Class Action Lawsuit filed against Immunex Corporation for failure to disclose risks to consumers and advise patients to monitor infection levels causing unnecessary deaths and injury.

Product- Enbrel

Drug used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis

Unintended Side Effect

Unintended side effects include serious infections and other serious blood disorders as well as nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis and seizures.

People with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis and families of people with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis


Enbrel has been linked to serious side effects. The drug works by weakening the body’s immune response and reducing inflammation which plays a major factor in rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. Because the drug weakens the immune systems it can cause other serious side effects including sepsis which is a severe blood infection.

Who Qualifies for a Class Action Claim?

People suffering from the following conditions and who have taken the drug. The conditions include: serious infections, sepsis and other serious blood infections, and serious nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis and seizures.

Victims and their families have a right to take part in the class action suit. If you believe there has been harmed caused you may be entitled to compensation. Class action lawsuits are brought about to protect the public from corporate wrong doings.

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23 Responses to “Enbrel”

  1. patricia pearson Says:

    I have had 2 infections, one in March of 2010 and one in July 2010. Docters were unable to identify type of infection in both cases, which in turn resulted in hospitalization and weeks of IV antibiotics. This resulted in loss of wages and emotional distress. I had been on Enbrel since June of 2009. Would this qulify me for a claim?

    Patricia P:earson

  2. Robert N Hatley Says:

    My name is Robert H. I am 52 year old male.
    In 2002-2005 I was prescribed Enbrel for relief from psoriasis. Embrel did well in relieving my psoriasis but, in the 2004-2005 time frame I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Prior to this I was a perfectly healthy athletic person with no history of cancer within my family.
    Because of the cancer, the radiation and chemo therapy and the subsequent surgeries have left me disfigured and unable to eat. I take in my nourishment through a tube in my abdomen. I have trouble communicating and swallowing among other physical problems.
    I believe that Embrel played a part in my cancer diagnosis. I was not informed of the risk to my immune system otherwise I would not have used it.
    I would like to participate in a Class Action Lawsuit or bring forth a lawsuit personally to make Enbrel responsible for the deficiencies in my health and my life.

  3. Sandra Says:

    Is there anyway I can join this suit?

  4. M Lynne Taylor Says:

    My partner of 26 years died of Leukemia after a couple of years on Embrel. This was just after the drug came on the market. He was being treated for other conditions at the time and I don’t think the Dr’s knew about the side efficts back then. He was treated for many infections that the Dr’s couldn’t figure out. What is the status of the lawsuits for Embrel?

  5. Paula Orr Says:

    I took Embrel for several years… as a result I have a sever lung disease, and I was recently diagnosed with seizures. Please let me know how to proced.

  6. june Obrien Says:

    My husband began Enbrel approx. 6 years ago. He now has had 2 episodes of bruising and diagnosed with ITP. We have been told the condition is from the use of Enbrel, and even though he was one episode many years ago, was still given Enbrel. We were never warned about this. We would like to see if compensation for this problem is available and if any legal action can be taken. His platelet levels reached 1 and he ended up in the hospital. His levels after 4 weeks on prednisone are still only 5.
    We wish to find legal assistance concerning this issue. We live in Washington and the pamphlets and the doctors never mentioned this disorder as a side effect. Only recently have the ads on TV began to include blood disorders as a side effect. Mostly the issue of TB or infections were mentioned. Please tell me if there is any way to assist us. His level do not seem to be responding to the drugs and he also has Hep C which has been manageable. Thank you, June Obrien, my husband is Paul Roster

  7. Janet L Polek Says:

    After reading the brief summary about Enbrel, I believe I suffered from pneumonia several times because of this drug. Only after discontinuing Enbrel did I find relief from constant infections such as pneumonia and fungus. I am interested in your lawsuit. Please contact me about it. Thank you, Janet L Polek

  8. joe cortapasso Says:

    I took part in an enbrel trial at nyu medical center some five or so years ago I started contracting neurological symptoms primarily numbness in both arms and one thigh I ceased injections as soon as these symptoms persisted for three or four days. I started the trial because enbrel was touted as a psoriatic remedy at the inception I was measured at thirteen percent body coverage since stopping the injections it has spread to eighty five percent body coverage never has it been so devistating I believe it is a self perpetuating treatment that when stopped has dire effects on the psoriatic component of my arthritis

  9. joe cortapasso Says:

    That information I’d correct

  10. Emma Thompson Says:

    My husband has been diagnosed with a mass caused from Enbrel, can we be involved in the class action law suit?

  11. Emma Thompson Says:

    What is the status of the Class Action Law Suit against Enbrel.

  12. Sandi Randall Says:

    my health has really been affected by Enbrel. I have MRSA and bone infections and no antibotic seems to work. I have lost most of my hearing due to the high powered antibotics that I have to take to fight the bone infections. I have a broke arm for over 1 year because my bone marrow will not support growth of the bone to heal.

    I have almost died twice last year due to being unconscious for days at a time and no one could find a reason. I developed a pressure ulcers that took almost a year to heal. I have had 4 bone infections and several MRSA infections in the last 2 years. I was on Enbreil since Sept. 2006. I am now disabled and can not get insurance due to my health.

  13. Deborah DiMario Says:

    I was taking Enbrel and developed transverse myelitis in Feb. 2010. I had temparary paralysis and was hospitalized for a week. This was followed by high doses of steroids. My paralysis got better but I have permanent neuropathy on the bottom of my feet causing pain whenever my feet are on the ground.

  14. N. Schembri Says:

    My wife been on Enbrel since Mar 2004 for Ankylosing Spondylitis. She started having extreme pain in and behind her right eye. Doctor said it’s migraine headaches. Even took her to EMG Hospital. Her eye site started to cloudy white in right eye. After seeing 3 neurologist in 2007/2008 one Doctor said stop taken Enbrel as she developed Multiple Sclerosis. She still has MS to this day in 2012. Is there a Class Action Lawsuit in Canada, Ontario???

  15. Ashley Wood Says:

    I took Enbrel for one and a half years and I have recently been diagnosed by the Veterans Affairs hospital with Multiple Sclerosis (said to be caused by taking Enbrel) and I want to know what I need to do to take part in a class action lawsuit against Enbrel. Please contact me at the above email. Thank you.

  16. alicia glover Says:


    I have RA and have had it since 1984. Took Enbrel in 1999 thru 2004. I have developed Melanoma several times before the age of 35 and now I am dealing with lung disease (COPD) and I have never smoked a day in my life. It has changed my life for the worst and is there anything I can do.
    Alicia Glover

  17. Michael P. Bisbee Says:

    My wife was diagnosed in her mid-30s with rheumatoid arthritis which became more severe over the years. For a number of years my wife took Enbrel. Unfortunately, she was among a small percentage of patients that did not get a positive response, i.e. her pain and arthritis continued to get worse. In October 2007 my wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable and rare cancer of the blood. My wife was just 67 when she passed away in January 2012. While she was alive my wife and I came to believe that Enbrel might just have been the cause of contracting multiple myeloma. This is especially so when we saw commercials on TV by the makers of Enbrel. The commercial stated that Enbrel (may or can, I’m not sure) cause lyphoma and other cancers and ALSO blood disorders. Multiple myeloma is both a cancer and a blood disorder that is fatal. There is no cure. I knew my wife for over a half century and we were married for more than 48 years when she passed away in January 2012. I am absolutely devastated by the loss of a wife and a beautiful and wonderful woman whose smile lit up any room she entered. I was proud to be her husband.

  18. Peggi Comiskey Says:

    I’ve taken Remicade, Humira and most recently Enbrel. I have lung cancer. 2 out of three lobes of my right lung + lymph nodes were taken out. I hope people taking this stop.

  19. Susanne Dullack Says:

    What is the time frame in which to file a lawsuit? My 63 year old husband passed away in March 2009 as a result of Embrel, which was the source of lymphoma. He took it from 2004-2008.

  20. Brenda Says:

    Are these issues still being looked at as a possible class action suit against the makers of embrel? Just two shots of this med changed my life it seems forever. I developed a server neurological condition that my doctors in Cleveland have written a paper about that directly states it was caused by this drug. So is this still being investigated? Seems many people have been hurt more seriously from this drug than if they had never been exposed to it. Thank you, I’ll be watching for your response.

  21. kim peck Says:

    I took Enbrel from 2005-2011. I had to stop because I was shaking so bad. I fell down my stairs and that was the last time I took it. My Neurologist has me on four mg. of Clonazepam, and it barely helps some days I shake all the time now.

  22. Susan Says:

    I was treated with Enbrel for lupus for six month in 2000-2001. My rheumatologist warned me that some rare cases of death had happened when patients taking the drug contracted pneumonia. She did not tell me that the drug caused pneumonia. I developed a severe cough and notified my doctors that I was concerned that the drug might be dangerous if I were on the verge of pneumonia. Two months later I was diagnosed not with pneumonia but rather with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was stage 4 and spent 6 months undergoing chemotherapy. Luckily I was given the warning about chest infections, because I promptly sought help. Needless to say my income and overall health deteriorated after developing cancer. How can I participate in the class action suit?

  23. Sally Conklin Says:

    As a result of using Embel for years for RA I developed Hodkins Limphoma. 1 year of chemo stage 4 cancer. Survivor of four years. I have nerve damage in my legs as a result of chemo. We lost all our savings fighting cancer. Please may I join the lawsuit?
    Sally Conklin


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