiting to see the doc for the report, but having reviewed it with the tech, it’s clear to me that it has failed. The tech said that I must have a very high pain tolerance. My implant is a DePuy rotating platform knee. Is there a lawsuit on this one yet??

  80. Clydine Dankoski Says:

    I have had two knee replacements in two years. The first one started hurting six months after replaced. The doctor took x-rays said nothing wrong every time. The last time was April 2011. He said it had infection. He asperated my knee came back no infection. He had me do a pet scan came back no infection. So he said he would have to open the knee up to see. After the surgery I woke up with no knee and an embolizer that I had to wear for 10 weeks, keep knee straight and take antibiotics twice a day during that time period. They took three cultures while I was in the hospital. The first two no infection finally the third one had infection (staff). I have cat scans from my GP doctor that show particles of the knee loose. My orthopedic doctor said there was nothing there. Anyway now I have my second knee since June and I am in therapy and a lot of pain. Of course I am getting the same story nothing wrong with it. It is a Johnson & Johnson Depuy knee.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  81. Janice Pummer Says:

    I had a knee replacement 4 years ago. Last June I couldnt stand the pain anymore so I went back and they said the bottom part of my replacement had come loose and I would have to have a revision. During the second surgery in June of this last year when they were putting the rod in my leg they broke me femur bone. I can walk but have to take percocet and morphine on a dialy basis for the paing and discomfort I am still in. I also have numbness in my leg from the knee down. I would like to have more information about any lawsuit possible.

  82. Daniel Arquette Says:

    I had total left knee replacement on 5/14/04 using Osteonics Scorpio/Series 700 components.On 7/13/04 I had the same surgery and components to my right knee.I began experiencing extreme pain in both knees but mostly in my right knee. My Doctor said than it is not unusial to have pain upto a year after surgery.The pain I had was was excruciating.I needed help to stand up.I was 55 yrs old at the time.After many second opinions,my Doctor suggested I go to the Cleveland Clinic.The diagnosis was that the surgeries failed.On 7/26/05,I had both knees done again by a new Doctor at a different hospital.Again,Osteonics/Scorpio parts were used.On 4/18/07,I had a 5th surgery.This time, a 4 hour surgery totally replacing my left knee again with Scorpio parts.May 30th another 4 hour surgery replaced my right knee. I’m still in a great deal of pain but 6 knee surgeries is alot. I’m mentally not ready for more. What can I do?

  83. Lisa Dagliano-Clark Says:

    Does any one there have contact information for a firm doing a Biomet Class Action? Please email anything you may have specific to Biomet. Thank you.

  84. jeannie hinchcliff Says:

    failed partial knee replacement…required revision to TKR

  85. D. McAllister Says:

    Please don’t wait too long before seeking legal advice because depending on what state you live in, you only have a certain amount of time to file a lawsuit before the statue of limitations takes effect and you will not be able to file a lawsuit after that time. There is a chance you may still be able to file if you can prove that while the damage may have been done earlier but that you were only made aware that the problem was due to doctor or manufacture error a year after the surgery which means you would then need to file within the two years of the date you were made of error.

    You should also check out your states cap on these types of law suites. My state caps it at $250,000.00 (punitive damages)and while the attorneys I talked with all agreed I had a great case and would probably win if I took my doctor and the hospital to court, they would not take my case because of the cap. I was told that a medical malpractice law suit is very expensive to take to trial because you have to hire expert witness which can cost a thousand dollars for one day (the experts set their own price because most are doctors who have to take the time off from their own practices),cost of copying medical records, filing fees, etc. and these cost come out of the attorney’s pocket. This is the reason that most won’t even touch a medical malpractice case in my state unless you have lost a limb or you died.

    I have talked to many others in my state that faced the same thing. How sad that we will suffer for the rest of our lives because our government has decided that these doctors and hospitals insurance companies are more important than we are. They have stated that they implemented the cap as a way to keep malpractice insurance down but that has not made any difference in the cost of malpractice insurance because it continues to increase every year. So much so that some doctors have closed their offices. So much for that theory!

    So time is of the essence. I would also suggest you get a copy of your medical records from the surgeon who did the surgery, your records from your hospital stay, the nurses notes, physical therapist and anyone else in the medical field who treated you. Get copies of x-rays, MRI’s,etc. You have a legal right to your records but be prepared they may not want to give them to you and as soon as you say you have the legal right to your records, they will finally agree to give them to you but will charge you to copy each page which could cost many hundreds of dollars. I suggest only asking for the records from the surgeon that deal with only the surgery and the same goes for the hospital.

    Now that I have said all that, I am not an attorney, just someone who has been where you are and I’m still there. I’m the patient that got ticked off for being lied to and having information hidden from me. I did my own research on the implant that was used on me, searched data bases to find out if the implant was on a recall list, contacted the company who made my implant, etc. I only give advice from what I have found out but you need to get in touch with a good medical malpractice attorney in your area and you need to do it now because time is running out.

  86. Darryl Soignet Says:

    I had total knee replacement in 2010 went thru home and gym rehab. My knee would fill up with blood and went back to the doctor and they extracted the blood 3 times and it still would come back. Had another knee operation where they cleaned the inner lining, however this did not help and cotinued and the doctor would not drain anymore due to possible metal infection from the needle hitting the metal.

    Ithen sought another doctor who ran all new test and could not find the problem. He then decided I may be allergic to the metal knee.

    Darryl Soignet

  87. Michael McGee Says:

    I had a tkr on my left knee in Nov 2010. In March of 2011 I had trouble getting range of motion and had to have the doctor bend it. After that I went back to work in May 2011. In March 2012 I had pain, swelling and numbness and lost my range of motion. Had to go back again and the doctor (A different one) had to bend it again to break up the scar tissue. I went back to pt and I got little if none of my range of motion back. I went on to see a couple more doctors and my pain continued, swelling and I started to have a noiceable limp. In Jan 2013 I had a total knee revision. The implant was starting to loosen, the bone cement was not adhearing to the bone, or the implant. The doctor found a piece of the cement had broken off and had lodge itself between the bone and the implant. Do I have any legal recoarse?

  88. Michael McGee Says:

    The implant was a Medacta, and the bone cement was SMARTSET HV 40g made by Dupuy.

  89. Robert Troyer Says:

    I had a total knee replacement on 1/13/2010 and am still experiencing severe pain. I cannot walk or stand for any length of time. It has prevented me from getting a good job. The implant is a Biomet Vanguard. What can I do?

  90. William Greene Says:

    I had a right total knee arthroplasty using zimmer legacy PS E high flex femoral component, # 7 tibial component, 12 mm articular surface, 32mm pateliar button on 6/21/2012 and have not had a good day since, I have much difficulty walking or even standing for any period of time, i still cannot go up or down stairs properly, when i go outdoor in the cold weather my knee gets cold and locks up where i’m unable to walk, i’m now walking with a limp and my step is crooked. Almost two years and i’m still going to therapy. My surgeon said the xrays look fine just wear a knee pad, if i get down i can’t get up with something to hold on to, I think its a joke that a person should suffer for two years and all his surgeon can say is wear a warm knee pad, is there any help for people like myself, i’m 72 years old, therapy is having its toll on me.

  91. susan lynn shawgo Says:

    I had a total knee replacement July8,2003, MUA, several revisions, infections continuous pain, was told by. the. ortho doctor it was a total failed left knee replacement, it I’d a Biomet Ascent tkr, It is now November 2014 and I”ve been told by the FDA that it was recalled. don’t want to lose my leg. What should I do?

  92. Patty Westfall Says:

    I had a total knee replacement and I have constant pain. My Dr. doesn’t want to give me medication for the pain, he did in the beginning, but won’t any longer even though the pain is constant. My knee and leg swells, feels hot sometimes and has caused me to gain weight because I hurt too much to stay active. They had me use an ICE MAN machine and it caused nerve damage. I couldn’t lift my toes for at least a year, the feeling is still not right. If I cross my legs or ankles, it shoots pain all the way to my toes.I had to go to live at a rehab center after my surgery for at least 30 days. I am afraid of falling because the bone might snap and then what would happen? I missed work and lost money. My surgery was almost 2 years ago in May of 2013.Can you please email me to let me know if there will be a lawsuit against the knee replacement company?

  93. Vera P. Courtroul Says:

    Approximately 10 yrs. ago I had my first knee replacement, have had nothing but trouble and so much pain, still do today, I’m guessing that it will never stop . Then last year I had to have the other knee done, I was told it would take 6 mos. told yr. before the pain there is even hope for the pain to stop on this new one. All I know is that I am very tired of all the pain and discomfort I go through 24/7 .Are the lawsuits still going on is are they over?

  94. gerald houser Says:

    Knee replacement in may 8 2014 October heard a noise in my knee screw stripped out with thread and all had to have a revision and they replaced everything except patella November 18 2014 medacta gmk.

  95. Joyce West Says:

    Had total knee replacement in April 2013, No problems until February 2014…Severe pain, instability of knee, etc. Began physical therapy for 2 months and knee got worse. After numerous cat scans and bone scans had revision of left knee. Found to have loosening of glue and fracture of tibia.
    Please let me know if I have recourse in this matter.

  96. Cheryl Scherf Says:

    I had both knees replaced in February of 2012. Had to have revision surgery on my right knee in June of 2013. Still have significant pain and swelling in my right knee. Knee cap will not stay on track. Quad muscle still not performing correctly. Cannot straighten my right knee like I can my left. Re-hab was really good. Therapists knew something was wrong and argued with the Dr. Still having issues.

  97. Denise Jackson Says:

    I had a partial knee replacement on 12/10/2010. Towards the end of 02/2015, I began experiencing pain off and on in the same knee. On 3/11/2015, I could not walk on my own because of severe pain in the same knee. On 3/12/2015, I went to the doctor; he prescribed pain medication, took x-rays, and gave me a pair of crutches to use. He also gave me a referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon. On 3/24/2015, I saw the Orthopedic Surgeon, who told me (based on his exam) that he suspected the implant has begun to pull away from the bone. He ordered blood tests and a bone scan. He told me that he is certain I will need a total knee replacement.

    To date, I can walk, but not without limping, because of the pain in my knee. I would like to know if the implant manufacturer (Biomet) is liable for the faulty device. Should I need knee-revision surgery, I think they should pay for it; can they be held liable?

    Thank you for your time and response.

  98. Cring Says:

    I have just found out that the knee replacement I had in 2011 is loosening up inside the bone. When I contacted a lawyer he said that my product number is not on recall but that they had had a lot of calls on that product. Why is there not a class action suit going if a lot of other people have also had trouble with this implant?

  99. Lauretta. Sievers Says:

    Had to total left knee replacement in 2013 and then in 3/2015 I broke my femur right above my knee replacement. What a painful thing to do. I fell backwards and did not fell on my knee no one can tell me what happen.

  100. Rita Staten Says:

    I understand what they are going through. What knee replacement surgery was 9/23/2014 and I have bee in pain every since. They are telling me that it can take up to a year for it to heal but sometimes the pain is so bad I cry I should not be having pain like this. The doctor has done trays because I have fall e n I know that my knee give out when I was walking but the doctor said the showed it was ok. I believe there is something wrong. My knee came from Bio-Med. Thank Rita Staten

  101. Marvetta hendricks Says:

    I had an knee replacement in August of 2004. My doctor wants to re do it is their a recall on biometric knee please call me I really need the surgery having compact ions.8153943884 or 8159757057

  102. Gerald houser Says:

    I had a madacta gmk total knee replacement in may 8 2014 screw stripped out forcing me to have a unnecessary second surgery in November 16 2014 and it been impossible for me to find a lawyer to handle my case.


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